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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128



+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 19, 2013 03:22 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 51

Only for use by Vendetta Scans

I guess this is the first appearance of a mounted unit... Yep.

[Kingdom 51 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 171:
Title: Chapter 51 Reunion

Page 172:
Xin: What's that?
Guy: All units, halt!
Guy: All units, halt!1
Guy: All units, halt!!
Guy: All Wu Cheifs, assemble!!
Everyone else, stay on standby!!
Ze: That's the red messenger that notifies us of emergencies.
So it looks like there's a state of emergency.
Xin: State of emergency?
I've got a bad feeling about this.
Guy: I repeat! All Wu Chiefs gather here!

Page 173:
Xin: Whaaat?!
Did you say
that Wan Castle
How? Why is it that our castle fell when we're the ones trying to attack?!
Guy: Calm down, Xin.
Xin: What about the general? What happened to General Hei Gang?
Ze: It seems he was killed.
And it wasn't just the general.

Page 174:
Ze: Down to the elderly, women, and children inside the castle, everyone was slaughtered.


Page 175:
Ping: This is my first time so I didn't know,
but do wars always go that far?
Ze: No. This is the first time I've heard of something like this as well.
Xin: Who the hell would pull terrible shit like that?!
Ze: Most likely, it's Wei's the castle lord of Wei's Xi Castle----
General Wu Qing.
A person who used to be head house guest of "Xinlingjun". [quote bold]

Page 176:
Dao: Xinlingjun?!
That's one of the Four Juns of the warring states!
And he was his head guest?!!
Narration: Four Juns (Lords) of the Warring States----
Mengchangjun, Pingyuanjun, Xinlingjun, and Chenshenjun
Four people with power rivaling that of a king of a state.
They are people with various different talents and surround themselves with house guests. There are said to be several thousand of those for the four Juns.
Dao: Being a guest to him means he must have been a genius.
Ze: He is undoubtedly a war prodigy.
And what's more, in Wei something called Wei Gongzi's Art of War...
Xin: It doesn't matter!
Nicknames like Four Juns or house guest don't matter!
You've just gotta kill crazy bastards like that!!

Page 177:
Ping: The castle we were supposed to enter, Wan Castle fell,
so where do we go from here?
Ze: .......................
Ping: Yashui...
Isn't that the castle the 1st and 2nd Armies are going to?
Ze: Yes..
We, the 4th Army, will meet up with the 1st and 2nd Army. And then as a main army, we'll go to Rongyan head on.
Top: Rongyang
Big Left Top: Wei
Big Left Bottom: Qin
Names: 6th Army [Right to left]
5th Army
2nd Army
1st Army
4th Army
3rd Army
Middle Label: Yashui
Ping: That sounds pretty dangerous.
Ze: It's the worst thing that could happen.
Xin: Then it looks like we are going to the most violent battlefield!
It all worked out, dammit!

Page 178:
Guy: What're you lookin' at,
Did you say somethin', punk?
Hey, you just stepped on my foot!
I did not, moron!
Xin: There are a lot of little arguments going now.
Ze: This is always what happens when we get close to the battlefield and people get excited.
Please be careful, all of you.
Fights among comrades during a march will be seen as a crime.
Xin: Hahaha. I ain't gonna do that.
We're about to fight Wei, so we can't be fighting amongst ourselves or any shit like...

Page 179:
Guy: Oh, Mr. Ze looks like he's got some weak ones again this time.
Man, you guys look awful.
Xin: !?
Guys: It looks like a family outing.
Puhihihi! You're going a little far, Wu Chief.
And ain't these the weakest of all this time?
Those two brats look bad, eh? Kuhahaha!
Ze's so pathetic this is all he can gather together!
Ze: Don't fight.
Endure. Endure.
Guy: I'm amazed a guy like this became a Wu Chang.
Hey, that's a pretty good sword for a brat. Where'd you steal it from?
Lemme see it for a sec.

Page 180:
Xin: Here.
Guy Eh...?
Hey, that brat took out his sword!
Where do you think you're swinging that?!!
Ze: Young Xin!
XIn: He said he wanted to see my sword, so I showed it to him. I ain't fighting.
Guy: What an interesting brat.
Do you know who you're picking a fight with?
Xin: Do you know who you're picking a fight with, old man? ["you" in italics.]

Page 181:
Guy: Line up!
Line up!!
A Thousand-Man General's mounted unit is passing through!
All units, line up!!
Xin: Thousand-Man General's mounted unit?!
Guy: Cheh.

Page 182:
Xin: Huh? What?! A mounted unit is coming through?!
Ping: Hey, wait, Xin!
Guy: Don't push, kid!
Xin: All right! We're right up front!
All right. Mounted unit!
You ever seen one before, Wei Ping?!
Ping: No, but...
what are you so suddenly so excited for?
Ze: Um... It's okay to be excited, but please try your best not to upset the lines.
Xin: Heh?
Ze: Qin's mounted units are strict under martial law. And many of the generals of those units have a violent disposition.

Page 183:
Ze: On my last campaign, someone was cut in half for the reason of just staggering while we were lined up.
Guy: Rude!
Ze: And all of the members of that Wu were punished with getting their heads put on display.
Ze: This Thousand-Man General is newly appointed, so I don't know what kind of person he is.
Ze: Anyhow, please, do not upset the line.

Page 184:

Page 185:
Xin: Ooh! Cool!
So cool!
Ping: Don't move, moron!
Someone: Four battle chariots.
Ze: Young Xin, please by quiet, the Thousand-Man General is coming.
Xin: Huh?
Were? Which is he?
Which one's the Thousand-Man General?
Someone: He~~~~~~y!
Xin: !!

Page 186-187:
Guy: !!
Handwritten: He's dead...
Bi: Stooop!!
Guy: That guy's insanely stupid.
Kukuku. Just watch. His head's gonna go flying.

Page 188:
Xin: Hey, Bi! It's been a while!
Bi: I thought you'd be here. You never change, Xin. But I'm glad you're doing well!

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