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Chancellor Lü

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 9, 2013 04:32 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 15

Only for use by Vendetta Scans.

Lots of talking here that wasn't in the manga...

[Kingdom 15 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 117:
Title: Chapter 15 Chancellor Lü
Diao: This is the perfect weapon for someone powerless like me.
I'll need some darts.
I'm pretty sure they put the old man's corpse over there~~
There is it.

Page 118:
Diao: HI~~~ I got used to seeing corpses in the village, but touching them is so gross~~
Where are the~~~~~y?!
Muta: Not over there.
Diao: H-He came baaaaack!!
Handwritten: I'm sorryyyyy

Page 119:
Title: Chapter 15 Chancellor Lü

Page 120:
Muta: Do not make a ruckus.
If they find out I'm alive, they'll finish Muta off.
Diao: Wh...... What the hell, old man, you're still alive?
Muta: Muta's life force is a menace.
is what Muta would like to say, but Muta will die soon.
Diao: ..........
Muta: So leave Muta in peace.
Diao: ..........Okay, I'll leave you alone. But in exchange, give me your poison darts.
Muta: They are somewhere around my stomach, so take them out yourself. Muta is at the verge of death and cannot move a finger.
Diao: This?
Muta: Those are emergency rations. Further downward.
Diao: This?
Muta: That is a water vessel. Further downward.
Diao: This?
Muta: Those are my testicles.
Diao: Th......
What're you making me touch, you pervert?!!
Muta: Poison darts are dangerous, so Muta will give you numbing darts.
Diao: So you can move your hands?!

Page 121:
Diao: Heheee!
He Liao Diao's fighting power has risen~~!
Muta: Owl child, Muta will give you one piece of advice.
Diao: ?
Muta: You won't be all right just by sticking with that young king.
From what Muta heard, his only ally is that bearded old man.
Diao: For now.
But apparently we have a strong ally called Lü Shi.
In Bubble: He's just on a campaign right now.
Muta: It is unfortunate, but you are very much mistaken.
Diao: Huh?

Page 122:
Bi: After the battle with the Wang Qi Army, we've been so decimated we don't even have enough power left to be able to call us an army.
Bi: Although it's regrettable that there are traitors in the royal palace doing whatever they please,
I think the best plan would be to hold out here and wait for Chancellor Lü to return from his campaign in Wei.
Xin: What're you talking about, bastard?! Then the Lü Army would suppress the younger brother's rebellion, wouldn't they?!!
Bi: The Lü Army would... That's good, isn't it? What're you getting so mad for?
And why'd you let yourself into our strategy meeting?
Xin: If the Lü Army gets them, I won't be able to render any achievements!!
Handwritten: This guy doesn't think of anyone but himself...

Page 123:
Xin: Plus we don't even know when they're gonna get back? How the hell can we just wait for them?
Bi: They'll be back soon.
Xin: !?
Top Right Box: Zhao
Lower Right Box: Han
Center Box: Wei
Bottom Box: Chu
Left Box: Qin
Top Right Rectangle: Lü Army
Top Left Rectangle: Jie Army
Middle Left Rectangle: Wang Qi Army
Left Rectangle: Zheng's Group
Top RIght Label: Shaoliang
Center Label: Hangu Pass
Bottom Label: Wu Pass
Left Label: Xianyang
Bi: Shaoliang, the place the Lü Army is attacking, is located in northern Wei. It's at a distance that military horses can travel in 10 days.
Many fast horses were sent reporting strangeness in the royal capital. Around now, a force of 200,000 should be rushing towards the royal capital, Xianyang. ["strangeness in the royal capital" in bold.]
Xin: 20,000...
Diao: Zheng!!
Xin: WAH
Xin: What's with you? You look alarmed.

Page 124:
Diao: Zheng! Is it true that the Lü Army won't come back until Zheng is killed?!
Both: !?

Page 125:
Sign: Wei - Shaoliang
Flag: Lü
Guy: Chancellor Lü, a horse has arrived from the royal capital.
Furthermore, it's telling of a rebellion led by Jie Shi.
Lu: Cut off his head.
Guy: Sir?

Page 126-127:
Guy: That is a strategy of the Wei Army designed to allow them to escape the Lü Army's encirclement.
Cut off that messenger's head.

Page 128:
Bi: Even knowing of Jie Shi's rebellion, Lü Shi won't come back............?!
Th-That's ridiculous!! The one most worried about losing his majesty should be Lü Shi, right?!!
Chang: Bi,
You still have yet to grasp the true fearsomeness of Chancellor Lü.
Bi: ?
What the hell's going on, Zheng?!

Page 129:
Zheng: Lü Shi is waiting for me to be killed and for Chengjiao to take the throne.
At that moment, Lü Shi will be able to loudly decry Jie Shi and Chengjiao's injustice and launch an open attack on Xianyang.
With Xianyang becoming a battlefield, the royal family will be caught up in the battle, and possibly all die.
With the entire royal family wiped out, who do you think the citizens will push to be the next king?
Bi: ........................
Lü Shi...

Page 130:
Xin: What the hell?!
What the hell is with that?!
Quit messing around!!
Didn't you say Lü Shi was your guardian?!
With that, it sounds like...
you had nothing but enemies in the royal palace, did you?!!
I told you, didn't I?
"I am a powerless king traveling a plane of assassin's daggers."

Page 131:
Xin: I knew that a king personally running around mountains isn't normal, but...
I never knew this guy was in such a grave situation......
Xin: ............
Xin: Hey, Changwenjun!! You must have some plan, right?!!
Chang: ..........
Chang: Unfortunately, with our current forces, we are in no state to even get close to the capital.
All we can do is watch over the movements of Lü Shi and Jie Shi and wait for an opportune time to return...
Zheng: No.

Page 132:
Zheng: I'm returning to the palace at the earliest possible opportunity.
Changwenjun: My king?!
Zheng: Regardless of whether I am alive or dead, as soon as Jie Shi is prepared for all-out war with Lü Shi, he'll forcibly place Chengjiao on the throne.
The battle between Jie Shi and Lü Shi is something big enough to divide this country in two.
Before a civil war breaks out, I must take the throne and return the capital to normalcy.
Chang: Th...... That's impossible, my king...
In order for us to take back the royal capital, we need to rely on an army.
And now, without joining forces with Lü Shi or Jie Shi,
there is no army in Qin that will help us!

Page 133:
Diao: Well, then why don't we just forget everything and live a quiet life right here...?
Xin: You, shut up!
Bi: ?
By the way, who are you?
Chang: ?
Diao: I am the "Mountain Person" He Liao Diao!
Xin: Ah, that blowgun.
Xin: Isn't that the old man's?!
Diao: It doesn't matter! I got it now!
Xin: Lemme see it for a sec!
Diao: No! It's mine!
Xin: I ain't taking it from ya, I just wanna see it!
Diao: No!
Chang: There is a way...
Bi: Did you say something, Lord?

Page 134:
Changwenjun: There is a way!
Just one...... A great army not joined with Lü Shi or Jie Shi...
Zheng: I've been thinking about that since I arrived here. ["here" in italics]
Changwenjun: B-But it's been 400 years since we've allied with them...
Both: ?
Zheng: The chances are low, but we have no choice but to go meet with them,
the "Mountain People"!!

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