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Shegan Plain

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 19, 2013 06:35 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 52

Only for use by Vendetta Scans

Okay. This includes the omake thing because I don't feel like having to deal with directing people to finding that... It's also got the omake at the end, making this like 30 something pages at once. And also, it's the end of V5. Woo. Now on to V6...

[Kingdom 52 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 189:
Guys: Who the hell is that brat?!
He's spoke to a Thousand Man General and sounded pretty familiar with him.
Keh. I guess he must've worked for him before as a servant.
But he was using casual speech!
What's with that?
Title: Chapter 52 Shegan Plain

Page 190:
Bi: Looks like you've bulked up some more in these three months, Xin.
Xin: And I barely recognized you, Brother Bi! Thousand Man General? That's awesome!
Bi: Sorry we haven't been able to meet again since then.
I've been chased by post-processing since then, so I've had no rest.
Xin: Post-processing?
Bi: Normally, when there's a failed rebellion against a king, all those involved as well as their nine nearest generations of relatives would be decapitated and their heads would be put on display.
But we need the opposing forces against L釚Shi to remain. And we've been deliberating what to do with them...
Xin: Now we can fight together again, huh?!

Page 191:
Zheng: So, we will treat it as though there never was a rebellion.
We will say that leaders died due to a dispute within the Jie Shi Faction, minimizing the amount of judgement.
All of Jie Shi's power will be transferred to Shi Shi.
Xin: !?
He's treating it like the rebellion never happened?!
Bahahaha! He's as crazy a king as ever!
Bi: This isn't a laughing matter. It's been a big problem for us.
By the way, is Diao doing well?
Has anything changed......?
Xin: Aah, he's doin' fine. He does the cooking and the laundry so he's basically my servent.
Bi: ....................
Has he still not realized it...?
Diao: If you say anything to Xin or Zheng, I'll kill you!

Page 192:
Xin: Let's capture a castle again sometime, Brother Bi.
Bi: Huh?
Oh, sure.
But unlike before, this time we'll have to break through the castle walls with brute strength.
I've heard Rongyang Castle's defenses are solid. It sounds like it'll be a war of attrition.
And I don't know yet if we'll be fighting together.
The 4th army has 30,000 men. I'm leading one of those thousand as a Thousand-Man General.
Whether or not I become your supervising general or not will be decided on how the unit formation at Yashui works out.
Xin: I see. Even though the title is Thousand Man General, there sure are a lot of 'em.
Bi: Be that as it may, I'm a Thousand Man General! Please use polite language from here on out.
If one foot soldier is rude to a Thousand Man General, you'll set a bad example for the others.
Xin: Fiiine.
Bi: ......So how are you doing, Xin?
What sort of Wu did you form?

Page 193:
Xin: A worn out Wu Cheif and a bunch of newbies.
I'm hearing a lot of people mumbling "weakest Wu" around us.
Bi: Weakest...?
Well, they say that if a Wu has two strong members, then the Wu is stable, but...
I wonder if he'll be okay as the only one.........
Okay! I'm keeping the strategy meeting at Yashui waiting!
I've gotta get going, Xin!
Let's meet again at Yashui!
Xin: Okay, Thousand Man General Bi!
Sign: Wei ----Rongyang----

Page 194:
Sign: Rongyang Castle Castle Lord
Long Tai
Long: General Wu Qing, I'm greatly obliged for the reinforcements! Now that you're here, General, Rongyang is impenetrable!
Wu: We are not reinforcements.
Long: Sir?
Wu: I came here to take Rongyang's entire army.
Long: !?......What do you mean...?

Page 195:
Wu: I will never allow those dirty invaders to set foot in my land of Wei!
Guy: G...
General, you don't intend to...?
Sign: Qin ----Yashui----

Page 196:
Guys: We'll never break through the Rongyang castle gate with those numbers!
We need to look over the formation of the 2nd Army!
As I thought, we will make the 3rd Army a left flank...
With the loss of General Hei Gang, we cannot expect a left flank to be strong.
Anyhow, it's urgent we organize the 4th Army!!
Bi: ....................
I suppose I couldn't expect having the right to speak as just a Thousand Man General.
Guy: UIrgent report!!
Guy: Wei army forces set out from Rongyang just a short time ago to attack!
Their number is 150,000! Leading them is Wu Qing!
They're heading straight here, to Yashui!

