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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Gintama 437

9 + 1 = Yagyuu Jyuubee

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 16, 2013 20:26 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 437

Only for use by HWMN.

This one actually wasn't that bad to translate. And I must say I'm interested in this arc...

[Gintama 437 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Middle Text: Intersecting at a Silver screen, the Past and the Future ["Silver" in silver.]
Orange: Production is going great!!
Opening Color
White: & casually commemorating 9 years of serialization

Page 2:
[Just like, leave the original here. This is an ad for the movie.]

Page 3-4:
Top: The stars of the silver screen gather here!!
Red Insert: ☆Commemorative opening color pages for the determination of the movie release date & the first batch of movie visuals!!
Author: Sorachi Hideaki

Page 5:
Insert Text: ☆The 2nd Gintama Movie!! How's the production going?!
Official home page
-> http://www.gintama-movie.com
☆Gintama Jump Comics Volume 48 now on sale with great fanfare!!
Title: Lesson 437 9 + 1 = Yagyuu Jyuubee
T/N: The "Jyuu" means "10" rather than the usual "kyuu" meaning "9".
Left Insert: ☆The mother of Kabuki-Chou?!
Person: Samurai-san.
How would you like
to have your fortune told?
Kyuu: ..........
Sorry, but I have somewhere I need to be.
Person: Fortune telling has hits and misses. Fortune-tellers... are reluctant to give guarantees,
but my eye for people is certain.
Kyuu: !
Person: Even if you wrap yourself in that male disguise, I still know.
That you're lost...

Page 6:
Person: As to whether you should live as a woman
or as a man, yes?
----I see.
You were raised as a man in order to protect your family.
And so have been unable to escape it.
Kyuu: ...Even so, I've met with good comrades that accept me as I am.
I've become aware of the existence of the "woman" inside me and started to take steps towards it.
Because the habits of being a man that are so ingrained into me
I haven't been able to take one step forward out of embarrassment.
And I've never been able to sever the feelings I've always had for a certain person.
The way things are, I feel it would be much easier to just become a man.
It's to the point where I've done some rather absurd things from time to time.

Page 7:
Kyuu: At this point even I, myself, no longer know
whether I'd like to be a man or a woman.
Whether I want to be a yuri character or a tomboy... My character is getting all blurred
and I really have no idea what to do...
Person: Then why not try it once?
Kyuu: ?
Person: Why not change your body and mind into that of a man's just once?
That way, you would know what your true "gender" is, would you not?
Kyuu: Th... That's not...
Person: It can be done.
If that is what you truly desire,
I will change this world for you.
Kyuu: ...Ah... Um... I just remembered I have urgent business to attend to... I-I must be going.
Handwritten: This person is seriously dangerous.
Person: Running away?
Person: You're not the only one. In the world right now
there are herbivore men,carnivore women, not-manly men and not-womanly women.
It's flooded with people that do not know how to handle their "gender".

Page 8:
Person: You should all now once more face the "gender" you were given.
And learn the role you were given by god.
For that end, losing that role for a while should serve as a brief amusement...
Kyuu: It's my own fault for asking you for advice, but if you're like to invite someone to a religion, try someone else.
Person: So, what shall you do? Do you desire to become a man?
Kyuu: ...That's enough. I haven't fallen so low that I wish to escape reality.
Person: But would you not say that you'd like to have to escape the reality of being a woman?
Kyuu: Enough already!!
If there's something you can do, go ahead and try!! But don't try to disturb people's hearts with reckless words!!
Person: I suppose
I can take that as a yes.
Kyuu: !!
Person: Now, take a look.

Page 9:
Person: That is the judgement hammer
of our space god, Dekobokko-sama. ["Dekobokko-sama" in white.]
T/N: I'm not sure what the intended pun is, but "deko" means forehead, "dekoboko" means "roungh/uneven" and "bokko" means "tomboy".
Person: This city will be reborn
Handwritten: Hey, what's that?!
Person: as a new world.
What will you do with the new gender you have been given?
I'm excited to find out.

