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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128



+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 13, 2013 02:58 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 21

Only for use by Vendetta Scans

I'mma gonna be king of all China! Just you watch me!

[Kingdom 21 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 23:
Title: Chapter 21 Discussion

Page 24:
Yang: King of Qin, Ying Zheng.
A boy king with no political power,
whose little brother is chasing after his throne,
has few reliable retainers,
has been running around on his own,
and has stepped into this Mountain Country to meet me.

Page 25:
Yang: Would you let me hear your reasons?
Zheng: I came to borrow your strength.
Yang: It would seem things will not be meeting your expectations.
We brought you here in order to judge you.
Zheng: Judge me for what?
Yang: ........................

Page 26:
Yang: 400 years ago, when the King of Qin, Duke Mu, made an alliance with our Mountain World-----
when our ancestors held him as a friend, we saw the signs that a new country would be established.
But after Duke Mu passed away----

Page 27:
Kids: Go back to the mountains, you monkeys!!

Page 28:
Yang: we realized that it was an illusion.
Every one of our tribes that had lived and interacted with the Flatland People were on their way back to the mountains,
but they were still met with relentless torment. The tragedies they endured were unimaginable.
Guys: There they are!
Hahaha! Stupid monkeys!

Page 29:
Yang: In order to appease the malice of our ancestors,
we must sever the head of the current King of Qin, you.
Do you have anything to say for yourself?
Zheng: We are the ones at fault.
As a representative of the State of Qin, I sincerely apologize for our past foolishness.
But that is not enough of a reason to take my head.
Yang: Oh? And why is that?

Page 30:
Zheng: In the 400 years since Duke Mu,
and furthermore, in the 1,000 years of history leading up to his reign,
people, culture, faith...
though different things have been exchanged, can you say that not one drop of blood has been spilt?
Have the discrimination, scorn, and grudges that have built up over the long years disappeared from people's hearts?
If you look at the people's history, you'll soon understand why getting rid of those is a nearly impossible task.
To think that the appearance of one person, Duke Mu, would make hundreds of years of discord disappear is naive.
Yang: ......You wretch!
Do you label our ancestors, who sought the dream of peace and were betrayed, as fools?!

Page 31:
Zheng: That is not what I say.
What I am saying is that the problem here is deeply ingrained. And if you say that simply cutting off my head will resolve it, you are mistaken.
Yang: Huhuhu...... So we should not kill you because it will not solve anything?
So we should just forgive the murders of our countrymen?
Zheng: There are a mountain of things that should come before revenge.

Page 32:
Yang: ......Huhu. You are quite good at acting the virtuous king.
So impertinent...
Young king, you do not seem to have even a rough understanding of the people's pain.
SFX: SU...
Yang: The pain of members of a tribe... being killed by their own comrades.
First, will teach you by cutting off these people's heads right before your eyes!!

Page 33:
Zheng: ..........Honestly, what are you doing?
Xin: Shaddup! We just messed up a little!
Zheng: A little... huh...?
Xin: Gugu...

Page 34:
Yang: Do it.
In Bubble: You're starting with me?!!
Zheng: There is no need to do that.
I'm already well aware of that pain.

Page 35:
Xin: !?
Zheng: Mountain King! If a king is driven by malice and contentment to pick up a sword, his kingdom will be destroyed by the whirlpool of hatred.
A king should pick up a sword for the reason of opening the path to "preserving life". [quote bold]
Yang: What do you mean?

Page 36:
Zheng: It is because the people of the State of Qin and the Mountain People are divided that strife is created.
But that happened since the distant past, so it has become as though it is natural.
It is the same all over China.
From their perspectives, even though we're all people of the flatlands, we just eternally steal from and kill each other.
The intensification of the violence has brought about the building of long walls around national borders. Inside and outside, who is a friend and who is an enemy has become defined even more strongly.
It is true that a rare leader like Duke Mu leads many nations,
but in the end, he brought about nothing more than a temporary stretch of stability.

Page 37:
Xin: What the hell do you know about Dukmu?!
Just getting peace for a little while's awesome, ain't it?!
Handwritten: Why are you getting so angry?
Xin: What's better than that?!
Zheng: The abolishment of all country borders!
Xin: Wh... What're you talking about?!
If you getting rid of the borders... uh.... then...
I really don't get what you mean!!
Yang: King of Qin...

Page 38:
Yang: ...............Take a good look around you.
Do you think there's a single country that would accept such an idea?
Zheng: If they won't, we'll use force until they do.
As you would in a world of warring states.
Xin: !?
Yang: ....................
That's the polar opposite of the path of preserving life, is it not?
Zheng: No!

Page 39:
Zheng: There has been constant war for the past 500 years, so it may continue for another 500 years!
The sword I'm taking up is to prevent there from being victims in another 500 years of war!
Xin: Hold on a second! What the hell are you guys talking about?!
Zheng: What it is that I seek.
Xin: I thought you were after the throne your little brother took!
We came here to ask for reinforcement to help you take back the throne, didn't we?!
Zheng: The throne is nothing but the first step on "my path". [quote bold]
Xin: Your path...
What the hell is your path?!

Page 40:
Zheng: I will be the first king to unite all of China!
It is for that reason that I have come seeking the aid of the Mountain People!

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