Page 197:
Guys: What?! Wei is attacking?!
150,000?! That's Rongyang's entire defense force!
That damn Wu Qing. After Wan Castle, he intends to take Yashui?!
Guy: Don't be a fool. The 1st and 2nd Armies are already here.
It's a completely different situation from Wan Castle which had no infantry.
But our enemy is Wu Qing, part of Xinlingjun's crowd!
He may have some plan in store for that.
Biao: Do not panic!
Guys: !!
Biao: Wu Qing will not be targeting Yashui.
He just wants to move the battle to a plain where the Wei Army's main force, its "Chariot Corps", will come to life.
Sign: Qin Army Supreme Commander
Great General Biao Gong

Page 198:
Biao: Interesting.
The attack of Rongyang is on hold!
We're switching to a battle on the plains!
We will switch to a plain battle!
Top: Rongyang
Middle: Shegan Plain
Bottom: Yashui
Biao: The battle will take place on the area between Rongyang and Yashui, Shegan Plain! Take position on the hills as soon as possible! We head out immediately!!
Guy: Immediately?!
But the formation of units haven't finished yet!
And the 4th army has yet to even arrive...
We can just do those things after we've reached the Shegan Plain!
Bi: ....................
Biao: Have the 4th Army head to Shegan Plain directly!

Page 199:
Bi: He is quite quick to adapt. And I can understand the reasons for taking position on the hills which will give a good view of the battle on the plain.
But it's too light.
If we hurry, it will take 3 days to reach Shegan Plain. And 4 days from Rongyang.
Which means we will collide with Wei between 3 and 4 days from now.
Top: Rongyang
Shegan Plain
Bi: But neither the soldiers nor the armies are prepared!
And that's only natural! The plan was to depart 10 days from now. And the plan had been for it to be an attack on a castle.
Is this general reliable......?
Is it because he's constantly on the front lines? I've never even heard his name before.
Biao Gong.
Just what sort of general is he?
Biao: All units, depart for the field!!!

Page 200:
Sign: 4th Army Infantry
Xin: Why are we running all of a sudden?
Ze: I don't know. The Hundred Man Generals said they didn't know either.
Xin: Well, okay. We'll just get to Yashui all the faster.
He~~~~y, are you guys all ri~~~~ght?
Ping: It's no good... I can't run anymore. GOHEH.

Page 201:
Xin: Ooooh, Mr. Ze, find anything out?
Ze: I still don't know why we're hurrying, but it seems our destination has changed from Yashui to the Shegan Plain.
Guys: Huh?! It changed again?!
What's going on?! This is the second time!
Top Left: Wan Castle
Top Right: Shegan Plain
Right: Yashui
Ze: It's likely this also has to do with the movements Wei has made...
Understand, everyone? Please prepare your hearts and minds for this.
Even though we were originally going to attack, now we're way behind everyone...
In times like this, many people die.

Page 202:
Narration: 5 Days Later---
People: HAH
Bi: Xin...... Dammit........... Quit flyin' ahead! Just... think about your Wu a little bit...
Dao: At some point we ended up in the lead...
Xin: I ain't flying! You guys just need to hustle and catch up with me!
Ping: Wu Chief... Aren't we almost there? That whatever plain...
Ze: Yes... I think we should be arriving soon.
Xin: Hm?
Ping: UWAH!
Xin: The air suddenly changed just now...
Ping: What's wrong?!
SFX: GH...
Xin: There's something past here. ["something" in italics.]

Page 203:
Ping: Geh! He started running again!
Guy: H-Hey you! Don't go in front of the guide chariot, you moron!!
Xin: It's getting hotter and hotter.
It's getting heavier and heavier!
What is this feeling?
It's different from with both Muta and Lankai.
But there's no doubt about it...
There's something coming up soon!
Something huge!

Page 204-205:
Lookit all that.

Page 206:
Xin: Wh......
What is this?!

Page 207:
[This page is just blank...]

Page 208:

Page 209:
Title: Kingdom Extra Story Reminiscence of Heibei Village

Page 210:
Diao: Old Lady Chuan, I picked the wild plants.
Person: Who the hell're you?
Diao: ..........
Geeeeeez. Would you remember me already!? I'm Daio, from next door!
Woman: Ooh, yes. That's right.
What's wrong, Diao? Your face is usually overflowing with energy, but now it seems awfully stoic.
Did something unfortunate happen?

Page 211:
Woman: Is that so? Slanted-eyes went off to war, eh?
I see. So that's why you're so gloomy.
I see. War, eh?
Woman: Then Slanted-eyes much already be dead.
Diao: Please don't say ominous things like that.
Woman: But you need to be prepared for it.
When I was young, I lost my husband in a war.
Diao: Your husband, Granny?
Woman: Yes. He had no relatives, so I've ended up living my life alone.
I somehow managed to eke out a living with these breasts I take such pride in.
Diao: You don't need to show me!
Woman: You don't have the beautiful breasts I do. How are you going to live on your own?
Diao: ..................
I'll be all right.
I'll make it somehow.

Page 212:
Diao: Because I live in that Heibei Village alone.
Guy: Oooh! This looks like a good one!
Diao: The people there are all killers and thieves. Violence runs rampant in that hell-hole village.
Woman: Nooooo!
Guy: Here.
Diao: I earn small change by tattling to them about passerbys.
I'm a lowlife bastard no different from the rest of them.

