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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Gintama 440

Affection, Heartache, Manliness and Femininity

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 7, 2013 17:39 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 440

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Oh yeah, I forgot to post this here.

[Gintama 440 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Jyuu: So what do you think, Ginko-san?
Top Insert: ☆Everyone's genders are reversed, but... this really is Gintama.
Right Insert: ☆On the Bandai Channel you can read "Gintama" chapter 1 to 99!! Chapters beyond 99 are planned to be distributed, too!
The details are here http://www.b-ch.com/
Title: 「Gintama」
Jyuu: We've managed to disable nearly 20 surveillance cameras,
but it looks like there are far more than we imagined... If they're all across Kabuki-Chou, then we can't even guess how many there are.
To be honest...... I don't know if we can dispose of them all.
Kondou: Unless we disable their surveillance, we won't even be able to start searching for the organization's stronghold. Our only choice is to make slow and steady progress, darling. ["darling" big/bold.]
Jyuu: Who are you calling darling?!
Kondou: We're a stalkouple that're chasing after the same person, aren't we? I thought we could work well together!
Jyuu: Like hell we can!! If you touch me again, I'll cut you where you stand!
Gin: Enough already.
Guys: ?
Gin: That matter is already over with.

Page 2:
Shin: What do you mean, already over with?
Gin: Just as I said,
this city
Gin: no longer has
a single surveillance camera left in it.
Sarutobi: While you people were squealing up a storm after turning into women,
we took care of them all.

Page 3:
Sarutobi: Us
Middle Insert: ☆SHEEEEN!!
Left Insert: ☆Sorachi-sensei is in charge of the cover illustration for Shuueisha Bunko "Sanshirou"?!! Be sure to check out the beautiful drawing that made the Jump editorial department say "Eh? Who did you say drew this?"!!
☆The pre-sale tickets for the 2nd "Gintama" movie are incredibly powerful!! Details at http://www.gintama-movie.com
Author: Sorachi Hideaki
Title: Lesson 440 Affection, Heartache, Manliness and Femininity
Box: Sarutobi Ayao
Shin: Th-The surveillance cameraaaas!!
Wha... HUUUUH?!! Who is thaaaat?! That bespectacled character that's stealing all my thunder?!!
Shin: Some loud display like this gonna make them catch on...
Tsukuyo: No need to worry.
Shin: !!

Page 4:
Tsuku: If you don't want to be expose, then it's not only the eyes of the camera you need to avoid.
It's their ears, mouths, hands, and feet as well.
We must crush them all at once.
So that group hiding out in a cave
will no longer have any means of getting information from the outside world.
Box: Yoshiwara Vigilante Group
Hyakka [Male symbol]
Tsuku: After that, all we need do is wait
for that breathless head to come out of the hole for air.
Box: Tsukuo [Male]

Page 5:
Tsuku: I have no need for cowardly men.
If there are any real men among you, come with me.
Guys: What?!!
All of the surveillance cameras were destroyed?!
They were all destroyed in single attacks coming from blind spots... Not a single one recorded the criminal in the act.
And at the same time, we lost all contact from the members out on patrol.
Th... This can't be! How could the surveillance cameras be destroyed at the same time the ones out side were captured...?
Regardless, we cannot simply abandon them!!
Wait!! We were given orders from the archbishop not to leave our post under any circumstances!
This is an emergency situation!! It is not the time to be concerned about...

Page 6:
Guys: Wha...?
Rest easy, my friends.
We are fellow disciples of Dekobokkoism.
Guys: Our men are manly, our women are womenly,
and we have entered this fight in order to protect Dekobokkoism's sole doctrine.
We are the men
of this planet.

Page 7:
Guys: Y... You heatheeens!!
Guys: Let's gooo!!
Make them regret
ever turning us into men!!
Gin: ............Umm... Uh?
What is with those boys?
Well, they were pretty mannish women to begin with, but......
Guys: They're way too good!!
They're way more manly than we were when we were men!!

