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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Doubutsu no Kuni 25

Kuou Takamine

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Feb 9, 2013 07:29 | Go to Doubutsu no Kuni

-> RTS Page for Doubutsu no Kuni 25

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Aaand there ya go. This chapter's packed with major plot-relevant info. And it's also the end of volume 7. I'm gonna head straight on to volumes 8-10 and finally get caught up. There is also only one chapter left in the Boy Era of this manga, and we're off to the Adult Era where things really heat up.

[Doubutsu no Kuni 25 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 145:
The last hope of the animals of this world...
the "miracle children" are indicated here.
Year 1876, Jyu Free.
Year 2062, Riemu Vivre.
Year 1991, Momonoya Tarouza.
Year 2278, Capri Luce.
Year 4078, Giller Giller Giller.
Title: Word.25 Kuou Takamine
T/N: This is a reference to one of the two protagonists from Konjiki no Gash!!. Kiyomaro Takamine.

Page 146:
Tarouza: These are... all our names, right?
Why are they in this notebook?
A while ago... I met a whale called Hector and heard a lot about Kuou...
Capri: Huh?
Tarou: That's where I heard that Kuou
said "Five humans will appear"...
What he meant by "appear"
is probably this.

Page 147:
Tarou: Kuou called us, people who lived in different time periods,
Capri: Huh?!
What do you mean by that?
Tarou: You two remember things from when you were babies, right?
was in a place that looked different from here.

Page 148:
Tarou: And......

Page 149:
Tarou: Let's read it.
It's probably not a coincidence that our names are written here in this notebook.
We can probably figure out why...
Outbreak of Zelyda Disease.
Cause of after effects, treatment...
After-effects that treatment for Zelyda Disease doesn't get rid of...
Capri: I don't understand this.
Riemu: The beginning are all things that look like notes.
Tarou: He must have been looking for what caused people to go extinct.
Riemu: Tarouza, that's pretty good, understanding all this.

Page 150:
Tarou: I heard it from Hector.
That Kuou was searching for the reason humans got wiped out.
There are five major extinctions in the last 500 million years of time.
The duties of people on this planet.
Evolution granted only to humans.
The differences in brains...
The evolution from apes to humans.
The missing link.
Impetuses for evolution.
Animal brains.
Capri: The characters for "brain" sure show up a lot.
Tarou: Yeah.
Riemu: And this part...
Sounds that can directly stimulate al brains.
What can talk with all animals, words.

Page 151:
Tarou: Does that mean our cry...?
Ah, the next page is the one with our names.
Riemu: Yeah. And after that it turns into sentences that look like letters.
I want these five children to read this notebook,
so I wrote records addressed to you.
If there are any among you that want meat-eating animals and plant-eating animals to get along,
then I hope you'll carry on my will.

Page 152:
Tarouza: "The way to make all animals live together in harmony."
I found it.
Kuou: That method is...

Page 153:
Kuou: The "Eternity Fruit"
and "Words".
If their cries get across
animals will be able to see others not as food, but as "lives" like theirs that have a will and feel pain.
With the Eternity Fruit that even meat-eating animals can eat,
they will not eat the friends they've gotten along with.
I have used biotechnology
and continuously researched to find a way to make all animals become able to speak with one another.
a cry that all animals' brains could understand could not be made with human hands.
Not giving up, I searched past research for a hint......

Page 154:
Kuou: And I found you.
Humans that could talk to all animals even when they were just born.
If I could imitate that almost telepathy-like power,
I could produce the stimulus to animal brains
of "a language that all animals can speak".
Evolution occurs as a result of stimuli received by animals' brains.
The reason humans achieved a higher level of evolution than other animals
they received stimuli that allowed for new ways of thinking.
Which led to the creation of concepts
like writing, numbers, fire, science and such

Page 155:
Kuou: The words you five were gifted with is the same kind of power as those, endowed by the heavens.
Words that all animal brains can understand with which you can explain various ideas like fire, tools, and numbers.
It may be possible for other animals to become able to use words like all of you do.
All animals have large areas of their brains that they don't use.
It is capacity ready to receive stimuli to evolve.
I have gathered all of the knowledge that mankind has amassed.
And have competed a device that would amplify your words so they would resound to all of the animals on this planet.

Page 156-157:
Kuou: The "Gaia Spinal".
If you use this device,
all of the animals of this planet will gain words they can use to talk with each other.

