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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128


Army Formation

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 20, 2013 00:41 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 53

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Okay, let's keep it going!

[Kingdom 53 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 2:
Kingdom -------- 6
Chapter 53 Army Formation --- 5
Chapter 54 Five People One Body --- 23
Chapter 55 Wu Battle --- 41
Chapter 56 Chariot Corps --- 59
Chapter 57 Qiang Lei's Defensive Wall --- 77
Chapter 58 One-on-One --- 95
Chapter 59 Sense of Smell --- 103
Chapter 60 Mounted Unit Surge --- 131
Chapter 61 Honor and Reward --- 149
Chapter 62 Closing In --- 167
Chapter 63 Miracle --- 187
Bottom: ★This is a world of fiction. There is no connection to any actual people, organizations, or events.

Page 3:
Top: Character Introductions
Xin's Friend. He became Ying Zheng's body double, but was killed by an assassin.
Arrow Between Xin and Piao: Close Friends
A war orphan boy. He seeks to win renown and become "Greatest general under the heavens" on his own skill.
He Liao Diao
Descendant of the Mountain People. A child with no relatives and has lived through tumultuous times on her own. She is currently living with Xin.
Thousand Man General of the Qin Army as well as aide to Changwenjun. He has sworn absolute loyalty to Ying Zheng.
Ying Zheng
The young king of Qin. Now that the rebellion started by his younger brother from a different mother has been suppressed, he seeks to unite all of China.
Fu Hushen
Thousand Man General of the State of Qin. A daring and resolute man that always fights in the lead of mounted unit battles.
Left: State of Qin Army
Wei Dao
Wei Ping
Brothers that come from the same village as Xin, Chenghu. On their way to the battlefield they ran into Xin and they joined the same Wu.
Qiang Lei
A mysterious boy about which nothing is known except for his name. A memeber of the same Wu as Xin.
Ze Gui
Chief of the Wu Xin joined. He seems unreliable at a glance and his Wu is called the "weakest Wu".
Biao Gong
Qin's General. A rarely-seen clever fighter even for Qin. Though he may coldheartedly sacrifice foot soldiers, he will lead his allies to victory.

Side: State of Wei Army
Gong Yuan
General Wu Qing's Vice General.
Wu Qing
General of Wei. Was once chief house guest of one of the Four Juns of the Warring States, Xinlingjun, and has great talent for war.

Page 4:
Top: Summary Up to Last Volume
The time period is before the common era----- The state of Qin in Western China during a 500 year long great war. Two boys living lives close to that of slaves, Xin and Piao, strove to fight sword battles day and night in order to distinguish themselves in war and raise their names.
One day, Piao was judged to look identical to the king and was employed at the royal palace. Piao became the king's body double, but then the king's brother Chengjiao launched a coup d'etat. And Piao was killed by an assassin just a month after he became a government official......
Xin resented the king for switching places with Piao. But in order to honor Piao's dying wish, Xin decided to travel together with the King of Qin, Ying Zheng, and with the help of the Mountain People, they were finally able to take back the throne from Chengjiao and suppress the rebellion.
Three months after the rebellion was suppressed, Ying Zheng is having the Qin Army invade the neighboring State of Wei as a first step in uniting China. Among that invading force is Xin, whom is in the campaign as a foot soldier in order to fulfill his ambition, as well as his promise with Piao, to become a Great General. Qin and Wei, the great army forces of these two states are now truly clashing on the Shegan Plain----!

Page 5:
Title: Chapter 53 Army Formation

Page 6:
Title: Chapter 53 Army Formation

Page 7:
Fu: 4th Army, line up!
I am Thousand Man General Fu Hushen!!
The organizing of troops will now begin!! All Wu, form a line!!
What're you standing around for?!! Can't you just form a simple line, you scum?!!
Ping: Wh... What's going on...? We're not sieging a castle...?
Fu: The war's already started!!
Xin: ....................

Page 8:
Guy: Please wait, Thousand Man General!
Our union point is set to be Yashui, though I am hearing nothing but different reports here at the Shegan Plain!! The Qin Army was planning to attack Rongyang Castle!! Why has this situation arisen?!!
Fu: There is no need for the likes of foot soldiers to know the entirety of the scenario!!
All you need to do is obey the orders of your superior officers!!
Guy: B... But we have no idea what's going on...
Fu: Don't talk back to your superior officers, bastard!
Guys: !!

Page 9:
Bi: Don't meaninglessly wound our men.
These are our precious soldiers that are going to be risking their lives for us on the front lines.
Bi: In this hectic and changing progression of war, we should explain the situation even to foot soldiers.
Ping: That's the Thousand Man General from before.
Xin: Bi...
Fu: Don't interfere, newcomer!
Bi: My experience is irrelevant!
Let us discuss things openly as fellow Thousand Man Generals.
Fu: Whaat?!