Page 213:
Diao: But...
Even if I try to make this village seem nice, I can't live here.
When things get bad, I go to grandpa's grave.
And I remember his dying words.
Grandpa! Don't die!
You can't die!
I'll be all alone!
Guy: Diao, we are of a tribe called Xiaowu~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Diao: Grandpa tried to talk about a lot of things before he died, but I couldn't hear it.
I was unbearably afraid.
Because even at 5 years old, I knew I would die if I were left alone.

Page 214:
Guy: Don't die, Diao!!
Diao: Everything from there on, I remember well.
Guy: Even if you have to squirm, struggle, and crawl, survive.
Guy: Do whatever you can. Do whatever you can think of.
If being a woman is a disadvantage, become a man.
If you have no strength, use your head.
Bet everything and do whatever it takes to survive!!

Page 215:
Guy: If you do that, I'm sure something good will eventually happen.
SFX: NIKO (Grin)
Diao: That was the first and last time I saw Grandpa smile.
Diao: After that, I worked furiously to live!! ["live" big.]
Even if the guys in the village were scoundrels, they always knew how to make a living.
I stole all of their knowledge.
I met a former government official, so I was taught writing and history in exchange for making him food.
I did every last thing I could do that seemed to serve a purpose in order to survive.

Page 216:
Diao: But..
Diao: What're you doing?! You said there'd be no killing!
Guy: Shut up, brat! ["brat" big.]
Guy: Ooh.
You dropped some change. I think I'll just...
Diao: Give that back, you bastaaard!!
SFX: GABUH (Chomp)

Page 217:
Guy: Bastard!
Diao: !!
Guy: I'll kill you, dammit!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Guy: The next time you look down on me like that, you'll be at the bottom of a river.
Diao: Uh......
Like I'd thought, they were really tough days.
Every day, I'd tell myself the same thing.
Box: Someday, something good is sure to happen.

Page 218:
Diao: And then one day, someone incredible appeared!!
Diao: It was amazing. Someone just a little older than me beat up all the tough guys in the village.
Diao: It was my first time seeing that kind of terrible "power", but I didn't hate it.
My situation told me that this guy was writhing in agony.

Page 219:
Diao: That's Xin.
And a little after that, I met Zheng, too.
Then the whole situation expanded pretty quickly,
Yeah. It sure developed fast.
In Bubble: Kukuku
Diao: That Xin's a real idiot. No matter how strong the opponent in, he lunges in head first.
It wouldn't have been surprising if he'd been killed by Zhuxiong, Muta, Zuoci, or Lankai.
That guy won't die even if he's killed~~
After talking about that, I feel better!
Granny, come over my place tonight. I'll make you a fea...
She's asleep!
In Bubble: And her breasts are hanging out.
Woman: Oh?
Who the hell are you.
Diao: Diao from next door!
Bottom: Kingdom (5) (End)

Page 220:
TItle: Diao Extra Story 2!
We're really pushing Diao this time!
Diao: Xin! I came up with a special technique, so bring me to the battlefield with you!
Xin: Special technique?
Interestin'. If you can beat me, I'll bring you.
Handwritten: NYAAA (Grin)
Diao: Okay.
Here we go.
Replication technique-----!!
Diao: HAH
Xin: ............
SFX: PIKU PIKU (Twitching)
Diao: Replication Technique-----!!
Handwritten: GYAAAA!
Diao: How's that Xin-----
Handwritten: See you next time!

Page 221:
Hara: Hello. This is Hara.
Thank you so much for purchasing Kingdom volume 5!!
Man. The King's Younger Brother Rebellion Arc. After 5 volumes, it's finally over.
Handwritten: Wahoo! We won!
Hara: As a preliminary prediction, this arc was supposed to end half way through volume 2. It looks like ol' Hara isn't too good at estimating story lengths.
But. Thanks to that we have a sudden increase of characters full of life!!
So it turned out all right!
When writing out the first arc, there was some feeling of accomplishment in it,
but really, only the prologue has ended. The real deal is just starting.
I hope you'll all continue to support Kingdom!!

By the way, a few days ago the assistants and I kicked around a soccer ball in the park for around 30 minutes.
Before that, we would play indoor soccer and tennis weekly.
But when serialization began, we really lost time for exercise.
In this 1st year, I really never had a single time to play sports.
I wasn't happy about that. The cherry blossoms were blooming and all... So
we kicked around a soccer ball during out manuscript meeting.
The next day, I had muscular pain in my right shoulder for some reason. They kinda hurt, really.
It hurt so bad I couldn't use my right hand and there was a ton of manuscript pages left.
I tried to do under-sketches with my left hand.
Handwritten: HURU HURU
Hara: It was bad, because I was in a hurry, so I took some painkillers that night. And put on some pain-relief patches.
And the next day I was all better! Somehow I was able to finish the manuscript on time.
...But why is it my shoulder hurt from kicking a ball?
Even I laughed about that.

Everyone, please be extremely careful about doing sudden exercise, too!! (Haha)
Signature: Hara Yasuhisa

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