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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Gintama 434

Fashionable is Something that Disappears the Moment it is put Into Words

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Feb 25, 2013 23:45 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 434

Only for use by HWMN.

I hate this chapter, I hate it so much.

[Gintama 434 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: ☆It's getting to be that season...
Tae: Sorry for making you hang around with me, Shin-chan.
Title: 「Gintama」
Shin: It's no problem.
But are you sure about buying all this, Sister?
Tae: They're all kimonos for wearing at work, so I can write them off as expenses.
There are some customers that come to the shop almost every day. So I can't be wearing the same kimonos all the time, can I?
Shin: Heh. Cabaret Girls sure have a lot to worry about.
Me, at some point the variation in my kimono became very small.
And now all I wear is this kimono with three lines on the sleeves.
Tae: I guess you're right. You've taken on many challenges in the past with that plain-style.
Why is that? Usually 16 years old is the age when people care about looking fashionable the most.

Page 2:
Shin: Rather than fashionable, I feel like I give a meek impression.
It's not just the face. I think that by pushing the outfit a little more, I'd be easier to remember.
Tae: I understand what your saying, and I'd really like to be fashionable, too, but we have our household finances and the gorilla author's drawings to worry about.
Uh, the gorilla has nothing to do with us!
Tae: But someone at your age, Shin-chan, should be Kaela-ly be venturing into the world of fashion.
T/N: A reference to Kimura Kaela, a Japanese pop rock singer, songwriter, model, and TV presenter.
Tae: People who do that find their own style and bang-length.
Shin: Uh, nobody was talking about bangs.
Tae: I know. I made you come out here with me to shop today and all,
so I'll buy some clothes for you, too, Shin-chan. I'll pick something out for you.
Shin: No, you don't need to. I can't suddenly become Kaela or something.
And even if we do buy something, I'll be back to 'ol three-lines next week. You know the gorilla.
Tae: Do you want to fuss over the gorilla and Kaela and throw away your youth? It's okay to enjoy your youth once in a while.
Shin: Uh, but Gin-san's always wearing the same kimono, too. Wouldn't this kinda not be a good idea?
I'll be honest, it's a manga. That's just how things are.
Tae: I think everyone really does care about fashion, it's just out of sight.
Hey, speak of the devil, look who it is.

Page 3:
Shin: Ah... it's Gin-san.
That's unusual.
You don't see him wandering around a fashionable district like this often. Do you think maybe he's buying clothes?!
He's got that kind of not-interested look, but he actually does care about it.
Tae: See, I told you, didn't I?
Guy: You came at the perfect time, Yorozuya, sir.
Truth be told, we just got some spring outfits in this morning. Come in and take a look.
It looks like a place he goes to a lot. I guess adult men are different.
Gin: Spring clothes, huh...? Yeah, I guess it is a new season.
Maybe I'll have somewhat of an image change myself.
Insert: ☆Isn't there something odd about this?!
Title: Lesson 434 Fashionable is Something that Disappears the Moment it is put Into Words
Author: Sorachi Hideaki

Page 4:
Shin: Sister... Um...
What... kind of store is that?
Tae: What kind of store...? It's a kimono shop of course.
Guy: These are some new products that seem to be quite in style this year. ...Would you like to try one on?
Gin: Heh. These are pretty smart looking, ain't they?
Shin: Um... Kimonos? From my perspective every last one of these
looks exactly the same, actually. And they all seem to be kimonos I recognize from somewhere.
Tae: It's just your imagination. It's just because you've been distanced from fashion for a while, Shin-chan.
Maybe you're just unfamiliar with things like that?
Guy: So, what do you think of our new goods?
I think they seriously suit you, sir~~~
Gin: Hm, something's kinda...
wrong about it.
Shin: Nothing's wrong at aaaaall!!!

