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+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 16, 2013 03:26 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 42

Only for use by Vendetta Scans

And so, old Jie meets his end. And we begin volume 5. This arc's almost over.

[Kingdom 42 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 2:
Kingdom -------- 5
Chapter 42 Fantasy --- 5
Chapter 43 The Demon Bird Swoops In --- 23
Chapter 44 King Zhao --- 41
Chapter 45 Confrontation --- 59
Chapter 46 Brothers --- 77
Chapter 47 First Castle --- 97
Chapter 48 Recruitment --- 105
Chapter 49 Wu --- 133
Chapter 50 The State of Wei Army --- 151
Chapter 51 Reunion --- 171
Chapter 52 Shegan Plain --- 189
Extra Story Reminiscence of Heibei Village --- 209
Bottom: ★This is a world of fiction. There is no connection to any actual people, organizations, or events.

Page 3: [I'm pretty sure this is 100% identical to the last one]
[You guys know who all these characters are, right? I don't need to write a million directions to indicate which is which, right?]
Top: Character Introductions
Xin's Friend. He became Ying Zheng's body double, but was killed by an assassin.
Arrow Between Xin and Piao: Close Friends
A war orphan boy. He seeks to win renown and become "Greatest general under the heavens" on his own skill.
Arrow Between Xin and Diao: Cooperating
He Liao Diao
Descendant of the Mountain People. A child with no relatives and has lived through tumultuous times on her own. She's been hired by Xin and Zheng as a guide.
Devoted to Zheng, and the one minister that he can trust.
Arrow Between XIn and Zheng: Cooperating
Arrow Between Piao and Zheng: Body Double
Ying Zheng
The young king of Qin. A rebellion was started by his younger brother from a different mother, and he escaped the royal capital Xianyang.
L釚Shi [Top]
Right Chancellor. He is currently away on a campaign in another state. Guardian of Zheng.
Yang Duanhe
King of a people different from the people of the flatlands, the Mountain People.
Arrow between Yang and Zheng: Cooperating

Shi Shi
The Jie Shi Army's advisor
Zheng's younger brother from another mother. He has allied himself with Jie Shi to enact a coup d'etat.
Jie Shi
Left Chancellor. An ambitious man that seeks to defeat L釚Shi and stand at the position of greatest minister.
Arrow Between Jie Shie and Wang Qi: Cooperating?
Wang Qi
One of the State of Qin's generals. He is not in the King's Younger Brother Faction, but he is lending them his strength.
Chengjiao's guard. A gigantic and powerful monster.
Top Left: King Faction
The faction supporting the young king, Ying Zheng.
Arrow: Coup D'etat
Bottom Left: King's Younger Brother Faction
The faction supporting the younger brother from a different mother of Ying Zheng, Chengjiao.

Page 4:
Top: Summary Up to Last Volume
The time period is before the common era----- The state of Qin in Western China during a 500 year long great war. Two boys living lives close to that of slaves, Xin and Piao, strove to fight sword battles day and night in order to distinguish themselves in war and raise their names.
One day, Piao was judged to look identical to the king and was employed at the royal palace. Piao became the king's body double, but then the king's brother Chengjiao launched a coup d'etat. And Piao was killed by an assassin just a month after he became a government official......
Xin resented the king for switching places with Piao. But in order to honor Piao's dying wish, Xin decided to travel together with the King of Qin, Ying Zheng, and protect him.
After seeking the help of the Mountain People King, Yang Duanhe, Ying Zheng and his group launched a surprise attack on the royal capital Xianyang, which was controlled by Chengjiao. But before the enemy's overwhelming numbers, they were forced into a hard battle. However, as a result of the furious efforts of a separate unit including Xin which was sent into the royal palace by the king, they have finally penetrated the main temple occupied by the ringleader of the rebelling Chengjiao-----

Page 5:
Title: Chapter 42 Fantasy

Page 6:
Title: Chapter 42 Fantasy

Page 7:
Xin: UWAH!
Xin: DEH!
Xin: Ah!?
Diao: Xin!!

Page 8:
Xin: Anybody who doesn't feel like fighting should go to bed!

Page 9:
Cheng: !!
Diao: Ah
Guys: AH
Chengjiao: What're you doing, Lankai?!
Stand up!
Why don't you get up, you ape monster?!
Stand up and crush those insects!
If you don't, I'll...
punish you!

Page 10:
Xin: A threat won't motivate anyone.
He won't be standing up anymore.
This time, it's over!

Page 11:
Guy: HIH
Cheng: Y-You bastards, don't run!! Fight!!
Death! All of you will be punished with death!
Guys: Don't push! The door won't open!
What are you doing? Hurry!
Hurry up!
Don't push!
Xin: Keh.

Page 12:
Xin: You sure are pathetic, ain'cha?
Cheng: HAH
Stay away!
Chengjiao: You bastards, you don't intend to...
Do you commoners actually intend to
kill me, a member of the royal family?!
Xin: What else would we be doing?

Page 13:
Guys: Hurry uuup!
I told you, it won't open!!
There's no way it can't open!
Don't push!
Chengjiao: Don't screw around! Are you an idiot?! Do you honestly think something like that can be forgiven?!
Doing such a thing
to the one king on his throne?!
Such a thing cannot happen!

Page 14:
Xin: Yeah it can.
Because this is war.
And on top of that, one that you started.
Now calmly accept it.
Jie: ........................

Page 15:
Jie: ............
How did this happen...?
Ying Zheng,
Wang Qi,
Yang Duanhe, Mountain People,
and that riffraff brat.
What is the cause for their victory?
If they were missing any one element, this would not have happened.
Did they walk a tightrope to reach this point, as well...?
..................It was mortifying----
The pain of having to kneel to a shitty brat like that Chengjiao...
No, before that---- The pain of starting out as a middle-class minister and exhausting every possible means to rise to the position of chancellor!
The rights of controlling half the state!
My dream of killing L釚Shi and ruling over the State of Qin...!!
has all vanished...
All of it...

Page 16:
Jie: I won't let it!!
Bi: !?
Xin: ?
Guy: Chancellor! Pushing your way through won't...
Jie: Shut your mouth!
Bi: Don't let Jie Shi get away!! In order to end the battle going on in the plaza, the head of the army's Supreme Commander, Jie Shi, is needed!!

Page 17:
Xin: What?!
Bi: That door is connected to the "Zuolong" corridor! If they get in there, we're sure to lose track of them!!
Bajiou: (Shunmen!)
Shun: (Leave it to me!)
Jie: I am not done yet! If we can escape the castle, there is an army of 80,000 soldiers on standby!!
......Why won't this opeeeeeen?!!
Guys: UWAAAH one of them's comiiiing!
Jie: HAH

Page 18:
Guys: NUOH
Teng: Unfortunately, I cannot let you through here.
By the orders of my lord, I will be cutting down anyone who approaches this door.
Guys: HIH

Page 19:
Guy: (What's going on, Bajiou?!)
Bajiou: (I don't know.)
Xin: ?
Bi: That's... Wang Qi's aide?! Why is here here...?
No! More importantly...
Leave those people!!
Jie Shi is slipping into the ministers and trying to escape!!

Page 20:
Jie: Me, die?!
Jie: Me, die?!!
Jie: If I enter that door to the "Youlong" Corridor, I've won!!

Page 21:
Jie: Out of the way, insect! I'll crush you under my foot!
Bi: Don't miss, Diao!
Diao: Like I could miss this!

Page 22:
Jie: !!
Jie: D-
Don't screw with me!
I am...
a leader of the Great State of Qin, Chancellor Jie!!

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