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The Mountain People

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 7, 2013 05:02 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 9

Only for use by Vendetta Scans

This is all I'm gonna have time for today, I think. But anyhow, I'll be trying to get through V2 now...

[Kingdom 9 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 2:
Kingdom -------- 2
Chapter 9 The Mountain People --- 5
Chapter 10 Unprepared --- 23
Chapter 11 Conviction --- 41
Chapter 12 Loyal Retainer --- 61
Chapter 13 Heated Battle --- 79
Chapter 14 Path to General --- 97
Chapter 15 Chancellor Lu --- 107
Chapter 16 300 Majiu Soldiers--- 135
Chapter 17 Encounter --- 155
Chapter 18 Entrusted Thoughts --- 173
Chapter 19 Shocking World --- 191
Bottom: ★This is a world of fiction. There is no connection to any actual people, organizations, or events.

Page 3:
[You guys know who all these characters are, right? I don't need to write a million directions to indicate which is which, right?]
Top: Character Introductions
Xin's Friend. He became Ying Zheng's body double, but was killed by an assassin.
Arrow Between Xin and Piao: Close Friends
A war orphan boy. He seeks to win renown and become "Greatest general under the heavens" on his own skill.
Arrow Between Xin and Diao: Cooperating
He Liao Diao
Descendant of the Mountain People. A child with no relatives and has lived through tumultuous times on her own. She's been hired by Xin and Zheng as a guide.
Devoted to Zheng, and the one minister that he can trust.
Arrow Between XIn and Zheng: Cooperating
Arrow Between Piao and Zheng: Body Double
Ying Zheng
The young king of Qin. A rebellion was started by his younger brother from a different mother, and he escaped the royal capital Xianyang.
Lü Shi
Right Chancellor. He is currently away on a campaign in another state. Guardian of Zheng.
Shi Shi
The Jie Shi Army's advisor
Zheng's younger brother from another mother. He has allied himself with Jie Shi to enact a coup d'etat.
Jie Shi
Left Chancellor. An ambitious man that seeks to defeat Lü Shi and stand at the position of greatest minister.
Arrow Between Jie Shie and Wang Qi: Cooperating?
A Nanyue warrior. He is from a savage tribe, so he has unique killing methods.
Wang Qi
One of the State of Qin's generals. He is not in the King's Younger Brother Faction, but he is lending them his strength.
Top Left: King Faction
The faction supporting the young king, Ying Zheng.
Arrow: Coup D'etat
Bottom Left: King's Younger Brother Faction
The faction supporting the younger brother from a different mother of Ying Zheng, Chengjiao.

Page 4:
Top: Summary Up to Last Volume
The time period is before the common era----- The state of Qin in Western China during a 500 year long great war. Two boys living lives close to that of slaves, Xin and Piao, strove to fight sword battles day and night in order to distinguish themselves in war and raise their names.
One day, Piao was judged to look identical to the king and was employed at the royal palace. Piao became the king's body double, but then the king's brother Chengjiao launched a coup d'etat. And Piao was killed by an assassin just a month after he became a government official......
Xin resented the king for switching places with Piao. But in order to honor Piao's dying wish, Xin decided to travel together with the King of Qin, Ying Zheng. According to Ying Zheng, they were going to a secret location to rendezvous with his loyal retainer's troops. Bringing along He Liao Diao, a guide from a Mountain People family, the three of them began to escape. Avoiding the King's younger brother's army's pursuers, Zheng and the others are now returning to the royal palace. Will he be able to regain his power......?!

Page 5:
Title: Chapter 9 The Mountain People

Page 6:
[No text]

Page 7:
Xin: Nobody's...
Zheng: That's right.
Xin: Hey!
Handwritten: What do you mean "That's right."?
Zheng: We just arrived here early.
Pick a room to rest in and wait.
Both: .............

Page 8:
Xin: Piao......
Diao: Food's ready!

Page 9:
Xin: Uoh!!
Xin: You made this all yourself?
Diao: Oh,
so you showed up?
Zheng: Dinner?
DIao: Welcooome!
Let's eat!
Xin: UN
Xin: What
the hell
is this?
Zheng: ..........
Xin: It's so friggin' delicious! You're pretty good, man!

Page 10:
Xin: Hm?
You're not eating much.
You guys not hungry?
Diao: We're losing our appetites from looking at you, moron! ["Moron" really big.]
I know how badly you were raised, so I can't ask you to eat in a more refined way,
but at least
eat a little more quietly.
Okay? Try your best.
Xin: .......... Aw, shut up.
And hey, why is there all this food here anyhow?!
Handwritten: You're just now realizing that?
Zheng: Changwenjun prepared it in advance, of course.
SFX: SU...
Xin: Hmm.
Is that why there's straw laid out in all the beds, too?
Diao: But Xin,
this mansion is kinda odd, isn't it?
Xin: ?