Page 5:
Shin: The new goods and the spring clothes are all exactly the same!!
What the hell's with this shop?! Just what kind of shop is it?!!
Gin: Although I said I wanted an image change, I don't think I want to be this venturous about it. Do you have anything that maybe... follows a little closer to my old image?
Shin: Just how unadventurous do you want to be?!! You haven't taken a single step outside your home!! What the hell did this guy come here for?!!
Guy: Well, there was that one you were interested in the other day, sir, but we're all sold out now I'm afraid~~
Shin: But they're all over the place, ain't they?! And who the hell would go to this shop besides Gin-san anyhow?!
Guy: You see, we're in the back to school season, so Planet Zunborans have been buying quite a few. It seems that these are their school's assigned jerseys. ["school's assigned jerseys" in white.]
Shin: School's assigned jerseeeeeys?!
Hold on a secooooond! What kinda school has that as their gym unifoooorm?!
This guy's been wearing that for 9 yeaaaars!!
Sign: Planet Zunboran Jersey Shop
Gin: Ah, really? Just when I thought I had something that fit perfectly, I noticed this "third year" thing on it...
On Shirt: Third Year
Gin: Shopkeep, I'm in my Ninth Year. If I wore this I would be looked down upon by my kouhai.
Shin: That's not the problem!
Gin: Oh well. I guess I'll just come back after school starts.
Guy: We're happy to have you.
Gin: He's leaving with what he was trying ooooon!! In the end, none of you guys could tell what was the same and what was different either, could yaaa?!!

Page 6:
Shin: I... I never knew that Gin-san's one good kimono was a Planet Zunbora jersey...
And they have the whole set at a place like that...
Tae: Shin-chan, truly fashionable people will be creative with any material to create their own style.
You've got to follow his example.
Shin: A graduate doesn't wear a school jersey!!
Tae: Even if you don't spend a lot of money, if you use a little ingenuity like Gin-san, you can become pretty fashionable.
Shin: Um, but he said he was just getting a jersey for going into his 9th year.
Tae: Look. Even Kagura-chan is doing it.
Shin: !!
Tae: Hm. What's going on with her? It looks like Kagura san might have found something she likes.
Kagura: Hmm. I wan a hair ornament but I just don't know which to choose.
Though both are a really large size.
Shin: Those aren't hair ornameeeents!!

Page 7:
Shin: And what kind of shop is that anyhow?!
Guy: Sorry, Kagura-chan. We're out of the size you always get.
Guy: You see, graduation season started a few days ago, so the peni* cases used for full dress in the graduation ceremonies for Planet Zunborans all sold out.
Shin: Those are Zunboran, tooooo?!
Shin: HEEEEEEEEY! Don't tell me that Kagura-chan's hair clips are......
Sign: Planet Zunboran Loincloth Shop
Shin: They're Planet Zunboran loincloooooths?!!
Our heroine has had something like that on her head for 9 years and smiled?!
Just how reliant are these guys on the Planet Zunborans?! And what's more, that's a jersey and this is formal wear?! What kind of aliens are they?!
Kagura: I see. I was a little uneasy. So these are for adults, are they?
Shin: Uh, that's not what you should be uneasy about!!
Gin: Well, there's nothing we can do. Let's come back after the school year starts.
Kagura: I suppose so, yes?
Shin: Just go buy some regular hair cliiiips!!
Guy: Ah, if you need a small sized one, then I suppose you could have the one I'm usi...

Page 8:
Shin: What the hell are you two doing?!
Don't tell me you've been wearing such insane fashions this whole time!
Sister, I kinda think the ones that need to think about fashion are these guys!
Gin: Sheddep. Where fashion comes from doesn't matter.
The big question is how you wear them and the real key in the end is what's inside.
Kagura: That is right. Do you think that there are any heroines in Jump that can pull of wearing a pen*s case this well?
Shin: The moment you put a pen*s case on your head, you're no longer a heroine!!
Tae: But you must be glad, Shin-chan. You were embarassed about doing an image change all on your own, right?|
Now, all three of you can change your image and give the yorozuya a renewal.
Gin: Hey, hey. What the hell are you deciding without asking anybody? Who the hell wants to do some pain-in-the-ass thing like...
Shin: Gin-san, a long-running work makes those kinds of efforts to keep people from getting tired of it.
Hey, think of Lupin. His blue jacket changed to a red jacket. Fujiko became more clumsy, and prettier, didn't she?
Shin: Uh, what does any of this have to do with Fujiko?
T/N: References to Lupin III.