Page 158:
Kuou: Of course, this is an extremely radical change.
And there is great danger to it.
Animals that could never talk to each other before at all will suddenly become able to...
And at first, there will be great confusion.
Fights between fellow animals will increase greatly.
And especially meat-eating animals will become angry and suffer.
But unless both sides hear those screams as lives which feel pain,
this world of eating one another will never disappear.
The Gaia Spinal
is located here in the Tower of Babel.
I'll write in here how to get to the Tower of Babel.
I earnestly hope you come here and activate this device.

Page 159:
Kuou: Even if it's just one of you, that is fine.
I hope you'll accomplish it.
You five children, the hope of this planet......
SFX: SU...
Kuou: I've done all I can.
you have to make it here.

Page 160:
Kuou: I'm counting on you.

Page 161:
Tarou: With our power...
we can make meat-eating animals and plant-eating animals get along.
Capri: I understand what this Kuou person
is saying.
In the past, we had tried to eat Tarouza and the animals of his village...
Riemu: Huh?
Capri: But there's no way we'd eat them now!!
We're friends!!
We danced in a festival and played together in an athletics competition!!!

Page 162:
Riemu: Yeah...
But if animals suddenly become able to talk to each other
like it says in this book...
Tarou: Everyone... will get confused.
Capri: Yes... It'll be painful.
And also, there are no Eternity Fruits anywhere outside this village.
Capri: I was raised by lions, so I know.
Even if they became able to talk to others and became their friends,
when they get hungry and they get worked up, the look in their eyes change, and I think they would end up accidentally eating those friends...
That's how lions are!!
They're meat-eating animals!!

Page 163:
Capri: And when they fill their stomachs and they calm down,
they'd remember about the friend they just ate...
they'd be in pain.....
and go crazy...
Tarou: Yeah...
Riemu: There will be fights that happen as a result of cries communicating.
The animals that had an eat-or-be-eaten relationship before will just learn that malice with words...
Capri: Tarouza... I don't like it.
I can't grant Kuou's wish.
Just us is plenty, isn't it?!!
Just this village and my pride of lions!!

Page 164:
Capri: Don't make the others... the lions that don't know anything about this suffer!!!
Or make the children that don't have Eternity Fruits go through those horrible things!!!

Page 165:
Capri: ............
I'm going home!!
I'm leaviiiiing!!!
Tarou: ............
Capri: Tarouza.
I, also, think...
Someone: Tarouza!

Page 166:
Kurokagi: There you are!!
Tarou: Kurokagi... what is it?
Kuro: Big trouble!!
she vomited and collapsed!!
Taruza: UWAA.....

Page 167:
Tarou: Mommy! Mommy!!
Mommy! Mommy!!
Are you okaaaay?!!
It's weird for you to vomit, Mommyyyy!!
Monoko: Hey... Taro-chan......
Tarou: Is it food poisoning? It's because you always pick up and eat whatever you find lying around!!
What did you eat?!!
Bella: Please calm down, Tarouza.
It isn't food poisoning.
Tarou: But her stomach is so bloated... there are lots of things wrong...
Monoko: I'm having a baby-be.

Page 168:
Tarou: Baby?!
SFX: YORO... (Tottering)
Bella: Her spitting up is was what's called "morning sickness".
It's a natural thing to happen when you're having a baby.
Asterisk: Even tanuki get morning sickness.
Tarou: Wh-Wh-Wh-Who's the Dad?
Monoko: There isn't one!
Tarou: That can't be right!!
Who's the dad of the baby in your stomach?!!

Page 169:
Monoko: I said there isn't and there isn't!!!
Tarou: But that can't beeeeeee!!
Andre: Now, now. It's okay, isn't it, Tarouza?
Anyhow, this is cause for congratulations.
Andre: And look. Spring is the season for giving birth to new life.
There's reason to celebrate all over.
Andre: It looks like he's gotten into a complicated mental state......

Page 170:
Riemu: ............
do you know what kind of disease the Zelyda Disease this notebook talks about in the section that looks like notes is?
Tarou: Do you, Riemu?
Riemu: I learned this from Kuou's house, too.
Zelyda Disease......
It has symptoms that are similar to a fever or a cold that get better very quickly, but......
After humans catch the disease......
they can no longer have children.

Page 171:
Tarou: Huh?
Riemu: The only animal that this disease is infectious to is humans.
And it's an incurable disease.
It's a major reason why humans were wiped out......
Kuou: It's over.
This is my duty as the final human.......
Have you been watching me......?

Page 172:
Kuou: Everyone...?

Page 173:
Kuou: ............

