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The Royal Capital Xianyang

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 14, 2013 01:03 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 26

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Boop-beedoop... Yep...

[Kingdom 26 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 115:
Title: Chapter 26 The Royal Capital Xianyang
Diao: Hey, hey, Bi-----!
Diao: Hahaha! It's still a hit!
I'll bet we can keep it up for another three days, eh, Xin?!
Bi: This isn't a time to be making people laugh, Xin!
Xin: ....................

Page 116:
Xin: Wh......
What the hell is this?!!

Page 117:
Xin: ........................
Zheng: We've finally made it.
Xin: Zheng!
Zheng: It took quite a while.
Xin: Eh?
So that's...?
Zheng: Yes.

Page 118-119:
That is the royal capital of the State of Qin, Xianyang!
Title: Chapter 26 The Royal Capital Xianyang

Page 120:
Xin: That's...... Xianyang......?
Xin: It's way too gigantic! I haven't got a clue what anything is!
In Bubble: WAAAAA
Handwritten: WHAT IS THAAAAT!
Diao: Don't piss yourself, moron!
Ying: ............Just as I'd expect.
Handwritten: How-How the hell
do you make something like that?
And what for....?!
Calm down!

Page 121:
Xin: Hey, Zheng, are we gonna go attack that thing?
Zheng: Yes.
Xin: How the hell do you attack something that huge?!
In Bubble: I can't even see the other side!
Zheng: Don't get flustered.
In Bubble: Not at this point.
Zheng: Can you see the remarkably large building in the center?
Xin: Ah....?
Yeah, I can see it.
Zheng: That's the royal palace.
This rebellion has not been publicly announced outside of the royal palace.
Which means the outside has not yet joined my little brother's ranks.
Diao: !
So you mean we've just gotta beat the people in the royal palace?!
Zheng: That's right.

Page 122:
Xin: Hold on a second...
The royal palace is smack in the center of Xianyang, ain't it?!!
Zheng: Of course. Xianyang was built with the royal palace in the center, surrounded by many castle walls and the dwellings of noble families, warrior families, and commoners.
Xin: Of course...? How the hell are we gonna get through all that to get to the palace?!
Changwenjun: Like we said, we've worked out a plan.
Xin: Old man Changwenjun.
Even if you've got a plan..........
besides those friggin' tall castle walls, they've got an army waiting for us inside, right?!
Changwenjun: That's our objective.

Page 123:
Jie: 80,000, is it?

Page 124:
Shi: !?
That is not nearly enough, Shi Shi.
Shi: GUOH!
My humblest apologies.
But seeing as we have yet to find the sovereign's seal, this was the largest number of soldiers we could muster...
Jie: You can gather soldiers without the sovereign's seal, can't you?!
Jie: Use bribery, threats, whatever it takes!
Go spank the behinds of the influential men that are silently observing this revolt!

Page 125:
Jie: If we were fighting a defensive battle against the Lü Army at the Hangu Pass, then 80,000 would be plenty.
This is not a defensive battle! It's an extermination!!
Jie: For that, we require many, many more soldiers!!
Retrieve another 100,000 soldiers at once!
Jie: Do not disappoint me,
Shi Shi.
Shi: ....................
Yes, my lord!

Page 126:
Xin: For them, 80,000 is a little?!
Changwenjun: Yes.
By our original calculations, we expected no less than 400,000 soldiers using the stolen royal seal.
But they could not find the seal, and when they called out for soldiers, they only gathered 80,000. Not reaching even half of the Lü Army's 200,000.
You can be sure that Jie Shi is feeling very impatient at this point.
And then, a large band of people seeking to be his allies will come from a place he didn't expect.
Handwritten: Equipped.
It's itchy.

Page 127:
Xin: Us?
Zheng: Yes.
We'll make him think we're allies. And if he invites us into the royal palace...
We will have overcome the castle walls unscathed.
Now, let's go!

Page 128:
Guy: KUA

Page 129:
Jie: A crowd of Mountain People have appeared at the West Gate?!
Guy: Yes, my lord!
Jie: Their number?
Guy: 2,000 to 3,000.
Guy: They came on horseback wearing odd outfits and carrying weapons.
Though they do not seem to be here to do battle.
Handwritten: So this is a castle wall...
You can feel an awesome pressure up close.
Jie: Was there no one that seemed to be a messenger?!
Guy: There was. He simply informed us that the Mountain King has descended the mountains in order to reform an alliance. He then returned to the crowd.
Jie: The Mountain King seeks an alliance...?!

Page 130:
Xin: I'll bet an army of 80,000 are suddenly gonna come prancing out!
Guys: ......
Diao: Why do you always say stuff like that?
Zheng: It's all right. They're sure to take the bait.
Xin: That'd be nice...

Page 131:
Guys: With the deciding battle with Lü Shi approaching, we should be grateful to gain any allies!
It may be only 3,000, but if the blood of those Majiu Soldiers is flowing through their veins, they'll be a force to be reckoned with!
We should open the gate immediately and greet them with hospitality!
Waiiit! After having cut all ties with us for all these years, why would they suddenly speak of reviving the alliance?!
It's obvious that they're scheming something!!
But they're already at the castle gate! What do we do?!
Why did we not notice them until they were just outside the castle gates in the first place?!
The West Gate hasn't had an enemy attack in some several hundred years, so the guards were unprepared...
Cut off those guards' heads!
There's no way we can ally with those mountain monkeys!
Just send out 30,000 men out the Wes Gate to kill them all!
Yes! That will be a good military exercise before the battle with the Lü Army.
Jie: ............

Page 132:
Xin: They sure are taking a while!
Zheng: They're opening it!

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