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First Castle

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 16, 2013 21:23 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 47

Only for use by Vendetta Scans.

And so ends the King's Younger Brother's Rebellion arc. Now we move on... to the First Campain arc.

[Kingdom 47 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 97:
Title: Chapter 47 First Castle
Xin: ah.
Bi: !
Xin: Brother Bi, is Diao doing all right?
Bi: Diao's fine. Anyhow, what's happening in the plaza? The king, is he all right? And Lord? The Mountain King?
Xin: Everything's wrapped up over there. Don't worry, everyone's safe.
Bi: I see... I'm so glad...
Ah, right. Listen, Xin. The truth is, Diao is...
Xin: ?
Bi: Ah!

Page 99:
[And we're back.]

Page 100:
Bi: My king! I'm so glad you're all right.
Zheng: ............I'm glad you are as well.

Page 101:
Zheng: It looks like it was quite a garish battle.
Xin: It was nothin' big.
Xin: Heh.

Page 102:
Xin: Kukuku.
You look like an old man!

Page 103:
Guys: I cannot accept this!!
Guaranteeing everyone's lives?
We should kill every one of them including their families!
Chang; The war isn't over yet!
Guys: Huh?!
Chang: The king's true enemy is Chancellor L鉙
For that reason, it is vital that as many as possible of the Jie Shi's remnants remain in order to have a counterforce against L釚Shi.
Guys: B-But!
Chang: Silence!!
The one this is most difficult for is the king himself.

Page 104:
Diao: Ooh.
Diao: It's turning into a real party.
Where are Zheng and the others~?
Bi: !
Diao: Oh, Bi!
Bi: Come here for a minute.
Diao: Hm?

Page 105:
Diao: What're you doing, dragging me to a place like this?
I'm hungry.
Bi: The Mountain People are going back to the mountains come morning.
Diao: !
Going back?
But we finally became such good friends...
Bi: Even as Mountain King, she apparently doesn't have control over the entire Mountain World.
Until the king leaves for the rest of China, she said she's going to try to strengthen her authority.
Diao: Heeeh.
Bi: You should go with them back to the mountains, Diao.
Diao: !?

Page 106:
Bi: Give up this life of pretending to be a boy and living on your own.
Xin: Hm?
Diao looks like he's doin' well.
Kukuku. And as loud a brat as ever.
Bajiou: During out conquest of the Mountain World, we once fought against a great power called the "Xiaoming".
At the end of a brutal battle, we emerged victorious. And the Xiaoming died out.
T/N: The hanzi for Xiaoming mean "owl" and "cry of a bird".

Page 107:
Bajiou: That child is a remnant of the Xiaoming.
Cin: !
So... you're saying that Diao is the enemy of you guys?!
Bajiou: This is something from many years ago.
Bajiou: Lord Duanhe decided to take that child in.
Xin: !?
..........You're taking him with you?
Bajiou: Yes.
Xin: ........................
I guess he's originally a Mountain Person after all.
He's a shitty brat, but make sure you look after him, Captain.

Page 108:
Xin: Hey!

Page 109:
Zheng: I heard you're leaving the palace in the morning.
Xin: Yeah.
Old man Changwenjun said he'd set up a house for me.
Zheng: Considering your achievements, you could be a guard here in the palace.
Xin: Hahah. You've gotta be kidding.
There's no way I could do a boring job like that.
I'm heading onto the battlefield!
I'll pile up achievements one by one and become a general!

Page 110:
Xin: It sounds like you've got a rough time ahead of you, too.
Zheng: Jie Shi's authority still exists, but its weakening is obvious.
L釚Shi's power will become more and more great.
But that will only last until I reach the age I can govern.
Once I reach age 20 and come of age, I'll definitely wrench power away from L釚Shi.
Zheng: Once I reach age 20 and come of age, I'll definitely wrench power away from L釚Shi.
Zheng: And I will depart for China!
Zheng: Xin------- until that time comes,

Page 111:
Zheng: be sure to rise up to meet me.

Page 112:
Narration: Stationed at Shaoliang in "Wei", L釚Shi learned of the rebellion being suppressed------
Flag: L釚
And with a little click of the lips, he started making his way back.
The Mountain People went back to the Mountain World as well,
but there would not be periodic exchanges of information between Zheng and Yang Duanhe.
Handwritten: AAa...
And these two......

Page 113:
Diao: Whawhawhawhawhawha?
What the hell is thiiiis?!
They call this a house?!
This is a hut, dangit!
That cheap old man!
Xin! You've gotta have something to say about this broken down old shack!, right?!
Xin: It's plenty.
Diao: Huh?

Page 114:
Xin: Piao------
We started off with nothing, but now we finally have land and a house.
I'll render more military achievements and my land and house will get huge!
The first thing can be a broken down shack or whatever, I don't care!
This is out first castle!
Our first castle!!
Xin: UOOOOOO We did iiiiiiit!
Diao: You didn't do anything, you idiot!!
Xin: Shut up! Weren't you gonna go back to the mountains, anyway?!
Diao: Y-You think I could live in the mountains at this point?!

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