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+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Feb 3, 2013 06:34 | Go to REAL

-> RTS Page for REAL 68

Only for use by Illuminati-Scans

[Real 68 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 39:
Azumi: The reception desk is over heeere!
Please Just fill out this form, pleaaase.
Ryou: Ah.

Page 40-41:
Ryou: It's Azumi-san! Heeey!
Azumi: Ah!
The reception desk is over here!
Togawa Kyo...haru.
Togawa: Hm?
What's my goal?
Ain't it obvious?
My dominance as a 4.5 that helps the team the most----
I already understand how my ability to control the game as an ace isn't good enough.
And if it keeps up, it'll be a barrier for the Tigers, too.
Handwritten: Gain the power to decide the game on my own!
Togawa: What I want is the absolute individual strength
of an ace.
Guy: What'd you write, Ryou?
Handwritten: For your goal?
Ryou: Wah! Hey, don't look at that!
Narration: A place where you can be guided by coaches that had once guided players to championships in the paralympics in America
You'll never get another change like this.
Overcome your walls!!

Page 42:
Guy: Huh?!
We're starting right off with a test?!
Azumi: A skill test--------
Guy: Everyone, this is our first meeting.
So it's a chance to see what kind of players we have here
and learn each other's strengths and weaknesses.
And gain an awareness of them. In other words----
To start off, we also have the goal of getting everyone excited.
Azumi: I get it......

Page 43:
Girl: Uhh-----
Guy: What exactly is the skill test?
Ryou: W-What do I do? I've barely even gotten a chance to touch the ball.
Should I just try to learn by observing?
What do I do, Kiyo-san?
Togawa: Dunno.
Ryou: Man that's cold!
Somebody: Okay, let's hear some spirited voices!!
Ryou: A 20 meter run?
If all it is is running, I've been doing nothing but that.
Guy: Okay, next, go.

Page 44:
Ryou: UOH!
Somebody: Figure-eight slalom!!
Go, go, go!
Eyou: HAA
Guy: HAA
Ryou: Where's Kiyo-san...?
Guy: Okay, go!

Page 45:
Someone: !!
Man, he's fast!
Who's that?!

Page 46:
Guy: UWAA...!!
Ryou: That's Kiyo-san for ya! Fastest one out here......
Guys: Ooh!
So fast!
Togawa: Hm?
Ah, that guy's...

Page 47:
Guy: So Togawa came, too, eh?
I'm not losing to that guy.
That annoying guy from the Dreams.
Handwritten: Pretending not to notice
Ryou: Aw, man.
People: Nice----
Don't worry about it!

Page 48:
People: That's okay!
Ryou: Shit. Not even one point...
Guy: Everyone's watching, so let's give it everything we've got, okay?
I didn't get a single point either.
Ryou: I shouldn't have come...
Somebody: In the three days starting today
learn something
and then each of you, bring what you learned back to your respective teams!!

Page 49:
Guy: I'm proud to present that this year as well, we have a guest that came to this camp all the way from America
Coach Jack Randall!!
Randall: Hello.

Page 50:
Randall: Please come up with a clear idea of what you want to be.
Ryou: What I want...
Azumi: to be?
Randall: I'll tell you one truth about basketball.

Page 51:
Randall: There has never been a person who has stood at the top on their own strength.
Togawa: !
Randall: Not one.

Page 52:
Azumi: What do I...
wanna be, huh?
Eri: Azumi-san... you're a college student, huh?
Why're you volunteering at A-Camp?
Azumi: Ah... well,
I just wanted to help out with something related to wheelchair basketball.
Eri: ......
Azumi: ......
Um... I work as a manager on a wheelchair basketball team.
So I thought... I might be able to assist somehow.

Page 53:
Eri: I get it... So this should be fine.
You just had no connection.
Azumi: ...?!
Eri: Like for example----
If A-Camp is a big success,
you'd also be happy.
And if A-Camp is a big failure,
you'd be hurt, too.
As an "assistant".
You laugh and cry and stuff when you watch TV Dramas, too, right?