Page 10:
People: ...U...U
Hey, are you okay?!
What was that light?!
Did some planet launch a war on us?!
No, for something like that, the city seems too unharmed!!
Kyuu: U... Kuh...
Hey... What the hell was...
Wha... What the hell was that fortune teller?
Was that light just now, her? ....No, it can't be.
Kyuu: Ugh. My body feels heavy.
Is it just my imagination? It suddenly feels...

Page 11:
Kyuu: Like my body's gotten heavie...
Ah, excuse me for staring...
I just thought your outfit looked a little like mine...

Page 12:
Kyuu: Wh... Why is it
I... can't seem to lift my head up?
...People sometimes where similar clothing, don't they? But do people often have the same eye patch...? Is it some kind of costume?
Ah, that's it. It must be some person let's-partying at a cosplay party. Right. It wasn't me, it was a let's-party person.
...But if I lift my head up again
and I can still see let's-party there,
then perhaps the reflection I saw was not some dandy,
but... S-Some Yagyuu person, then...
No!! It can't be!!
Person: Why not change your body and mind into that of a man's just once?
Kyuu: It... It couldn't be! Did that fortune teller really change something...?
There's no way such a ridiculous thing could really be true.
Calm down, Kyuubee. It's surely just your imagination.
There's something you can figure out without bringing your head up.
I'm not a man, nor am I a woman.
I am... I am!!
Kagyuu Kyuube...

Page 13:
Kyuu: It's become 10...
Kyuu: A pole unknown to Kyuubee has grown!
I've become Yagyuu JyuubeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEE!!
Top: 9 + 1 = 10
Jyuu: It... It can't beeeeee!!
I won't accept it!!
I can't accept such a thing!! I... Iiiiii!!
Guy: Hey, bro, what're you doin'? You'll hurt yourself.
Jyuu: I'm not a bro! I'm...

Page 14:
Jyuu: UH UWAWA wa wa wa!! I... I'm sorry!! ["Wa's kinda spread out as they go along.]
Gin: Huh? What're you talking about? All you did was just a man's chest...
Kyuu: Huh?! But it just went "MUNI"!
Gin: !!
Huh? What's this?
[I love this manga.]
Both: ............
Jyuu: ...Might
you be...

Page 15:
Sign: Bathroom
Gin: ..........
Jyuu: ..........How was it?
Gin: ......It was my first time seeing one in so long...
Jyuu: That's the problem?!!
Gin: ...How did this happen... Um... Kyuubee?
What the hell is this?
Jyuu: Please... call me Jyuubee now. ["Jyuubee" bold.]
Jyuu: Is it okay...... if I call you Ginko-san now?
Gin: No, I think you should call me man... ["man" in white.]
T/N: -ko is a common end for a girl's name. Gin's making a joke about "manko" meaning "vagina".

Page 16:
Jyuu: ...You saw it, didn't you? That light that descended on Kabuki-Chou?
I don't know the details... but I think it's likely that was the cause.
Gin: Q... Quit kidding around.
You're telling me that bathing in that light made people....
Made everyone switch sexes?!
And this is going on all across Kabuki-Chou right now?!
Jyuu: Unfortunately, the joke is the bodies we have right now.
Gin: .........In other words, that, huh...? ["that" in it italics.]
Maybe I should rub these breasts while I have the chance.
Jyuu: Why is that all you care about?!
Gin: It's that, right? A dream. This isn't going to last until the end. It's definitely gonna wither out right at the good part. ["that" in italics.]
Jyuu: This isn't a dream! This is real!!
Both: !!
Kagura: Gin-channnnnnn!!!
Both: Kagura!!
Do you think Kagura was hit by that light, too...?

