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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)


300 Majiu Soldiers

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 9, 2013 06:55 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 16

Only for use by Vendetta Scans

Looks like with all the stuff I had to get done all day today, I didn't finish as much of this as I wanted. I'm gonna make sure to finish this volume tomorrow.

[Kingdom 16 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 135:
Title: Chapter 16 300 Majiu Soldiers

Page 136:
Guys: HAH

Page 137:
Xin: Hey, Zheng.
They're being slow again.
The old man Changwenjun is way back there, too.
Zheng: ............
We'll take a brief rest, Bi.
Bi: Yes, my king.
Xin: Hmph.

Page 138:
Xin: Geez.
SFX: IRA IRA IRA (Annoyance)
Xin: If you keep dragging your feet, that Chengjiao bastard's gonna end up as king!
We're not out for a walk!
Guys: !!

Page 139:
Guy: What was that, bastard?! Try saying that one more time!!
Xin: If you keep dragging your feet, that Chengjiao bastard's gonna end up as king! We're not out for a walk!
Guy: This shitty brat, does he not even know how fatigued we are?
Xin: I don't care! If you're slow, you're slow!
Zheng: Changwenjun.
Chang: !
Zheng: ............
We're heading into even steeper mountain recesses past here.
Those who can't keep up will leave, but we don't have time to look after them.
Chang: ............Understood.

Page 140:
Xin: Wheeew! What a view!
Diao: Hey, hey, Zheng!
By the way, about the "Mountain King".
So the Mountain World has kingdoms and kings, too, then?
Zheng: No. They're a bit different from the kings of the flatlands.
As you know, the Mountain People live in countless separate tribes. The one that is the confederation leader of them is called the "Mountain King".
Diao: Hm. So they're more like the kings of *"Shang" or "Zhou"?
Zheng: Oh, you're quite well informed.
Diao: Lots of different guys used to come to the village.
Xin: ..........
Box: *Shang and Zhou were from before the Spring and Autumn era and controlled China not as one state, but as an alliance of several states.

Page 141:
Diao: Hey, Xin. Do you think that sounds close to Shang and Zh...
Xin: No, but Zheng! I'm impressed you know so much about these mountain paths. [First sentence large/different font]
Zheng: Duke Mu's summer villa was constructed as a midway point between the Mountain King's castle and Xianyang.
Sign: Xianyang
Summer Villa
Mountain King's Castle
Zheng: That's why I know the general direction.
If we rely on the occasional landmarks as we go, we should reach it.
In Bubble: Probably
Xin: Hoh. I see.
Guys: HAH
Guy: ..........

Page 142:
Xin: What happened?!
Guy: Chong!
Hey! Pull yourself together!
Chong: HAH
I'm all right.
Bi: Someone lend him a shoulder.
Changwenjun: No!
Bi: Lord?
Chang: Our march is getting disordered.
Those who cannot keep up can descend the mountain and wait at Duke Mu's summer retreat.

Page 143:
Chang: Ze, you're at your limit as well. Go with Chong down the mountain.
Ze: Lord, I can still...
Chang: Understand, everyone?! Be fully aware that anyone who delays our march should immediately withdraw!
Bi: P-Please, wait!
If we do that, most of our members will soon withdraw!
Changwenjun: We have no choice.
As the boy said, if Chengjiao takes the throne, everything will be for naught!
We must hurry!

Page 144:
Bi: B-But then we'll have no one left to guard the king!!
Right now, we need everyone we can get......
Against those terrifying Mountain People, we need every soldier we can get to protect the king......
Xin: !?
Changwenjun: If the Mountain People were to seriously attack us, we wouldn't stand a chance whether everyone were here or not.
Xin: H-Hang on!!

Page 145:
Xin: What do you mean "terrifying Mountain People"?!
Aren't those Mountain People the ones who protected that house for 400 years? They seem kinda laid back. Ain't hey?!
Bi: I see.........
You two don't know, huh............?
The story of the Majiu Soldiers.
Xin: "Majiu Soldiers"?!
T/N: Majiu = Horse Liquor

Page 146:
Bi: The king of Qin 400 years ago was so open-minded and overflowing with humanity that he gave liquor to the Mountain People who had eaten a military horse.
Xin: Ooh! I know! That's Dukmu, ain't it?! Dukmu!
Bi: It was the *13th year Duke Mu had been king. There had been a draught in the neighboring country of Jin.
Asterisk: 647 BCE
Jin was an enemy state, but Duke Mu pitied the people of Jin and sent them food supplies.
Xin: Oh! I knew that Dukmu would come through!
Narration: The "Record of the Grand Historian" records this as "以船漕車轉,自雍相望至絳", meaning "The grain-transporting chariots and boats succeeded from Qin's capital to Jin's captial and were desired."

Page 147:
Bi: That's what's known as the "Fanzhou Service".
Xin: Ah, I see.
In Bubble: Fanzhou...
Bi: However, the next year, it was Qin that suffered from a massive famine.
When Duke Mu then of course sought aid from Jin,
Jin brought together an army to invade Qin!!
Xin: Wh-What?! That's dirty!! How the hell could they do that?!
Bi: This, of course, enraged Duke Mu as well. And he stood in the vanguard himself, participating in a battle with the Jin Army.

Page 148:
Bi: With it's greater morale, the Qin Army excelled against the great state of Jin in the opening of the war----
But with the lack of food or drink, our Qin soldiers lost strength as time passed. And the favor shifted to the Jin Army.
And finally, Jin's army surrounded Duke Mu.
Xin: Aw man! That's really bad, Dukmu!
Bi: It was truly a desperate situation.
But at that moment, from a thicket to the West, they appeared----

Page 149:
Bi: Three hundred Mountain People surrounded by a strange bloodthirsty atmosphere!!
SFX: !
Diao: Mountain People?!
Xin: Why?!
Bi: They had come to repay the debt incurred towards Duke Mu.
The debt of the horse and the liquor.
Xin: The horse and the liquor...
Wha? Man, I knew they were good guys!
Bi: It's true that they have a profound sense of gratitude.

Page 150:

Page 151:
XIn: Eh?
Diao: HIH
Bi: They were ferocious.
Yes, ferocious is the word for it.
Supposedly, the Mountain People's battle was so gruesome that it struck fear even into the Qin soldiers, their allies.
But they weren't just ferocious,
the three hundred Mountain People drove out several thousand Jin soldiers. And after they saved Duke Mu, they even attacked the enemy headquarters and captured the Jin king.
The Mountain People are a ferocious warrior tribe.
Xin: Th... They really sound like something.
Diao: Your voice is shaking.
Xin: It is not!!

Page 152:
Bi: Even if they did protect Duke Mu's summer retreat, to think that the people of Qin have the favor of the Mountain People is naive.
Far from it, since we unilaterally ceased interacting with them after the death of Duke Mu it may be more natural to think that they hate us.
Those are the kind of people whose world we're stepping into without permission.
Do you know what what will happen if we're seen as enemies...?
Xin: Relax. If something like that happens, I'll just cut them all down.
Diao: Or like with Muta, you'll just run away.
Xin: Hey, screw you! When the hell did I run?!!
Diao: Ah, Zheng is already all the way over there on his own.
Bi: Ah! All units, forward!
Is something wrong, Lord?
Chang: It's nothing...

Page 153:
Diao: Xin's fright is a menace~~
Xin: Hey you!! I swear I'm gonna make you cry!
Diao: Yuh~~

Page 154:

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