Page 54:
Azumi: I wish I hadn't said "assistant".
I feel like someone's pointed out a mistake I made.
It's depressing...
No, it's not a mistake.
I'm always like this.
I have no self.
Girl: Which do you like better, Azu?
Azumi: Umm,
whichever one you like better, Yuuka.

Page 55:
Azumi: Either one's fine.
Whichever one you want, Kiyo-chan.
Togawa: Huh? Really?
Handwritten: Are you okay with gyudon?
Togawa: I've known it since we were kids, but you're really not that good at coming up with ideas...
Azumi: !
Handwritten: But I don't mind having gyudon...
I'm so unfair...
Forced smiles.
I only show...
the back sides of my cards.
Handwritten: Hah. 575...
[I seriously dunno why she said that...]

Page 56:
Azumi: I can't go to
something like this alone...!
Thanks you very much for earlier.
Do you think I could have one more interview?

Page 57:
Azumi: I want to change.
Become a new self.
Someone: Okay, good!!
All right, let's keep it going!!

Page 58:
Sign: Rehabilitation Center for the Physically Handicapped
Someone: So you're out of the hospital...?
You must be glad......
You can come? Got it.

Page 59:
Nobu: Back when I had just come here...
Go to hell!
Get away from me, you shitty old hag!
Nobu: I'm sorry for those cruel things I said.
That's it.
Okay, talk to you later......
I said it...

Page 60:
Book: On Understanding Wheelchair Basketball
Dad: Wheelchairs made to play basketball sure are expensive.
hard work it takes, somehow...

Page 61:
Dad: My body's declined more than I imagined...
But what do I do about it?
...I can't go one-on-one anymore...
Forget I said that.
I take back those words.

Page 62:
Dad: ......

Page 63:
Dad: Um... M-Might you be...
Mom: ......
Dad: You surprised me!!
What in the world...
No, I mean...

Page 64:
Mom: I'd always wanted to try it.
Dad: Chizuko...
This is......
Mom: It's short like Harada Tomoyo.
Dad: Harada Tomoyo?!
Mom: And it's bleached blond.
I wish I'd tried it earlier.
I thought up of all the reasons why I couldn't do things I wanted to,
and it had always been because of other people.

Page 65:
Dad: Oh, right... you got out of the hospital.
Mom: Ah,
thank you. I got a phone call from Hisanobu, too.
Dad: ...It's not too late.
It's not too late.
For blond hair, either.
His rehab......
I was surprised how enthusiastic Hisanobu is now.
...Because of the company
I was busy.
Back then, I didn't even notice that I was breaking down.
I was always looking for someone to blame.
I might've even blamed you.

Page 66:
Dad: I'm sorry.
Mom: Oh, that doesn't matter anymore.
Dad: Have you heard about wheelchair basketball?
Like Hisanobu...
people that have damage to their spinal chord play it a lot.
On the highest levels,
people compete in the decorated competition called the paralympics.
Mom: ......Is that right?
Sorry, I'm going to go wash up.
Dad: I'm really not qualified to start acting like a dad.
Because I ran away from it on my own... but
back then, when I was repressing myself,
I feel even though Hisanobu and you were nearby, I couldn't see you.

Page 67:
Dad: Right now......
If I can become involved with my son again,
I'll gladly submit all of myself.

Page 68:
Togawa: T-Cuuuuup!!
Sign: Gymnasium
Togawa: Come baaaaack!!
Somebody: Nice shot!

Page 69:
Togawa: T-Cup, what happened to defense?
Anyhow, just try to hurrt back and get in your position!
That's important, man!
Guy: Okay...!!
Togawa: Defense!!
This side!!
You're going too slow!
Ah, they got through us!
Somebody: Nice shot!
Togawa: You got this?! I'll say it again.
At what point did I end up as captain...?

Page 70:
Narrration: Anyhow, this is different from the representative training camp.
Unlike back then, I'm on the more capable side of the people here.
But rather than feeling like I have "individual strength"
on the side with incapable guys----
I'm honestly just disappointed.

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