Page 17:
Kagura: Help!! Help meee!!
Gin: UOH!
Kagura: There!! It is over there, yes?!!
Gin: What? A cockroach? Don't surprise me like that.
Kagura: Aaaaah, they're so creepy.
Gin: GYAAAAAA You're the one who's creepyyy!!
Before you get creeped out by the cockroach, check out the cockroach that is your face!!
Kagura: Hm? I thought so, it happened to you guys, too, huh...? You switched genders?
Gin: Not to the level that you switched!!
Why did a little girl suddenly become an old man?!!
Why do you suddenly have a scar I've never seen before?!!

Page 18:
Kagura: When I woke up from an afternoon nap before, there was this bright light and something strange was hanging from my crotch.
But don't worry. I already took it off.
Gin: You took it off?! What?!
Kagura: This is the essence of my father and the blood of my mother, I cannot waste it!
Gin: What kind of Xiahou Dun is that?! You ate it?! Are you saying you ate it?!
T/N: Xiahou Dun is a military leader during the Three Kingdoms period of China. This is a famous line from the book"Romance of the Three Kingdoms" where he eats his eyeball.
Gin: Anyhow, ripping off you t*sticles won't solve anything!
Your face looks like it has t*sticles hanging from it!
Kagura: That is the nature of war. Even if you take a general's balls and claim victory, all that will remain with the people is sadness.
Gin: Hey? Is this person a man? They're turning into an "honorable man"!!
T/N: Gin uses the kanji 漢 here on the second part which is an old, more formal kanji for man.
Jyuu: If you still suffered the effects even while taking a nap in your own home, then perhaps the light wasn't the only cause...
Anyhow, we should try to keep any more people from coming near Kabuki-Chou. We should hurry and contact Shinpachi-kun...
Kagura: I will shoulder that duty!!
Let us depart, Seki Tobaharu!!
Someone: Hold oooooooooN!!
T/N: The kanji for this name mean "Red Rabbit Horse Spring". It's a reference to "Red Hare", L釚Bu's horse during the Three Kingdoms period of China.

Page 19:
Gin: What the hell is Seki Tobaharuuuuu?!!
Don't tell me that this is Sadaharuuu?!
Forget gender, this guy's become a whole different animal, hasn' he?! Why the hell does he match so well with your military-general style?!!
Shin: I'm baaack!
Shin: GIn-san, did you see that light before?
There's a commotion all over the city. Just what is...
Guys: Oh no.
We were too late!
Shin: Huh? UWA!!
Who are all of you?!!
What're you doing just walking into people's houses?!

Page 20:
Gin: Shinpachiiiii!
Jyuu: Guh... We were too late, were we...?
Gin: Goddammit! How could this happen?!
Shinpachi's... Shinpachi's grips......
turned piiiiiiiiink!!
Gin: I... I can't believe that even Shinpachi was made this girlyyyy!!
Shin: Um... That's not Shinpachi...
Kagura: Zhuge Liang, you bastard!!
Shin: No, it's not Zhuge Liang.
T/N: Zhuge Liang was a famous strategist of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period.
Gin: ......Shit. Just... how am I supposed to tell Tae-chan about this...?
Shin: Um... I don't really know what's going on, but the one thing I can say is that I'm pretty pissed at you guys.
Gin: It looks like the damage is a lot greater than we thought.
The whole city's in a panic.
Person: If that is what you truly desire,
I will change this world for you.

Page 21:
Jyuu: It may be my fault.
Gin: !
Jyuu: This situation may all be
something I asked for.
Announcement: This is an emergency announcement.
Marital law has just been declared for Kabuki-Chou.
All those in the vicinity of Kabuki-Chou, please obey all instructions given by any nearby government officials
and promptly move away from the city.
Announcement: All those within the boundaries of Kabuki-Chou, please stay calm do not leave the city as you await our directions.
Announcement: I repeat.
Insert: ☆Next week, crying an p*nis cutting?!
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 437
/ End

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