Page 9:
Gin: I mean, look at me. I started off wearing a first year student kimono, then I went onto a second year student kimono, and now I've finally arrived at a third year student kimono.
Shin: Who the hell would notice that?!!
Tae: Maybe just an outfit with a different pattern would be easier to notice and give everyone more of a mood change.
Like say, something matching the season.
You could have one outfit for winter and one for summer, wouldn't that be okay?
Gin: Winter clothes?
Tae: I mean, Gin-san, I've been thinking about it for a while, but in those clothes,
aren't you cold in the winter?
Gin: ...Huh?
Kagura: Yeah, she is right.
I wanted to ask you that. Even though it's such a freaking cold season
why are you wearing short sleeves, Gin-chan?
And why do you so obstinately keep one arm out?
Gin: ...Huh? Ah, well... no reason.
Kagura: It's cold. So why do you not just wear it properly?
Gin: No... I'm not really that cold.
Kagura: Well whether it is cold or it isn't, why do you need to keep your arm out of that sleeve? Isn't it a pain to do?
What's it like to put that on? Do you put it on properly first and then take one arm out?
Why? If you have got it on right, why would you go out of your way to take it off again?
It has got to be a pain in the ass, yes? So why? Why do it?
Ah, sorry... Don't tell me
that you actually thought it was cool or any...

Page 10:
Gin: Maybe I'll buy something with long sleeves!!!
Because I don't have a fixation on this look at all!!
I didn't think it was cool or anything like that! I just thought that this way I could maybe move my better arm more easily! That's iiiit!!
Kagura: All riiiht!! We are getting some winter clothes!!
Gin: Who the hell said you guys could but anything?!
Tae: I'll take this and this, please.
Gin: You have nothing to do with this at all!
Shin: Winter clothes? You know, we don't really have much of a sense of the seasons.
Like when it's snowing, we just put on a scarf and such.
Gin: We just can't have very outlandish clothes. With the drawing skill we're dealing with, you won't even be able to tell who's who anymore.
Tae: You have a point. So then let's just maybe look for something that maintains your image to some degree but is also warm and fashionable.
Like how about this for Gin-san or someone?
Someone: Aah!! This is a long-sleeved version of Gin-san's inner shirt, isn't it?
This should be good, right? This way you'll be warm and your image won't change.

Page 11:
Gin: Really...? It's really not all that different though.
Shin: Why are you taking one shoulder out even from the long-sleeved shiiiirt?!!
Gin: I really kinda feel that if I don't do the one-side-out thing it feels weird.
Shin: Your attachment of having one shoulder out is what feels weird!
Gin: Samurai always need to have the appearance that he can take out his special weapon with his good arm at a moment's notice.
Shin: But you don't want to be called a perverted half-naked samurai, right? You've completely lost the point of this being winter clothes, haven't you?!!
Tae: I guess you're not going to yield on the one-sleeve thing, huh?
So why don't we just leave the short sleeves and put a mantle on top?
Gin: Like I though, it's not really all that different.
Shin: Where'd the exposed-shoulder thing gooooo?!!
Gin: I really feel that if at least one spot is bare, unless I take one thing out, it feels creepy.
Shin: How you look now is what's creepy!!
Gin: Samurai always need to have the appearance that he can take out his special weapon at a moment's notice.
Shin: What exactly are you intending to take out?!

Page 12:
Gin: Oh well. Then this time, how about we throw out half the clothes on the body
and concentrate our fire on defending against the cold where we can and looking fashionable where we can.
Shin: You've thrown out pretty much your entire body now!!
Who the hell are yooooou?!! There's no trace of image, protection against cold, or fashion left!
Gin: It's okay.
Tae: The one point that Gin-san is fixating on here is fashionable.
Forehead: 9th Year
Shin: It looks way too complicated!! He looks like an incredibly complicated person!!
Gin: Hey, enough already, Tae. Compared to this, what I had on in the first place was more like winter clothing.
Shin: So you're mad, right? Anybody would be mad about this, right?
Gin: I don't really care about looking cool or not.
But I want to be able to take out my weapon in a moment. As I am now, I can't even take out the thing that's curled up from cold.
At least let me warm it up with this.
Shin: That's what you're talking abooooout?!!
Kagura: GYAAAA! You bastaaard! What are you doiiiing?!!
You are the worst! I can no longer use that as a hair ornament!

