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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

81 Diver 27

Seven Moves

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Feb 10, 2013 06:19 | Go to 81 Diver

-> RTS Page for 81 Diver 27

Only for use by Aka to Kuro

There, volume 3 is done. I'll do all of the remaining 24 volumes tomorrow. Or if I don't have time, the next day.

So probably in tiny increments over a period of months.

[81 Diver 27 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 191:
Title: Chapter 27 Seven Moves

Page 192:

Page 193:
Sugata: Th...
This move...
This move is...
a move that once nearly disappeared
from shogi history.

Page 194:
Sugata: It's the move that my master brought back!!

Page 195:
Sugata: S...
One day, Master said something surprising.
Master: Sugata...
I've accidentally ended one kind of shogi.
Sugata: ............

Page 196:
Master: Quickly!
One game of shogi will be decided
in just
seven moves.
Sugata: Huh?
What will?
Sugata: One of the most famous of surprise attack strategies,
the "Haya Ishida Style Three-File Bi-Sha".

Page 197:
Sugata: It once wrecked havoc as the "No. 1 Short-Term" and the "Overwhelming Hooligan" of shogi strategies.
defensive strategies were researched exhaustively
to the point where even the strongest of shogi players saw it as an unusable line.
And it fell out of use.

Page 198:
Sugata: The move that had been made useless was
"7-4 Fu".
took on the challenge of going beyond ["beyond" in italics.]
this 7-4 Fu that was said to be useless!
Overturning a standard move...
that is...

Page 199:
like trying to
do battle with shogi history on one's own.
The 7-4 Fu with its path closed to it.
And the dead board that appeared after it
master added new moves one by one
and one by one, breathed new life into them.
Master: Sugata...

Page 200:
Master: If you push 7-4 Fu from this board
there are variations, but
no matter what
the sente will win.
Sugata: He pieced together the future of the 7-4 Fu!!!!

Page 201:
Sugata: ..........
Master: In shogi this is still much...
treasure to search for.
Sugata: That "greatest class of hooligan"
made in just seven moves
through Master's pioneering, was...

Page 202-203:
Sugata: Reborn into the current age as the "New Ishida Style"!!!! [quote bold]
And that indeed is this move!
"7-4 Fu"!!!!

Page 204:
Kirino: Have you woken up?

Page 205:
Kirino: But it is far too late
for waking up now.
Sugata: Di...
Kirino: Dai?
Sugata: Di...
Kirino: ......
Sugata: Dive.

Page 206-207:
Sugata: !???
[They're so dang cute, those things.]
Sugata: WHA
a pack of Soyos!!!!
Are there so many..
Kirino: ?...
Nikogami: You're...
Sugata: Could it be...?

Page 208-209:
Nikogami: If you rub those breasts, your shogi will get weaker.
Sugata: It can't be...
Just that one tiiime???!
Can something that sad possibly exist?
No, no way in hell it can.
Can it?
Can it?
Such a...
sad story...

Page 210:
Sugata: I...
played on...
And from the "7-4 Fu", I fought a hurricane-like
monster of a board.

Page 211:
Sugata: I no longer
had any weapons.
I was fighting unarmed against
an angry monster.
It felt like I took a flat-out punch from Master's strong arm.
With sensei's strategy...

Page 212:
Sugata: On the 83rd move
Sugata: I lost...

Page 213:
Kirino: Now "Miruku"-san becomes mine.
Soyo: ...Yes.

Page 214:
Sugata: How the fuck could this happen...?
Bottom: 81 Diver (3) (End)

Page 215:
Newly-Drawn Omake Manga
Monjiyama's Counter-Attack
Narration: Monjiyama's series ended.
Please look forward to Monjiyama-sensei's next work!!
Monthly Rub-Rub Comics

Page 216:
Narration: He was in an absentminded state for a full week.
He tried to play
shogi at a shogi hall.

Page 217:
Narration: And it was all impulsive terrible shogi.
Guy: I lose.
But I don't know if you're good or bad.
Monjiyama: That's right.
There's no emotion in this.
Narration: It was then that he realized.
Monjiyama: Huh?
Where are you?
Naruzou-kun and the others

Page 218:
I can't see them.

Page 219:
Monjiyama: Please don't disappeaaar!!!!

Page 220:
Monjiyama: Naruzou-kun...
Kid: Mo... Monjiyama-sensei?
It is you, isn't it?
Monjiyama: Yes...
Paper: Recent Picture of the Author
Kids: please don't stop doing "Naruzou-kun"!!!!
I started playing shogi from reading "Naruzou-kun"!
Sugata: Y... You guys...
I'm not a baseball player who can get asked some things by a bunch of kids, get emotionally moved, and hit a home run. So I can't draw it. I'm sorry.

Page 221:
Monjiyama: !
Naruzou: Draw it-naru!
Monjiyama: I'll do iiiit!!!!

Page 222:
Narration: And
Paper: New Series!!!
Narration: Naruzou-kun was brought back!!!!
Paper: New Series
Generation 2
Monjiyama Jirou
Monjiyama: Let's draaaaw!!!!
Guys: You got it, Sensei!!!!

[Then we got credits pages and shit. There, I'm done with this volume.]

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