Page 10:
Guy: Don't get so heated, you two.
It's disgraceful to do that in front of the soldiers.
Fu: Shut your trap, Shang Lu.
I'm talking with him right now! ["Him" in italics.]
Shang: I'm afraid I can't do that.
This guy's a childhood friend of mine. And we can both hear what you're saying anyhow.
Fu: Hey.
If you screw around, I'm gonna
kill the both of you.
Guy: Ohoooooh.
Thousand Man General Fu Hushen is so~~ scary.
Bi: ....................

Page 11:
Bi: The Wei Army attacked us from Rongyang when we were unguarded!
In response to that, we have moved our main army from Yashui to the Shegan Plain!
Both armies confronted each other and started to battle yesterday!
The 3rd, 5th, and 6th armies have yet to arrive at the plain, so our army is at a numerical disadvantage!
Top Left: Wei Army 1
Top Right: Wei Army 3
Top Middle: Wei Army 2
Right: 1st Army
Below that: 5th Army
Center: 2nd Army
Left: 4th Army
Lower Right: 6th Army
Bottom: Yashui
Bottom Left: 3rd Army
Bi: And because the Wei Army arrived on top of that hill before us by a small amount of time, they have created a battle formation on top of it, giving us a terrain disadvantage as well.
To gain victory in a battle on a plain, capturing hills is vital!
As you can see in front of you, the 2nd army is currently fighting with the goal of capturing the hill, but it's a hard battle!!
In just one day, we've lost half our manpower. And we are now awaiting reinforcements!!

Page 12:
Bi: Gentlemen, after the formation of the 4th Army is complete, you will be aiding the 2nd Army and forcing back the Wei Army!!
We absolutely must capture that hill!!
That is the situation in its entirety!!
In other words, this is already a battlefield!! If you understand that, drop your bags where you stand!!
Guys: !!
Bi: All right!!
With the dropping of your bags, reform yourselves!!

Page 13:
Bi: The soldiers of the great State of Qin are brave men feared by all of China!
Do not be reluctant to spill blood!! Do not be reluctant to kill!!
Foot soldiers of the glorious State of Qin, as long as strength remains in your bodies, cut, cut, cut them all down!!
Paint the plain red with the blood of Wei soldiers! Gentleman, I wish you all the fortunes of war!!
Ping: That guy seems like a pretty good Thousand Man General.
Fu: .....................

Page 14:
Guy: In the little stretch of time i haven't seen you, you sure have changed.
Guy: So I'm guessing those rumors were true, eh?
About the king's younger brother's rebellion......
Suppressing it gave you some confidence, eh, Bi?
Bi: It's quite the opposite.
Guy: ?
Bi: That battle----
What hurt more than anything else was feeling my own powerlessness.......

Page 15:
Bi: The primary reasons the rebellion was quashed were the king's ability to take action,
the overwhelming military might of the Mountain People,
and one servant boy's strenuous efforts-----
How can we retainers directly under the king be this powerless?
We, who must support the king in his fight against L釚Shi and in his goal to conquer China!
We must climb to further heights!! We must gain more strength!!
Lord and I talked over it for quite a long time, and resolved ourselves.
Lord will reach the pinnacle of the civil officers, Chancellor!
And I will will reach the pinnacle of military officers,
Great General!!

Page 16:
Guys: The army formation will now begin!!
All those besides the Wu Chiefs, sit!!
Everyone before this point, move forward!
Guy: Thousand Man General, forward!

Page 17:
Guy: Glad to be working with you.
Guys: Yes, sir!
Guy: All right. Wu members, come on as well!
Next! Everyone up to here, forward!
Dao: I see...
Thousand Man General, forward!
Ping: So that means we'll~~~~~
be around here............
Signs: Fu Hushen
Dao: Please let us be with Thousand Man General Bi~~~~

Page 18:
Guys: Next, everyone up to this point! Forward!
Thousand Man General, Forward!
Guys:That scary Thousand Man General is next!
Guy: All up to this point!!
Guys: All right!
Guy: Wait.
You're short one group.

Page 19:
Guy: Excuse me,
everyone up to this point, forward!
Guy: Hey. You guys better prepare yourselves.
Xin: Ah. You're the guys from before.
Guy: Fu Hushen is a mad general that loves suicide attacks.
A huge number of people in that guy's unit die every time.
Being the weakest Wu, you guys are gonna be crushed.
Course, everyone in our Wu is strong, so we'll have an easy time of it.
Bi: Xin......

Page 20-21:
Guy: 10 rows of Wu form a Zhu! 2 Zhu form a Bo! And 2 Bo form a Qu!
5 Qu of 200 men each, get in formation!!
Fu: 4th Army, Fu Hushen Unit, line up!!!

Page 22:
Ping: Th... The front row, too......?

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