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+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 13, 2013 03:56 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 22

Only for use by Vendetta Scans

I'm gonna sail the grand line and be China King!

[Kingdom 22 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 41:
Title: Chapter 22 Alliance
Zheng: Taking back the throne is nothing but the first step on "my path". [quote bold]
Xin: Your "path"... [quote bold]
What the hell is your "path"?! [quote bold]

Page 42:
Zheng: I will be the first king to unite all of China!
Title: Chapter 22 Alliance

Page 43:
Xin: Unite...
Bi: China...?
Xin: S-So you're going to destroy the other states and make Qin the entire country?
Zheng: Yes.
Bi: There's no way that can be done...
If you go back these past 500 years... Back to Zhou and Shang, such a thing has never been accomplished!
Zheng: That's what I'll do!
If the country is united, fighting between states will cease and the people of all lands will see the expanse of a country unlike any seen before.

Page 44:
Yang: Why don't we capture the State of Qin?
GuyA: Hyoho! Just the kind of question I would expect from you, Lord Yang Duanhe!
GuyB: You have such a magnificent will!
GuyA: But for now, please be patient.
GuyB: To capture Qin, the Mountain World requires further power.
Yang: Then seek peace.

Page 45:
GuyA: What are you saying?! Peace with Qin? Our hated enemy?
GuyB: You must not speak such thoughtless things, Lord Yang Duanhe!
GuyA: Everyone is happy that the first king uniting the Mountain World in hundreds of years has been born.
GuyB: Everyone is anticipating that you will clear away our ancestors' sorrow and our malice, Lord Duanhe!
Yang: ..........
Yang: As I get older, the defensive walls of the Mountain World increase in number and strength.
And as they do, I sense the narrowness of the countries.
War, peace, whatever it may be, is fine.
I just...

Page 46:
Yang: want the world to expand...
Yang: ....................
GuyA: Why do you hesitate, my king?
Xin: Wah! Some weirdos just showed up!

Page 47:
GuyA: Now is the time to clear away many years of grudges from our tribe.
GuyB: There is no need for any other questions.
However, we elders know well our family's deep-seated resentment for the people of Qin.
Leave this judgment to us.
GuyA: Peel off the King of Qin's skin while he's still alive, and dry it in the sun!
Zheng: ............
GuyB: And let's chop these three to pieces and feed them to the pigs!
Xin: You bastard! Who're you callin' pig food?!
I'll friggin' kill you, old man!
In Bubble: You're starting with me, again?!

Page 48:
Xin: RAA!

Page 49:
Diao: Xin! When did you...?
Handwritten: KO~~~~
Xin: No matter the situation, the technique for getting out of ropes is totally within my special training with Piao!
Diao: Seriously?!
Xin: How about that, Zheng?
Zheng: Not particularly.
Xin: ..........

Page 50:
Xin: UWAH!!
Diao: Xin~~~~
Yang: Just as Bajiou reported,
you are an amusing boy.
So, what will you do next?
Xin: ..........

Page 51:
Xin: Nothing, really.
Xin: If you guys won't lend us your strength, we're just gonna head down the mountain and try somebody else.
Not like there is anybody else...
GuyA: So foolish! Do you truly think that you will be able to safely leave this mountain?!
Xin: ...............I don't really care if I need to steal a sword and go on a rampage to do it.
But there're probably some guys here that don't wanna fight much, either...
Bajiou: ......
Xin: I'll just have to take you hostage to get down the mountain, old man.

Page 52:
Xin: Hey! Old man in the general mask!!
Yang: Old man in the general mask......?
Xin: You've been talking about complicated stuff this whole time,
but to make it simple, this guy's in trouble!
Just think of it as helping someone out and lend him your strength! Kay?
Zheng: ..........
Bi: What a weak argument...
Diao: We're doomed...
Xin: And if you get this guy in your debt now, later you'll get paid back and then some!
Plenty of treasure and delicious food and stuff!
Ah, and he'll send you some hot babes! Flatland babes!
In Bubble: AHAHA

Page 53:
GuyB: Don't get cocky, you vulgar monkey!
You will be ripped limb from limb here as compensation for our ancestors' regret...
Xin: Shut up about your "regret"!
The most regretful thing there is is when a dream ends as nothing but an illusion!!
............If you really care about the dead,
then turn the dreams they had into a reality!!

Page 54:
Handwritten: Huh?
What's with the atmosphere in here?
Zheng: Do not be flustered.
Zheng: For you, that was a good job.
Yang: A sign of the spreading of a new nation...

Page 55:
Zheng: Mountain King Yang Duanhe,
as you have seen, I am currently a powerless, weak king.
But the uniting of China is not empty nonsense.
It is my sure "path"! [quote bold. Make sure you notice that this is a second line in one bubble.]
If you join me, you'll see the expanse of a country more vast than any your ancestors could have ever hoped for.
Revive the alliance between Qin and the Mountain Countries from 400 years ago!
Lend me your strength!!
Yang: ...................
King of Qin, I have one question......

Page 56:
Yang: We are violent! When you take back your throne, the royal palace may become a sea of blood. Do you not mind?
Xin: !?
Bi: ...................
Diao: So you mean...?!
Zheng: ...That's how it was taken from me. Why would I have any hesitation?
GuyB: Don't! Don't, my king!
Our ancestors...
Yang: Silence! Do not open your mouth that spouts nothing but old malice again!
Xin: Ah!

Page 57:
Yang: Everyone, listen closely!
I, Mountain World King Yang Duanhe, hereby form an alliance with King Ying Zheng of Qin, stronger than any formed before!
Xin: I-It's a woman!
Yang: For the sake of that alliance, we will now go to take back the King of Qin's throne that was unjustly taken!
Gather the soldiers from the neighboring mountains!
All armies, prepare to depart to the field with the readiness to fight to the death!
Our goal is the State of Qin's...

Page 58:
Yang: royal capital, Xianyang!

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