Page 13:
Tae: Calm down, Kagura-chan.
Your hair ornament has just gone back to where it belongs.
Since we've done it, why don't we try to change the impression you give without the hair ornaments, Kagura-chan.
Tae: The buns are nice, but they have a tendency of making you look childish.
It might be okay to let your hair down once in a while and go in a more adult-ish direction.
Maybe a Chinese-style coat... here.
Mm. Kagura-chan, that looks pretty good.
Kagura: Wahah...
Shin: But your head seems a bit lonely.
Okay, how about we try putting on a hat or something? Maybe this one with cat ears on it?
Gin: Hey, Pattsan, don't go pushing your weird tastes onto her.
Shin: Th... That's not what I'm doing! I just thought this would look cool!
Kagura: Something like this, yes?
Shin: Some really outrageous pen*s cases grew ooout!!

Page 14:
Somebody: Where did that pen*s case grow from?!
Kagura: I just kinda feel weird if I don't have something stuck on my head.
Shin: A little girl with serious-looking pen*s cases growing out of her hear is what feels weird!!
Kagura: Well, you guys said to try to be more adult-ish.
Somebody: What the hell is adult about that?!!
Okay. Kagura-chan, the hair ornaments are fine, but let's not go with those.
Instead, why don't you try tying these bonbons into your hair?
Shin: Ah, okay! Those looks good!
Kagura: Something like this, yes?
Shin: It's gotten way too vulgaaaar!!
Tae: It seems that there's something lacking about her hair no matter what.
Someone: What's lacking is what's inside!!
Gin: Like I was saying, whether it's my bare shoulder or Kagura's hair ornament,
people have some things they can't be swayed on that are part of they're identity.
Shin: Nobody wants to hear that from the guy who doesn't have a trace of his former appearance left!!
Gin: I think we should try to coordinate things in a way to capitalize on the hair ornaments.
Like putting on your underpants properly.
So in the end she's pretty much just the same as you now!!

Page 15:
Tae: That's our Gin-san and Kagura-chan. One way or another, you both have adapted yourselves into a new style.
When I see these two next to each other like this, I have a strange sense of stability.
Shin: Where are you looking?! I get nothing but uneasiness looking at these guys!! They look like some kind of strange group!!
Gin: I told you, didn't I? What really matters is what's inside. In the end, no matter what you're wearing, the ones that look good, look good.
Kagura: It is because in essence, fashion is taking what you have on the inside and bringing it to the outside, yes?
Shin: In that case, you guys have some pretty outrageous things coming out from your insides!!
Shin: This is weird, isn't it?!!
It's not like you at all!!
Originally we were all talking about being a bit fashionable, weren't we? How did it turn into this?
Everyone's talking about image and the gorilla's drawing skill,
we've been restricted too much by the word fashion.
Like you guys are saying, fashion is a kind of self-expression, right?
In that case, can you say that things you've been told by people or dressy things put on because you're worried about how people see you
is true fashion?!

Page 16:
Shin: Do you think
you could change one more time?
And this time
choose what your heart, not anyone else's,
feels is the most like-you nice clothes.
Kagura: Huh?
Gin-chan, why are you wearing the same clothes you had on before?
Gin: So are you.
Kagura: I thought about a lot... and I think that this is probably what I'm most comfortable in.
Gin: Mm... It's too much of a pain, so this is fine.
SFX: KUSU KUSU (Giggling)

Page 17:
Tae: ?
I'm sorry.
It looks like I... meddled a bit too much.
Everyone was wearing
their best outfits already, huh?
I suppose that is... what suits everyone best.
Shin: Yeah.
I agree, this is what's best for the Yorozuya.
Gin: What're you doing, being the only one getting really stylish?!!
Kagura: Get with the program, you! What the hell about that fashion is like-you? That face you're making is making me sick!
Shin: Shut uuup! I'm sick of that three-line outfit!
Shin: even I...
Even I...
want to be fashionablllllle!!
Insert: ☆A cry from the heart!!
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 434
/ End

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