Page 11:
Diao: You said this was a king's summer resort made 400 years ago and that it was forgotten after the king's death.
Something left 400 years ago shouldn't still be this clean.
I think somebody had to have been carefully maintaining it in order for it to be like this.
Xin: ?
Zheng: The ruler from 400 years ago, "Duke Mu", was a rarely-seen "wise ruler". [quotes bold]
Xin: Rarely-seen wise ruler.

Page 12:
Zheng: Duke Mu was a king who loved people unconditionally more than anyone else.
He showed respect even to the slaves of enemy countries and is said to have even studied under one.
Xin: Slaves of enemy countries...?
Zheng: One day, there was a matter where one of Duke Mu's war horses was killed by Mountain People and eaten by them.
Xin: That's terrible!
He's talking about your ancestors, you know.
Handwritten: Uu
Xin: So did he kill all of the wild men?
Zheng: No.
Duke Mu treated them to liquor.
A good liquor that goes well with horse meat.

Page 13:
Xin: What? Treated them to liquor?!
Why'd he do that?!
Zheng: That was who the king known as Duke Mu was.
He loved people and didn't discriminate between the people of Qin and the wild men...
But this act brought about good fortune to the people of Qin.
He had deeply moved the hearts of the Mountain People.
Xin: The Mountain People?
Diao: ?

Page 14:
Zheng: The State of Qin is located in the Westernmost part of China. Further West is the vast world of deep mountains.
A world that never associated with the people of the flatlands, the world of the "Mountain People".
And the king of that mountain world joined hands with Duke Mu,
forming an alliance!!
When in China, a dispute over a 1 *li sized territory would have tens of thousands of people dying,
Asterisk: *1 Li - A unite in ancient china. 1 li = 416 meters.
Zheng: Duke Mu opened up a land 100 li in size.
Xin: Incredible!

Page 15:
Diao: But now
I never hear about the people of Qin interacting with the Mountain People tribes.
Zheng: As I said before, Duke Mu was the kind of wise ruler that only rarely appears.
In the end, it was only Duke Mu alone that loved the Mountain People indiscriminately.
After the king's death, the alliance was lost from the Qin side and the interaction with the Mountain People ceased.
This was a place made for Duke Mu to interact with the Mountain People, but after Duke Mu's death, it was forgotten.
This is now just a historical place that the royal family learns of through the court historians.
Diao: Th-
who's been keeping it up?

Page 16:
Zheng: The Mountain People.
Even after 400 years, they haven't forgotten Duke Mu.
They revere the places with memories tied to Duke Mu as holy ground. On the occasions where they come down from the mountains, they've protected this place.
For 400 long years----
In Bubble: That was a good story.

Page 17:
Xin: FUH

Page 18:
Xin: What're you doing just standing there spacing out?
Are you distracted by something?
You were moved by that story yesterday, huh?
Diao: For 400 years, the Mountain People are still protecting this place.
Xin: Man, that guy's awesome! Dukmu, Dukmu!
Having your name going down in history means being like Dukmu!
I'm gonna be a man who's talked about 400 years later, too!
Diao: No, not that.
Xin: I'm gonna be greatest general under the heavens and my name'll go down in historyyyy!
Diao: Pipe down! People were finally starting to feel emotional! ["Pipe Down" large.]

Page 19:
Xin: But you must be happy.
Diao: Huh?
Xin: If you stay here, you'll eventually be able to see your comrades, right?
Diao: ..........
I guess so.
Xin: And anyhow. Is that old man, Changwenjun not coming?
What, has he dropped dead already?!

Page 20:
Diao: Comrades----- huh.........?
Don't be an idiot.

Page 21:
Diao: I've lived on the flatlands as far back as I can remember.
There's no way I could join the ranks of the Mountain People at this point...
And even if I did, it wouldn't be in a village like that, moron.
It's okay!
I'll squeeze a ton of money out of Zheng and live a life of luxury and indulgence!
Geez, that Changwenjun guy better get here soon. My dream life is riding on you, ya know!
If you don't show up, we'll be stuck here forever.........
the three of us, huh?
Am I a moron?
With that emotionless guy and that stupid monkey?
Like I thought, it's about the money!

Page 22:
[Everyone's favorite big round guy.]

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