Page 8:
Gin: They're fixing all of this so fast it's making that inefficiency before feel like a dream!!
They've got this so covered we're not even going to be given a chance to appear!!
Hijikata: GUH!! Like hell we're gonna get beaten by the girls!! Get moving!!
Mansengumi, head out!!
Hiji: I'll guard this spot with me life.
Leave the rest of this up to me. You guys go on ahead.
Guys: The rest of whaaaaaat?!!

Page 9:
Shin: Who the hell are you trying to fool?! Your fat is just stuck in a manhole, get outta there!!
Hiji: I... I'm done for. I know my own body better than anyone. Forget about me, go.
Guys: No you don't! It's because you don't that you got stuck there in the first place! All you're saying is you can't move!
Please calm down, Hijikta-san. I'll help you out, okay? Give it a good HIHI HUU, okay? Together, now. HIHHIH HUUU ["HIHI HUU" In bold Kagura font.]
Hiji: Nobody here is pregnant you goddamn moron!!
Guys: I... Incredible......!!
They caught the whole lot of them in a matter of minutes...
It's truly unbelievable. Truly work that would put men to shame, everyone.
Jyuu: Mm. It's all thanks to the help you provided, Ayao-dono, Tsukuo-dono.
Tsuku: If you want to thank someone, then thank this guy for inviting the Hyakka to a short course of ninja training.
Sarutobi: I truly wonder what would have happened had we not come to this city.
Kagura: Perhaps that is what they call a star of fate...? Heroes are guided by that light to places where they need to shine.
Cao Cao, it's all thanks to you.
Somebody: Kagura-chan, we're underground right now.

Page 10:
Someone: Given how things have gone, we shouldn't have been relying on those idiots in the first place and just formed a female battle formation...
Amazing! You boys sure are something!!
We really wanted to help out, but~~~ we have to act girly right now. Isn't that right, Goriko?
Kon: Yep, sure do! I think the best thing to do right now would be for us to pull back and cheer you on from the sidelines~~ Right, Ginko?
Shin: Um, but I really was s... surprised by how cool you all were back there.
Especially those two ninja. I can't believe how good your skills are!
Kon: I kinda liked that cute guy in the ponytail.
Someone: Who are you calling a cute guy?!
Okita: I kinda liked that pork tail. It looked like it would be really tasty if it were cooked up.
Hiji: Who are you talking about like they're cooked meat?!
Sarutobi: If you've realized how charming I am now, it's too late, Ginko-san.
Gin: Uh, nobody said anything about that.
Sarutobi: To be honest, now that your gender has been switched, I no longer feel any attraction towards you.
How could the Sakata Gintoki turn into such mere pig? ["the" in italics.]
Why would he docilely accept wearing such piggish clothing?
I thought that you weren't that sort of person, man or woman.

Page 11:
Sarutobi: This is what suits you, the clothing of a queen!!
Handwritten: Now quickly, change into it!
Gin: So in the end you're just the same pervert you always were!!
Sarutobi: It would look so good on you now, please! I'll give you 30,000 on top of it!
Gin: I'm not a prostitute!
Shin: HEEEEEEEEY! Even though you're doing the same things, being a man makes it look even more perverse!!
Kagura: By 30,000, do you mean 30,000 reinforcements?
If so, good!!
Someone: No, absolutely not good!!
Tsuku: Would you quit it, Sarutobi?
Even if your insides and outsides are that of a man, it doesn't change the fact that you're a woman.
Flowers have no beauty or ugliness.
If such a thing does exist, then it's the looks of a man that cannot admire both equally.
Hey, who is this guy?! A virgin woman suddenly turned into a player!!

Page 12:
Someone: Don't worry, Ginko. Protecting women is the Hyakka's job. So relax and put your safety in my hands.
Just go into the baths with the customers and you'll earn several times more than where you used to work. It's a great job.
Gin: I'm telling you, I'm not a prostitute!!
Shin: It's like he's turned into a pimp!! Or a creepy talent scout from the city!!
Kagura: By baths, do you mean a soapland?
If so, good!!
Guy: No, seriously, that's not good!!
Huh? Pork?
If so, Toshi!
Hiji: Shut up, you idiots!!
Tae: Huhuh. Everyone seems to be getting quite used to their new genders.
Maybe we would be better off keeping things this way.
Guys: What are you, fucking insane?!!
Tae: Then does everyone think that when they go back to how they were, they could beat these highly skilled men?
Even though you can't do anything, you're saying even with all of their achievements, you're just going to carelessly go back to living as useless men?
Guys: ............!!