Page 174:
Tarou: Humans...
slowly died off one after another.
And as the last one that was left

Page 175:
Riemu: I wonder how Kuou felt back then?
Tarou: How he felt?
Riemu: I don't understand Kuou very well.
Tarou: ?
Riemu: In this notebook, he wrote that he wanted to make animals get along.
That's the same wish you have, isn't it, Tarouza?
But the notebook I gave Giller has completely opposite ideas in it.
Tarou: That's right! The notebook you gave Giller.
Is that going to be okay?

Page 176:
Riemu: Kuou's one other notebook, the one I gave Giller, contained information on biotechnology that humans shouldn't do.
It's how to manipulate living animals' forms, ecology, and powers.
Tarou: Animals' forms...? Manipulate them?
Riemu: It's research that was done for a war that took place a long time ago where humans turned animals into tools for killing other humans.
It's the documents from an organization that broke the rules of the human world and performed lots of different experiments on humans.
It's full of records of repulsive experiments and the animals they created.
Tarou: Why did Kuou have something like that?
Riemu: I don't know.
That notebook only had research records. it didn't have any of Kuou's feelings recorded in it.

Page 177:
Riemu: There was just one sentence that I was bothered by......
"An animal that won't lose to this planet."

Tarou: An animal that won't lose to this planet?
Riemu: Yes...
One of the animals created through that research
is those chimeras.
There were huge animals that could fly in the sky that weren't birds... all kinds of things written in it......
Tarou: Then I guess
that really wasn't something you should've given Giller...
Riemu: They're still incomplete.
The Babel Animals.

Page 178:
Tarou: Huh?
Riemu: You know how the Chimeras' wounds heal really fast?
That's because they eat special food that you can only find in the Tower of Babel.
They can't live for long without eating that food.
So they can't come to this village that's so far from the Tower of Babel.
They were doing research to try to solve that problem, but...
the writing stops part-way through.
They might've given up on their research,
or maybe it's because Kuou died......
I don't like the repulsive animals are created in that notebook,
but even if they try to do bad things, it can only be around the Tower of Babel.

Page 179:
Riemu: I'm sure it's frustrating Giller...
Giller: It's no good.
Even with this method, it won't work well.
As I thought, I need the incomplete item.
Right now, even if I create them,
they can't survive in the outside world.
With an animal of this caliber before you eyes...
you weren't able to give it freedom?

Page 180-181:
[So there's your final boss thing.]

Page 182:
Riemu: Tarouza,
I'm not going to the Tower of Babel either.
I hope you don't go either.
After I came here and saw your personality
and how the animals around you interact, I thought I would tell you this.
That "there is a way to get rid of the concept of the strong feeding on the weak".
And after hearing that method,
you would make the right choice, Tarouza.
It's trying to do too much to make all of the animals on this planet happy.
It's too big for us.
Protect this village.
I think that's the most we can do.

Page 183:
Tarou: !
Andre: Tarouza!! She gave birth!!
Monoko had the baby!! It's a healthy baby girl! Hurry, come here!!

Page 184:
Tarou: Something seemed... kind of strange when I asked Mommy about the baby.
Like she said there was no father...
Andre: Are you still concerned about the dad?
That's Monoko's kindness.
Tarou: Huh?
Monoko: If Taro-chan hears about how I had a child with another tanuki
I'm sure he'll sense how humans are different from tanukis and feel sad.
In consideration of our family,
he might even end up all alone.
And if that happened, I'd feel bad for Taro-chan.
So please, just pretend there isn't a dad for a little longer.
Andre: That's what she said......
She's a great mom, isn't she...?

Page 185:
Andre: So you also...
should try to celebrate Monoko's happiness...
Tarou: UWAA UWAA......
It's so tiny... and so warm... It's really spirited...
Hey, um... Mommy......
Um... Mommy......
Monoko: I call her "Moko".
You can tell she's my child, can't you?
Hey, Moko-chan, can you tell?
The one holding you right now is Tarouza.

Page 186:
Monoko: He's your big brother-be.

Page 187:
Tarou: That's right......
This is what I have to protect...

Page 188:
Tarou: Everyone......
Not Kuou's will.
I'll protect my own happiness.
That is
my duty.

Page 189:
Side: Continued in Volume 8 Word.26

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#1. by Doomroar ()
Posted on Feb 9, 2013
you are on a roll man.
#2. by Doomroar ()
Posted on Feb 10, 2013
man that final boss is awesome, oh dude this series is great it deserves more exposure. is so goddamn complete, how come there is still no cleaner for this? aaaaagh... hey is it ok if i still cant get those double pages right, and we just release these chapters with my current level... and later we just do a re-release?
but that later might be half a year from now...
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