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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128



+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 17, 2013 04:26 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 49

Only for use by Vendetta Scans

And so, that legendary Wu is formed. I guess.

[Kingdom 49 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 133:
Chapter 149 Wu

Page 134:
Ping: Ah?
Dao: Heh?
Xin: Hm?
Guy: Ah, Xin! Is that you, Xin?!!
Xin: Ooh!! If it ain't the hoodlum Wei brothers! You guys came, too?!
Ping: Who're you calling hoodlums, you stupid brat?! GYAHAHAHAHA!
Narration: 245 BCE

Page 135:
Narration: A conflict revolving around on the borders of "Qin" and "Wei" called "Rongyang" is worsening.
Built along the side of the Huang He River, Rongyang is the entrance to the State of Wei. A place of utmost importance for both states.
Wei is gathering three armies from behind.
The State of Qin is also concentrating its armies from all regions to go after Rongyang.
Signs: Shanyang Castle [Upper Right]
Xi Castle [Above river]
Huang He (Yellow River) [River in the middle}
Rongyang [Center, under the river]
Wei [Big on the right]
Qin [Big on the left]
Qin Army [Left under big arrow]
Jing [Right of mountain]
Si [Right, above Jing]
Mount Chong [Bottom]
Narrator: These armies are both on the scale of over 150,000.
This year's biggest battle has become Xin's first campaign.

Page 136:
Ping: But I really thought I'd never meet you here.
Nobody's seen you since the night that Piao died.
You didn't even show up to Piao's funeral, so I was sure you'd been killed somewhere, too.
Xin: !!
Piao had a funeral?!
Ping: Yeah. A few days after he died.
It was an unbelievably huge funeral for that cheap Li Dian.
Everyone from around the village besides you came and cried.
Even guys from the next village over came.
Everyone really liked that guy......

Page 137:
Xin: ........................
I guess so.
Ping: Ah. So I guess you haven't even visited his grave, huh?
After the battle I'll show you where it is.
Xin: No, I don't think I'm gonna go.
Ping: Huh?
Xin: Where I'm going is to make our dream come true.
Ping: Greatest general under the heavens, huh?
You guys always said that going way back.

Page 138:
Ping: Wait, something like that's never gonna happen! Just go when you get back!
Xin: Sheddep!! I said I'm gonna be it and I am!
Ping: You really are an idiot, Xin.
Dao: ....................
Xin: What'd you say? I'm gonna deck you.
Dao: Xin.
Have you gotten taller?
Xin: Huh?
Ping: What sorta question is that?
Dao: Eh?
It's just
you seem like a different person.

Page 139:
Ping: Huh? How?
He looks like the same bumbling idiot as always.
Handwritten: You bastard. I'm seriously gonna do it.
Dao: Xin, where have you been these past 3 months?
Xin: Hm?
About that...
Even if I told you, I'm sure you wouldn't believe me.

Page 140:
Sign: State of Qin Royal Capital Xianyang

Page 141:
Chang: So this is where you were.
Chang: Bi departed for the front just a little earlier.
Zheng: Wei......? The state that's blocked Qin's passage to the East for generations.
Chang: Because it has enemy states on all sides and has been open to enemy attack for centuries, all of its armies are used to battle.
And their chariot corps, steeped in tradition, are the first or second most sturdy in China.
Zheng: The "Four Jun Group" is also a huge existence... [quote bold]
They're strong.

Page 142:
Chang: ............I've also heard reports that Xin is participating in this war as well, but...
Zheng: I'm listening.
Chang: It seems it's going to be quite a brutal battle.
Hopefully he does not lose his life...
Zheng: Sounds like it's a fittingly intense first campaign for him.

Page 143:
Xin: Hm?
Everybody's gathering around for some reason.
Maybe it's food!
Soldier: We are now forming Wu!! Wu Chiefs, gather!!
Xin: Wu?

Page 144:
Dao: Do you not know what "Wu" are?
Ping: Just what nationality are you...?
Narrator: A "Wu" is---
Long ago, the Qin Chancellor Shang Yang established the "Shen-Wu System".
Wu, or in other words, "Five".
Foot soldiers form groups of 5 on the battlefield called "Wu". The leader of the group is called a "Wu Chief". In the Qin Army, the Wu is a basic unit and a group that always moves together. These groups of five share a single fate.
Box: For a foot soldier, whether you return home having rendered achievements or whether you come home as a corpse depends on the people that make up this Wu.
Guys: Tian You, join my g roup!
You idiot! He was with your guys last time! This time he's joining up with me!
I'll introduce you to my little sister when we get back, so join us!
Tian You!
Guys: It's Zhong Tie! Zhong Tie, the assassin from Fu Village!!
Handwritten: He's huuge!
Guys: All right! Join my group! I'll give you special treatment!!
Zhong Tie, there's a punk in my group that's a chef! So our food will be great!
Zhong Tie, please, join us...

Page 145:
Xin: UOOO I get it! So they start by going for the strong-looking guys!! [UOOO big.]
Aw, dammit! Nobody knows about me yet, I guess!
All right!
Listen up everyone! I'm Xin of Chenghu Village!
I may be small, but I'm stronger than anybody!!
In Bubble: KORAA!!
Dao: Wah!
Ping: Watch out!

Page 146:
Xin: Quit screwin' around, you bastards! Don't you know I'm gonna be greatest general under the heavens... [First sentence big.]
Ping: Hey, stop! It's painful to watch!
Guy: Hey!
Guy: You guys're new, right?
You're pretty built, ain'cha?
This one's the big brother?
Then we'll take both brothers. That makes five men.
Is that shrimp your little brother?
If you don't wanna split your family up, we'll try somebody else.
Ping: Nah, that guy just lives in the same village as us. We barely even know him.
Guy: Really?
Xin: !!

Page 147:
Xin: Sssssscrew this!!
AAAAUGH! Seriously!!
Xin: Bringing five big guys together is creepy, you morons!
I'll take the five of you on myself, iiiidiots!

Page 148:
Xin: Yo.
So you're a leftover, too, huh?
Kakaka. You're even smaller than me! That ain't good!
Well, sit down.
Us leftovers gotta stick together.
I went out of my way to talk to you, don't ignore me.
Hey, you!
Handwritten: Geez, every onna these guys...

Page 149:
Guys: Huh? Those two drinking over there are the Ma Brothers, ain't they?
Ah, you're right.
Weis: ?
Guys: Looks like we don't need you guys after all.
Hey! Ma Brotheeers!
Handwritten: Eh?!
Xin: Hey, brat!
Sit down I said!
Ping: We're back.
Xin: Aaah?!
Ze: A~~~
Handwritten: Hahaha. It's Wu Chief Ze. Alone again, huh?
He's a one-man chief~~~ Wahahahaha!
Narration: The Wu Chiefs are of a higher rank than the others, but people don't gather around the less reliable ones.
Ze: Aah. No one joined with me again...
Ze: Are there any leftovers around~~?
A~~ two of those are kids, aren't they?
I dunno if we're gonna make it home safe this time...

Page 150:
Ze: Hello. I'm Wu Chief Ze Gui. Nice to meet you, everyone.
Narration: Before the start of a harsh battle, a five-man group made up of leftovers is formed!!
Xin: Who is this small old man?
Ping: Didn't he just say he was a Wu Chief?
Dao: Huh?
Then are we five a group?
Handwritten: HAAAA

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