Page 13:
Tae: In that case, I think it would be preferable for all of you to stay as women and all try to help out Tsukuo-san.
if you went to work at Yoshiwara, you would probably serve society better.
Hiji: Hey, what exactly do you people think women are?!!
Handwritten: Just leave it to me.
Kondou: I knew it!! All you want is our bodies!!
Hiji: People achievements or whatever don't matter!! We're going to get our old bodies back no matter what!!
Hey, did you find anything?!! There's gotta be a vaccine or something around to turn our bodies back!!
Guy: There doesn't seem to be any such thing here, Vice Captain.
Guys: ..........
Jyuu: That's not all.
That one... The one leading the religious group.
The archbishop is nowhere to be found.
Gin: ...Hey, what do you mean?
Are you saying that this place isn't their base...?
Someone: ---No.

Page 14:
Arch: You can be certain
that that is our base for Dekobokkoism on earth.
destroying our base will not necessarily solve everything for you.
Jyuu: Y-
Person: Unfortunately,
the thing you have been
has not been on that planet for quite some time.
Also, we have been able to see all of what you have been doing
through you, Kyuubee-san.
Jyuu: !!

Page 15:
Jyuu: They bugged me...?!
Could it... have been back then...?!
Person: Put your katana here.
Did I not tell you? God is always watching.
Jyuu: You dastard!! Just what is your goal!!
Person: ----God has
chosen you.
A being like us, one that is neither a woman nor a man... A pure being worthy of being god's apostle...
Yagyuu Kyuubee, the fate of this planet has been entrusted to your hands.
God has been watching. And he has seen
that in these trials you have been more manly than anyone else.
And that you have been ["you" in italics.]
merely female pigs.

Page 16:
Person: Kyuubee-san, you have brilliantly demonstrated the God Dekobokko's teachings and overcome that trial.
In praise to your martyrous spirit, we...
No, God will honor his promise.
Guys: You bastard!! Just what are you intending?!
Someone: A high energy reaction.
What?!! Are they trying to fire the virus cannon again?!
Shoot them down!! Take down the satellite before the cannon can fire!!

Page 17:
Someone: ----Yagyuu Kyuubee
Someone: You are the one most suited
to be the God Dekobokko's apostle.
You must now go forth and guide the people of earth
and level the unbalanced genders
of this planet.
People: ...U...Uuh...
Hey... Hey, look at this!!
My body's back to normal!!
It's truuuuue!! We're back to normaaaal!!
The town has...... returned to its original state.

Page 18:
Person: ---Yes.
Guys: Everyone except us, down here underground.
Narration: with that gender you've grasped hold of.
Gin: HEEEEEEEY! WHat the fuck is this shiiiit!!
Why is it that the ones that actually overcame the trial are the ones that have to stay like thiiiis?!!
Seriously, the God Dekobokko got cocky and fucked up this important procedure!! Do you wanna die, asshole?!!
W... Wait, no I'm just kidding!! That was all a joke, so please, just fire the virus one more time!!
Please, just one more shot...
Intercom: This is an announcement to everyone within the city limits.
Intercom: The man-made attack satellite that was targeting Earth has been successfully destroyed.
So the rule of marital law will now be rescinded----

Page 19:
Jyuu: While I could feel everyone frozen behind me,
I was unable
to look back.
Even while I was fighting together with everyone,
I still felt hesitation.
Should I really go back to how I was?
Or would be staying as a man like this.......... make me happier?
As if to see right through me to that selfish feeling
Person: If you would like, I'll change this world for you.
Jyuu: that person
left me a world that's most convenient for me.
Insert: ☆Unshakable feelings...
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 440
/ End
Next issue, shaken hearts and intersecting feelings!!
In what way will Kyuu Jyuubee live?! ["kyuu" crossed out]

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