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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128


Mounted Soldier Dream

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 13, 2013 05:51 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 24

Only for use by Vendetta Scans.

Okay, that's about half of V3. I've gotta go to bed. I'll try to get more done tomorrow.

[Kingdom 24 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 77:
Title: Chapter 24 Mounted Soldier Dream

Page 78:
Diao: Oh.
Bi: Oh.

Page 79:
XIn: All right!
All right!!
Xin: So this is a horse?!!
Bi: That's it, Xin! You're doing great!
Xin: Brother Bi, I know about it!
Bi: About what?

Page 80:
Xin: About how people riding in on horses changed the battlefield!
The one who did it was Zhao's "King Wuli"! [quote bold]
Bi: It's "King Wuling"! [quote bold]
T/N: The kanji Xin uses mean "rude" in Japanese. "Burei". Though the pronunciation is about the same.
I'm impressed you know about King Wuling.
Xin: I just remembered...
about when we yearned for the day when we could mount a horse----

Page 81:
Piao: Xin,
we're gonna ride horses one day!
Xin: Oh, that sounds cool. I'd like to eat one 'a those someday!
Piao: I said ride.
I heard in the market today that until the age of King Wuling of Zhao, they didn't ride horses.
Xin: King Wuli?

Page 82:
Piao: He was the king of Zhao *80 years ago. King Wuling made the first cavalry in all of China.
He destroyed the idea that horses were just something for pulling chariots!
Xin: Hmm.
But Piao, can you really fight riding on a beast like that?
Asterisk: King Wuling... Reigned from 325-299 BCE
Piao: Apparently, they're incredibly strong!
According to what I heard from Mr. Tian, who's been on the battlefield before, he saw one horseback rider scatter a whole unit of foot soldiers!
One cut off one of Mr. Tian's hands!
Xin: For real?
Handwritten: Mr. Tian
Xin: He~~h.
Horses, hu~~~~h?
I wanna ride one!
I wanna ride one, Piao!!
Piao: I know, right?
Piao: But there's a procedure to everything.
Xin: Procedure?

Page 83:
Piao: The only ones allowed to ride horses are the regular army soldiers of the warrior or noble class.
So that means we need to start out as foot soldiers and then build up achievements until we reach warrior class status before we can ride horses.
What?! That's gonna take forever, isn't it?!!
I wanna ride a horse really soon!!
Piao: Ah!
That reminds me. Wasn't there a horse in Mr. Xi's shed?
No. That was an ox
Piao: ............
Well, for now, how about we try riding an ox...?
Xin: ....................Okay.
Xin: Hiyah!
Bi: Hey! Don't get carried away, Xin!

Page 84:
Cheng: Lankai has run out of toys.
Go fetch the next ones, Shi Shi.
Shi: Yes, my lord.
But the prisoners who were Changwenjun's subordinates just ran out with those last few.
Cheng: Then just bring...
Shi: ?

Page 85:
Cheng: his family!
Huhuhu. No, that wouldn't be enough.
Capture all of the people living on his territory and bring them here!!
Shi: Sir...... That would be...
Cheng: ?
What's wrong?
Shi: Actually, we've already started moving to capture Changwenjun's close relatives,
but there were people who got in the way.
Cheng: Oh? Who?
Shi: ............The current feudal lord of Changwenjun's territory.

Page 86:
Wang: Deliver Changwenjun's wife and children to you?
But his territory belongs to me now.
Which means that all of the humans inside it belong to me as well.
I find it fascinating that you would ask me to hand them over.
If you really must have them, then please give me your wife and children in exchange and I'll think about it.
Huhuhu. Farewell. [Heart]
Shi: ....................

Page 87:
Cheng: ............That damn Wang Qi!
He's going too far in boasting that he defeated Changwenjun. It's gone to his head!
After things calm down, give him to Lankai as a toy!
By the way, Shi Shi-----
Have you still yet to take Ying Zheng's head?
I'm running out of patience!
Shi: Yes, my lord......
We are still searching for him.
Cheng: Shi Shi!

Page 88:
Cheng: I will continue to let you do what you will with this kingdom!
But you absolutely must bring me my older brother's head! That is my one and only command!!
Otherwise your life will be in danger!
Jie: Huhuhu. Yes, I'm quite worried, your highness.
I, the chancellor, have promised with my life that I would bring you the king's head.
Description: Chancellor Jie Shi
Jie: But now that Changwenjun is dead and the king has no one left to rely on, he must be suffering at this very moment.
Knowing that, waiting for the day he loses his head must be enjoyable as well, no?
Cheng: ....................

Page 89:
Jie: Also, the king is now but a meager existence!
And now, something larger is drawing near.
Cheng: L釚Buwei...?
Jie: Indeed.
If we are beaten, that merchant will become king.
Cheng: Just imagining it makes me want to vomit.
Are the preparations for exterminating that fox progressing?
Jie: Why not confirm it with your own eyes, my lord?
In Bubble: HUHUHU

Page 90-91:
Cheng: Now that's more like it.

Page 92:
Guys: 6th unit! 31 soldiers have just returned!
Ooh, you guys were all right, too?!
We have injured soldiers. Please give them treatment!
Bring some food and water!
Okay, our number has increased again!

Page 93:
Guys: I'm surprised. This many survived?
We've gone in groups to gather the soldiers that dispersed when we fled.
We're still bringing back more.
Guy: Hm?!
I see. I don't see the lord anywhere!
I head he's all right.
Where is he?!
Up above.
Guys: Lo~~rd! Do you think you could come down and take a re~~st?!
We'll take your place for the day~~

Page 94:
Guys: What's that?
An earthquake?!
Guy: Lord! It's an earthquake! Please be careful!!
Guys: Th... The mountains..
are shaking?

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