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+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Mar 27, 2013 02:12 | Go to KINGDOM

-> RTS Page for KINGDOM 65

Only for use by Vendetta Scans

Ooh. Wang Qi arrives.

[Kingdom 65 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 23:
Text: Xin, Fu Hushen, and his subordinates.
Wu Chief Ze and the foot soldiers trying to reach the peak.
Pursuing Defensive Army of about 2,000.
Wei Great General Wu Qing's Main Army approaching the hill, about 50,000.
Center: The Hill that Wei Vice General Gong Yuan was camped on.
Bottom: Bi, Shang Lu, and the Qin 1st, 2nd, and 4th Armies' mounted units in battle with the Gong Yuan Army.
Side: General Wang Qi
Title: Chapter 65 Intruder

Page 24:
Wang: Nhuhuhu
He has as crude a fighting style as ever,
Biao Gong...
In bubble: KOKOKOKO

Page 25:
Flags: Wei

Page 26:
Flags: Wei
Guy: I don't believe that he'd move all of his armies...
Does he intend to move his headquarters to this mountain...?
Guy: To be approaching this place... Damn, how far ahead did that bastard think?
Xin: Where all those big flags are.......
That's Wei's Great General...?!
Guy: Yeah, that's right, kid.

Page 27:
Guy: That's the Great General of Wei, Wu Qing!
Xin: Wei's Great General!!
Great General!!

Page 28:
Xin: I wanna fight that guy!!
If we had a Thousand Man Unit here, we could plunge into that army!!
Gong: Ku...ku...ku.
You no longer... have any chance... of escape...
Not only you,
but now that Lord Wu Qing has moved... Every last Qin soldier...
will be slaughtered...
just like at Wan Castle. Ku......Ku...
Now face your deaths, intruders that have dirtied the land of Wei...
Handwritten: Hu...

Page 29:
Guys: GYAH!
Guy: Shit, it's no good!
Not only are we struggling against the chariots, their foot soldiers have incredible numbers!
At this rate, we won't even get close to the foot of the mountain!
Eih! Don't falter! This is Lord Biao Gong's direct order!
Unless we take that hill, we cannot be victorious!!

Page 30:
Shang: Oh, geez.
Something huge is happening on the front line.
Bi! We're gonna have to go!
Otherwise it'd be violating orders.
Bi: Wait, Shang Lu!
Shang: ?
Bi: The General Wang Qi has appeared... ["The" in italics.]
Something is going on!!

Page 31:
Wang: That hill over there certainly seems like it will have a good view.
Don't you think, Teng?
Teng: Yes, my lord! Undoubtedly!
But my lord, it is a crime to join a battle without expressed permission.
Unfortunately, this is the furthest we are able to set foot.
Wang: Who said anything about joining a battle?
I simply thought I'd like to climb that hill.
Though I'll be removing anyone who might be in my way.
Teng: Brilliant, my lord.
A perfect excuse.

Page 32-33:
Wang: Now then...
Guys: !?
A mounted unit?
Incredible! They're running down the side of that steep cliff?!! Which mounted unit is that?!
Bi: It's General Wang Qi and his private army.

Page 34:
Shang: D-Did you say General Wang Qi!?
That's insane! He was supposed to have retired years ago!
General Wang Qi!!
Shang: I see...... So he's returned to the battlefield once again, has he?

Page 35:
Shang: "The Demon Bird of Qin"!!!
Guys: HIIH
Bi: Bi Unit!! Push at full force to follow the friendly troops that just broke through the enemy!!
Shang: The Shang Lu Unit as well! Let's go!!

Page 36:
Guy: Not only the general, but these soldiers...
Shang: I'd heard the rumors, but I can't believe that the Wang Qi Army is this strong...
Bi: ........................

Page 37:
Bi: No.
Before, when Piao was disguised as the king and we fought Wang Qi
he didn't have this level of "ferocity".
Back then Wang Qi fought against my lord amongst an enemy army... But now...
It's just as my lord said...
It is when the general takes the lead that the Wang Qi army's soldiers truly turn into demons!!

Page 38:
Guys: Lord Fu Hushen, we're going down the hill by the side opposite the Wu Qing Army.
We'll meet the defensive army on the way down, but we'll try to make it through.
Fu: You idiots, leave me...
Guy: We can't leave you in a place where the enemy is coming!
if you're going to die, do so on our shoulders.
Fu: ....................
Xin: ....................

Page 39:
Xin: I'll give you a shoulder...
Guy: You, take this.
Xin: This is...
the Vice General's head...?
Guy: ..........That's right.
That's the military gain the Fu Hushen Unit made!
No matter what happens, bring it back to the Qin Army camp! Failure will not be tolerated!!
Xin: Why me?
Guy: It is Lord Fu Hushen's order. We have no objections either!
Xin: Got it!!
All right, let's all make a quick descent! Going down'll be way easier than the trip going up!!
Wang: Oooh? Leaving alreadyyy?
Xin: !?

Page 40:
Wang Qi: But things were finally getting interesting...
Xin: !!?

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