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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128


State of Wei Army

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 18, 2013 22:25 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 50

Only for use by Vendetta Scans

Castles! Oh, and we're on chapter 50 now. That's a number!

[Kingdom 50 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 151:
Title: Chapter 50 State of Wei Army

Page 152:

Page 153:
Ze: So, to reiterate.
I'm Ze Gui from Fulou Village.
I'm your Wu Chief, so please feel free to ask anything.
Since it looks like everyone here is on their first campaign.
Ping: I'm Wei Ping from Chenghu Village.
Sao: I'm his little brother Wei Dao.

Page 154:
Xin: I'm Xin, also from Chenghu Village!
In bubble: Though I live somewhere else now.
Xin: By dream is, of course, to become the greatest general under the heavens!
First, I'm planning to render some achievements in this war and become a leader of a hundred men!
Ping: Nobody asked that. And you're not gonna become that anyhow, idiot.

Page 155:
Xin: Hey.
It's your turn.
Hey. I'm talking to you.
are you trying to say you're not able to speak......?
Qiang: Correct!
Xin: Hey!
Ze: Um... Sorry, but, your name...?

Page 156:
Qiang: Qiang Lei.
My dislikes include talking.
That is all.
Xin: Hey, what's with that attitude?
Bubble: And you've got a pretty weird outfit on, too.
Take off that huge headband and let use at least get a good look at your face.

Page 157:
Xin: Isn't there some law that allows you to break the nose of a guy like this once?
Ze: No.
Ping: What sorta law is that?
Ze: Anyhow...
We five are comrades that will be taking each others lives in our hands.
So let's all help each other out and do our best.

Page 158:
Xin: UOOOOOO! This sure is great weather for a march!
If only we didn't have an irritating shitty brat here, this would be the tops!
Ping: Why's this guy so relaxed?
Xin: If it weren't for that irritating shitty brat, this would be perfect!
Ping: You're a shitty brat, too.
Xin: !
Xin: Hey, hey. You sure have got a pretty good sword for a kid, don'cha?

Page 159:
Xin: Wait, that's not a sword a common can get. Did you steal that? Ah?
Ping: Hold on a second.
What about that not-so-ordinary sword you've got?
Xin: What's with those eyes?
I got this legitimately.
Ping: From whom?
Xin: From Zheng.
Ping: Who's Zheng.
Xin: Zheng, the king of Qin.
Ping: Yep, this guy's nuts.
Xin: Ah! You don't believe me, do you, Wei Ping?!
Qiang: !
Xin: Hey, what is it?

Page 160-161:
Xin: Wh...
What the hell's this?
Ping: That's Qin! That's the Qin flag!
Xin: There were foot soldiers besides us?!

Page 162:
Ze: Of course. That's the main unit of the 4th army.
We're going to be absorbed by it.
Xin: !?
4th Army?!
Does that mean there are three other armies that gigantic?
Ze: There are five more.
There are six armies in total.
Xin: A......

Page 163:
Xin: HOH!

Page 164:
Xin: Forwa~~rd!
Handwritten: Who's that?
Shut up, brat!
Ping: ....................
Ze: Just what sort of boy is Young Xin.
Ping: As you can see, he's an idiot.
Ping: What's up, Dao? You've been awfully quiet.
Dao: Ah,
it's nothing...
I just imagined something and it gave me a bad feeling.
Ping: Imagined? What?
Dao: ...........
With this many people killing each other, what's that scene gonna look like...?
Qiang: ....................

Page 165:
Ping: Don't go imagining worthless crap like that!
Xin: Forwa~~~rd!
Handwritten: Sheddep, brat!
C'mon and follow us!
Xin: Mr. Ze,
over here!
Ping: Call him Wu Chief, geez.
Xin: What? Oh who cares?
Ze: Something unsavory has happened.

Page 166:
Ze: We, the 4th Army, have been assigned to go to Wan Castle. ["Wan Castle" bold.]
All: ?
Ping: I thought we were attacking a castle called Rongyang, weren't we? ["Rongyang" bold.]
Ze: Ah, no, that's not what I mean.
Xin: ?
Ze: We're attacking "Rongyang" in Wei, but each army is going to a Qin castle before the war, and the armies will be organized there. The regular armies are waiting for all of us at the respective castles.
Big Castle: Rongyang
Top Small Castle: [Wan Castle]
Middle Small Castle: Yashui
Side: [4th Army]
3rd Army
1st Army
2nd Army
5th Army
6th Army
Big Left: Qin
Big Right: Wei
Ze: It was decided that the 1st and 2nd Armies would be going to the front-most line,
but of what remained after that, we got the most unpleasant one, Wan Castle.
The lord of Wan Castle, Lord Hei Gang, is the brave general feared as the "Star-Eye Black Dragon". [quote bold]
He loves war by his nature, and he has a fighting style where every time, he flings his army into the most harsh battlefields and where you have to escape the jaws of death.

Page 167:
Ze: It's possible that may result in an even more rigorous battle than the main army at Ashui, so everyone is keeping their distance from Wan Castle.
Especially in this war where we've been appointed by the general, so everyone's blood is boiling even more than normal.
Xin: Hold on a second! Did you just say general?!!
Ze: Huh? Yes. It was decided by the general, or so I heard.
Xin: ......So we're going to be fighting as foot soldiers of that general?
Ze: Yes.
Xin: For real?! Goddammit! This is great, ain't it, Wei Dao?!!
Dao: No. My stomach is starting to hurt.
Xin: Now that we know that, this is no time to be eating!! Let's depart! C'mon!!
The "Sex-Eye Black Dragon" General is waiting for us!!
Ping: Star-Eye!

Page 168:
Sign: Qin Wan Castle
SFX: !!

Page 169:
Flag: Wei

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