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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128


The Path to General

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 9, 2013 03:12 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 14

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Okay, let's get V2 done now. It's taking way too long...

[Kingdom 14 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 97:
Title: Chapter 14 The Path to General
Bi: My name is Bi.
After Lord fell from the cliff
I wanted you to know about what happened after that
to those of us that remained, as well.

Page 98:
Bi: Loooooord!!
Ah! All the way to the carriage!!
It's over...
We're going to be wiped out right here----

Page 99:
Bi: !!?
Title: Chapter 14 The Path to General

Page 100:
Piao: GUH
Don't give up!!
Reform your ranks!! Crowd together and we'll attempt to break through!!

Page 101:
Bi: With Lord Piao's words, we went from despair to having the flames of battle in our hearts relit!
As the vice captain, I was the only one that had been told of Lord Piao's real identity, so I honestly couldn't believe it.
In front of the Wang Qi army that was feared throughout the six states, he lead us without faltering. Even though he was just a low-class boy...
That figure was truly-----
that of a king!

Page 102:
Bi: Yes, we can do this!!
With these numbers, we can break through!!
Piao: Vice Captain! Split the unit into two and send one to rescue Changwenjun!
Handwritten: EH?
Piao: The king needs Changwenjun!
Bi: My king! A fresh supply of troops are coming from the right!
They still have that many...?
Piao: It looks like this won't be that simple.

Page 103:
Piao: Xin...
give me strength!!
Bi: Suddenly Lord Piao rode his horse alone towards the enemies atop a hill.
Thanks to that, the enemy's pursuit towards us was weakened.
When I looked back, I saw that Lord Piao had somehow broken through the enemy soldiers.
I was sure that I would reunite with Lord Piao here, safe and sound, but......

Page 104:
Bi: Unfortunately...
Xin: ..........
Diao: Mmmm.
We're totally being left out.
What do they think we are exactly?

Page 105:
Diao: Oh?
Xin: Hey, Zheng.
I have something I want to ask you.
Guys: Who's Zheng?
Is there someone here by that name?
And why is the servant boy speaking so informally?

Page 106:
Guy: You're not talking about His Majesty, are you?!
Xin: Wah.
Guy: What do you think you're doing?!
Are you insane?!!
Bi: X-Xin, no matter how uninformed you are of these things, that wasn't proper.
To speak the king's given name is quite an offense, and all the more to not mention his title.
Xin: H-He said he was all right with me calling him that.
Handwritten: That guy...
Guy: Ah.
Zheng: Don't get in a panic.
I forgive his rudeness.
Xin: See?!
Let me go!
Zheng: So, what is it?

Page 107:
Xin: I'm not as smart as Piao, so I want you to be straightforward with me about this.
Handwritten: Yeah you're not. Don't try to show off.
Xin: If you get back to the palace safely..........
what're you going to do with me?
I guess since you're the king, you can do whatever you want, right?
My desire is to become a general, so-----
Could you do something like making me a general?
In Bubble: Eh?

Page 108:
Guys: Of course no!! Are you an idiot?!!
Somebody throw out this idiot brat!!
Xin: Shut up! I knew there wasn't a good chance of that!
Handwritten: I dunno if you did...
Zheng: Why bring this up all of a sudden?
Xin: ....................
Piao really was incredible.
After hearing everyone talk about Piao like he was a hero, it gave me a firm reminder.
He always knew what to do. And what he needed to do in order to get something.

Page 109:
Guys: ?
Xin: But I don't know anything.
He knew it all, so I just thought that if I hung around with him, I'd be fine.
But Piao is gone now.
And right now, I don't know a thing about it.
So, please tell me.
How can I become a general?!

Page 110:
Zheng: ....................
The age where one can become a general merely by being born of a noble or military family has ended.
Currently, this state's system is one that places achievement above all else.
It is a structure where if you appear on the battlefield and continually produce winning results, your rank will rise and you can reach the position of general.
But that path does not exist for you.
Xin :!?
Xin: What?! What do you mean?!

Page 111:
Zheng: An army is primarily composed of regular soldiers from noble or military families,
and conscript solders collected from commoner families.
But as you are now, not only can you not be a regular solder, but you cannot even be a conscript soldier.
Xin: Huh?!
Changwenjun: You really don't know a thing, do you?

Page 112:
Chang: Conscripted soldiers are from houses listed in the family register, and only houses with above-standard amounts of riches.
But for you, a servant who doesn't even have a house to live in,
not only can you not render military achievements, you cannot even set foot on the battlefield.
Bi: Xin, don't get so down. The rank of full general isn't something even nobles or military families can gain easily.
For a servant like you to try to become one, it's a dream within a dream...

Page 113:
Xin: ....................
I see...
.............I understand.
Diao: !?
Changwenjun: ............You...
Xin: Yeah,
I get it.

Page 114:
Xin: So one Zheng gets back to the palace,
I just need you to get me land, get me a house built, and get me some riches!
And while we're at it, get rid of my social status of being a servant.
Zheng: That's the whole of it.
Xin: Then it's a deal!
Zheng: In exchange, you need to work ten times as hard.
Xin: It'll be a hundred times!
Handwritten: I can't compete with that idiocy.

Page 115:

Page 116:

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