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Hito Hitori Futari 43

Chief and Style

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 14, 2013 06:50 | Go to Hito Hitori Futari

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[Hito Hitori Futari 43Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 39:
Title: Life43 Chief and Style
Somebody: Chief!
Prime Minister Kasuga's coming!
Should you really be sleeping like this?!

Page 40:
Title: Life43 Chief and Style
Chief: Geez, pipe down.
The guy decided on his own he was coming here, so we'll just leave him alone.

Page 41:
Guy: Huh? So you were awake...?
I've never heard of a chief that would just ignore the head of a country when he shows up.
Ghief: Ah? Really?
The situation in this place ain't gonna suddenly change or anything. Whether a PM or a president shows up.
Some greenhouse bastard that can't even screw on a nut is just gonna get in the way.
Guy: Everyone knows that.
C'mon, just go.
Chief: Aw well...

Page 42:
Guy: This is our headquarters, the anti-seismic building.
Kasuga: So this is the "spider's web" that is currently just managing to support all of Japan...?

Page 43:
Riyon: Old man, it looks like that place over there is being cleaned up.
It's not too dirty.
Guy: Oh, welcome, welcome.

Page 44:
Chief: I'm the chief, Harada.
I've been greatly anticipating your arrival, Prime Minister.
Guy: Liar.
Kasuga: I'm Kasuga.
Nice to meet you.
Riyon: This guy
he's here giving it all as the boss.
Back: Kan-Electric Chief

Page 45:
Riyon: His Guardian Spirit's strong, too.
It's using its vitality to repel malice.
Chief: By the way, Prime Minister.
Why is it you want to inspect Unit 4?
Kasuga: Isn't it obvious?

Page 46:
Kasuga: Units 1, 2, and 3 won't fall into any worse a state.
But Unit 4 is different.
That thing is currently just barely managing to maintain over 1,500 fuel rods.

Page 47:
Kasuga: If another earthquake comes and blows away Unit 4. It won't just be Fukujima... All of Japan will become unlivable.
It's for that reason
that I want to see it.
That "demon"...
Chief: Just what I'd expect of a Prime Minister.
You're quite well informed on the subject.
But if I could say one thing,
if Unit 4 got out of control,

Page 48:
Chief: the first ones to die
would be the people working here.
Guy: Demon...? The ones who threw tons of money around to make mountains of nuclear power plants all around Japan were you politicians, wasn't it...?
Prime Minister...

Page 49:
Chief: The staff here is working hard while their lives are whittled down by that demon's radiation.
Kasuga: I have no doubt that what you say is true, Chief.

Page 50:
Kasuga: But I want to correct these mistakes and bring back Japan from the wrong path.
That is why I need your power for the sake of this country's future.
Chief: Yes, but
this country's people cannot return to being impoverished.
Chief: Okay, remove the sheet from the cooling pool.
I'll guide the Prime Minister.

Page 51:
Chief: Okay, Prime Minister.
Go ahead.
Kasuga: No, let's walk.
I want to experience the journey there.

Page 52:
Riyon: They're coming.

Page 53:
[Look at all 'dem squiggly lines.]

Page 54:
Guy: This is
Unit 4.
Kasuga: Chief Harada.

Page 55:
Kasuga: Do you know why that even if we get through "Fukushima", the argument over Nuclear Power is still in its infancy in Japan?
Guy: No...
A layman like me wouldn't know.
Kasuga: The reason is
because no one can imagine the idea of dying from radioactivity.

Page 56:
Riyon: Old man,
you're not gonna...

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