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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)


Honor and Reward

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 23, 2013 22:16 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 61

Only for use by Vendetta Scans

Okay, I've got... like 2 chapters left in this volume. I'll try to get them done today.

[Kingdom 61 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 149:
Title: Chapter 61 Honor and Reward
Xin: You.............

Page 150:
Title: Chapter 61 Honor and Reward

Page 151:
Ze: Mr. Wei Ping, hurry, get up!!
If we don't hurry, you'll be left among the enemy!
Xin: It's okay! I'll cut our way through!
Dao: Xin!
Ze: Young Xin!
Xin: Qiang Lei......
I thought you were just a pretty sharp little runt, but it looks like you know how to handle a sword pretty damn well, too...
Bastard. Hiding all this from us...

Page 152:
Xin: Well, whatever! Now I don't need to worry about the back of the group and I can focus on the front!!
Let's catch up to our Thousand Man General!!
Don't trip up again, Wei Ping!
Wei: R-
Fu: HN!!
Guys: Lord Wei Hushen, you've going too far ahead!!
We're starting to leave the others behind!!

Page 153:
Horse: BIHII
Guys: All right! Kill 'em dead!
Guy: This is bad!! The mounted soldiers are breaking away!
You've gotta be shitting me! If the mounted soldiers disappear, we're done for!
Shit! The path is getting narrow!

Page 154:
Guy: GUAH!
Guy: Xie?!!
Pei: Don't stop!
Guy: ....................
Fu Hushen, that crazy bastard!
This whole charge was reckless from the start!
Fu: What's wrong, Wei soldiers?
Is that all?

Page 155:
Fu: I'll give whatever it takes to win!
Bi: Don't draw back!
Now that the mounted units are gathering, this is the focal point of the war!!
Falling without defeating the enemy cannot be allowed!!
Guy: Don't be so harsh, Bi. This is 40,000 VS 4,000 we're talking about!
Unless we think a little about retreating, we're gonna get wiped out!
Bi: Retreating?!
What will it mean if we retreat at this point?!
We've already lost 30,000 soldiers.

Page 156:
Bi: We must win or we'll have nothing!!
Flag: Wei
Guy: Our chariot corps have returned and Qin's mounted units have gathered.
Our view is being obstructed by the sand clouds, but the fight between the main forces seems to be even.
But what's most important is the numerical difference between foot soldiers.
Whatever happens here, the state of the war will not change.
Wu Qing's and Biao Gong's ideas of what a clever strategy is are totally different.

Page 157:
Gong: With Lord Wu Qing's actions of attacking Wang Castle and then launching an attack from Rongyang, he's constructed a sensible strategy.
It's a strategy of "attacking one's enemy when they're unguarded" that fascinated his former lord Xinlingjun.
But to Biao Gong's idea to start the war before all of his armies had arrived, is just a somewhat strange action.
A strange action that holds no deep strategy holds no true power.
The difference in strength between the two generals is too great.
The outcome of this war was determined before it began.
Before long, the Qin soldiers will die and this sand cloud will die down.

Page 158:

Page 159:
Guys: W......
We made it through...
Now that we're standing right below it like this sure, I realize it sure is huge.
Fu: There are garrisons on the mountainside.
They haven't realized we're here!!

Page 160:
Fu: How many men are left?
Guy: About 40...
Fu: ..........I see.
Xin: Hang on a second.
Add 6 to that, we've got about 46 people.
Guys: ah!! You guys survived?!!

Page 161:
Fu: ........................
Fu: We'll now run up this hill and attack Vice General Gong Yuan!
Know well that this battle will be linked directly to the Qin Army's victory itself!
Ping: I don't care what you say, nobody's got enough strength left to run up this hill...
We were running for six days straight and then went straight into fighting for nearly half a day...
And I'm aware that you all no longer have any spare strength left!
Guys: !!
Fu: But I will not tolerate dependency!
Those who do not come to the peak will be later cut down by me personally!

Page 162:
Fu: But those who do come to the peak will be given the honor of being the most commendable people in this battle.
As well as a reward!
The ones camped at the peak of this hill are Wei's top-class military officers.
And given the current state of the battle, the value of taking their heads is exceedingly high.
I promise 10 times the normal reward!!
Xin: 10 times?!!

Page 163:
Dao: Big Brother, we could become heroes of the village!
Ping: Yeah. Now I kinda feel like I we've gotta do it.
Fu: Hey, kid.
Xin: ?
Fu: Leave your Wu and come into the vanguard.
Even if it's just one more, now's a time where we need horses.
Guys: ....................
Xin: All righ-
but then Mr. Ze and the others will be...

Page 164:
Ping: Don't start worrying about us at a time like this.
Ze: We're well aware you're beyond the scope of this Wu, Young Xin.
Ping: You're gonna be the greatest general under the heavens, right?
Go render a bigger achievement than anyone else, Xin!
Xin: ....................
SFX: KOKU... (Nod)
Xin: Qiang Lei! Take care of these three!
Qiang Lei!!

Page 165:
Fu: The sand clouds are thicker than I thought.
If we can can use the undulations of the clouds well enough, they won't notice us until we're extremely close by.
We don't need to move quickly until we're half way up the hill. Move at the pace of the foot soldiers.
Tell everyone to hide their presence thoroughly.
Xin: ....................
I see. So a general needs to be more than just physically strong.
Man, I'm beat in that category............
Guy: Hey, you! Don't move to the front!

Page 166:
Fu: Kid.
Do you want big achievements?
Xin: Of course.
Fu: Then keep cutting through without ever turning back.
Fu Hushen Unit, sortie!

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