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+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 24, 2013 03:31 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 63

Only for use by Vendetta Scans

Thus concludes volume 6! I've now gotta go do a couple other things and I'll get started on V7 in a day or two.

[Kingdom 63 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 187:
Title: Chapter 63 Miracle

Page 188:
Xin: uOOOOO!
Guy: What? That mounted soldier...
It's a boy?
Gong: ....................

Page 189:
Huang: How pitiful. Is Qin that short on men?
But an enemy is an enemy. I'll shoot them dead with all my power!
Guy: Kuh. Here it comes, kid!!

Page 190:
Guy: !?
Huang: What?!
He saw
my arrow?!

Page 191:
Guy: ............Was it a fluke?
Of course it was! A brat like that could never see Lord Huang Lixian's arrow that well!
Huang: ....................
When it comes to talents in war, age does not matter!
He can see my arrows.
But once the distance between us shrinks enough, it will feel to him like the arrow is going at twice the speed!
So will you still be able to block it like that?!
Xin: He'll be able to shoot another two times by the time I get to him.
Xin: If I can avoid those two shots, it'll be my victory!!

Page 192:
Huang: Impossible.........
Fu: ....................
Guy: It............
wasn't a fluke?!
O.... Oh no!
All bowman, fire at once!!

Page 193:
Huang: Wait!
He's my prey.
You all, shoot the other mounted soldiers.
Guys: Y...
Yes sir!
Guy: Eliminate the enemy mounted soldiers!!
Xin: The last shot.
Just as I thought, I won't be able to see it completely at this range.
But as long as he misses my vital spots, my sword will reach him!!
Guy: Don't think badly of me, kid......

Page 194:
Huang: The one to win will be me!
Xin: Wha?!!
Guy: Now I can shoot many more.
And at this range!
So, kid, will you be able to hold out against another three?
Gong: This odd feeling...
Why have enemy mounted soldiers gotten this close to begin with...?

Page 195:
Gong: What caused it?
Did I perhaps overlook something?
Xin: !?
Xin: You!!
Xin: OOoo
Guy: Wha...?

Page 196:
Guys: Wha...?
What are these guys?!!

Page 197:
Guys: Oh no!!
Lord Gong Yuan, we must evacuate!!
Lord Gong Yuan!!

Page 198:
Fu: I cannot understand what is currently going through your head.
Gong: !!

Page 199:
Fu: That head of yours that thinks sitting around and scheming up strategies is all that war is.
Xin: !!
All right!

Page 200:
Xin: Sorry, I pushed you too hard.
But it's thanks to you that I made it here.
It was your strength that drove it even further after it was already at the verge of death.
Mustering a desperate effort for the sake of its master.
Fu: That is what a good war horse is.
Fu: If you've become the master of that sort of horse,
see it off not with sadness, but with pride.

Page 201:
Gong: I see. By a string of miracles, you managed to reach this place, have you...?
Miracles are good fortune that descend on the powerless.
Having relied on such things, what do you have to be proud of?
Because you've fought this war relying so much on luck, tens of thousands of soldiers have died meaningless deaths, you fools.
Xin: You bastard!
Fu: They were not meaningless deaths.

Page 202:
Fu: I crossed the bridge of their corpses to reach this place!
Gong: Hmph.
Those who bring heart-warming tales of their comrades' sacrifices into battle are the type that disgust me more than any other!
Guys: Lord Gong Yuan!!
Gong: Unit captain of the State of Qin, albeit a miracle, the fact that you are here is the truth.
But what do you hope to accomplish from it?
Unless you defeat me and capture this hill, there will be no change in the state of this battle. In the end, being unable to do that, yours will simply be...

Page 203:
Gong: a meaningless death!!
Xin: Thousand Man Generaaaal!!
Gong: Did you think I was merely a strategist?
Long ago, I fought alongside Lord Wu Qing, devastating the front lines as a warrior, you fool!

Page 204:
Fu: Kukuku. I'm astounded to hear you're a warrior!
To actually go out of your way to stab me, a corpse that's already even lost its eyesight.
Gong: !?
Fu: So, what do you think now, Gong Yuan? Is my power a mere miracle?
If that's what you believe, your lot will never defeat Lord Biao Gong!
Vice General of Wei, Gong Yuan,

Page 205:
Fu: I've beaten you!!
Bottom: Kingdom (6) (End)

Page 206:
Hara: Hello, this is Hara. Everyone, thank you so much for purchasing Kingdom volume 6!!!

Man, my duodenum!
My first even stomach camera was really tough.
It made me wonder if that was what torture is like...

And something even more shocking, is something called neutral fat.
It was a real surprise to me because I was always a perfectly healthy child. Everyone, do remember it's not a good idea to be sedentary!
I heard on the radio that "doing three squats before meals is effective". I can do that! Here goes!!
Bubble: Hara
Side: I thought this was it.
Title: End of Volume Extra
SFX: JIWA (Wince)
SFX: PORORI... (Drip)
Diao: I didn't have any screen time in this volume!!
Handwritten: He Liao Cannon
Xin: Huh?
Handwritten: He Liao Cannon
Diao: In that case, I'll take this volume's volume ending extra, too!

Page 207:
Bajiou: He says wait. We did not appear either.
Diao: Ah, the captains!
You guys are fine, ain'cha? Since you guys are all living it up as a group.
But me, I'm all alone... So I'm gonna use the end of the volume to show everyone how I spent my days alone.
Bajiou: He says he understands.
Diao: Wait, there aren't any pages left now!
Lankai? You're blocking me! Get out of the waaay!
Lan: Moh?
[Then's all the staff stuff which you can leave or use from last volume or whatever I don't care.]

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