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Gintama 441


+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 18, 2013 00:02 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 441

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I forgot to put this up, too.

[Gintama 441 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Right Insert: ☆A usual backdrop?!
Top Insert: ☆At Loppi (Rouson, Ministop) nationwide, presale tickets for limited edition goods for the "Gintama Movie Conclusion Arc" are now on sale!
Details here -> http://l-tike.com/gintama/
☆On the Bandai Channel, you can now read "Gintama" from chapter 1 to 99!!
Chapters beyond 99 are set to come out sequentially!
Details at the Bandai Channel website -> http://www.b-ch.com/
☆On Nico Nico Seiga, the Gintama Jump Comics Yorinuki Free Selection is now available!!
Title: Lesson 441 10-1=
Author: Sorachi Hideaki
Sign: Yagyuu Dojo
Guy: I... Ippon!! The match is over!
Jyuu: ...That was so halfhearted. Do you still call yourself a practicioner of the Yagyuu style?
Are you a man?
All of you, come at me at once. Try to get an ippon off me, Yagyuu Jyuubee!

Page 2:
Guys: GUaaaaaAA
Guy: That cold swordsmanship...
It's as if Kyuubee is an entirely different person.
Speaking of which, Koshinori-sama, the young master... actually does seem to have become a different person.
Those clever feats, it's almost as though she has two swords.
Um, but Binbokusai-sama, she actually has grown another sword between her legs.
Guy: I don't quite understand how, but it seems our Kyuubee has finally been able to grasp the innermost secrets of the Yagyuu Style, Papa.
Binboku: Indeed. Now the future of the Yagyuu Style is secure.
Jou: No, as long as you two are here, nothing will be secure.
Kyuubee: -----Everything is going smoothly.
There are no
problems at all.

Page 3:
Jyuu: As if nothing had happened at all
the world continues to spin.
People: Kyah!
Look, look! That guy!
Jyuu: No, actually
it's spinning even more harmoniously than before.
Guy: He's so good looking!
Handwritten: So cool!
Guys: Hey, dude!
If you want, you can come hand out with us!
Jyuu: S-Sorry. I've actually got other plans.
Tae: Jyuubee-san.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Did I keep you waiting long?
Jyuu: No, I just got here as well...
Tae: Oh, I'm glad.
Girls: What?! He's got a girlfriend~~
Man, what a good looking couple~~

Page 4:
Tae: ...........
Jyuu: A... I'm sorry. It's my fault they misunderstood.
Handwritten: I was in such a hurry...
Tae: No, it's fine.
Jyuu: Far more than when I was a woman...
Shinpachi-kun is going to pupils' houses to give lessons?
Tae: Yes. He's got to get moving in earnest in order to revive the dojo.
So before that, he's going on a journey to gain strength...
Jyuu: I see. Shinpachi-kun... He's maturing quite well, too.
Tae: Yes. Before, he was pulling double duty at the Yorozuya and the dojo,
but now he's concentrating on being a dojo master. He's really getting used to being a leader.
To be honest, he wanted to continue with the Yorozuya in that trio,
but after Ginko-san became like that, both Kagura-chan and Seki Tobaharu...
Kagura: I work for Cao Cao and Cao Cao alone.
If the fates are kind, we may meet again. Farewell.

Page 5:
Jyuu: I see...
So Ginko-san hasn't come back yet, has he?
It seems the Yorozuya has disappeared from Edo.
Kondou: Geez, just where is that guy and what is he doing?
Do you think it's normal to be going out to try to find yourself at that age?
Kon: Sorry for the wai~~t Otae.
Tae: Ah, Goriko.
Kon: Sorry~~~ I was so busy with work it took me forever to get a chance to step out.
Tae: Oh? Is everything going okay?
Kon: Yes, don't worry. Even the police need to take a breather now and then.
Tae: Absolutely. Well, I'm glad your job is going well, Goriko.
Kon: Well, not as good as yours.
Kon: Though to be honest, I never thought we would be so suited to that kind of work.
Hiji: Hey boooys! If you don't stop by, you might get arrested! [Heart]
Sign: Cabarey Club

Page 6:
Guys: You guys are the ones that should be arrested!
What kind of Miniskirpolice are you?! You're just Miniskirpork...
Hiji: Should I teach you what real police are?
We sure as hell wouldn't just socially be eliminating scum like you!
Guy: There! Now that's a real honest play!
Someone: Calm down, Tenko!! A named suspect has just come in!
Hanzou: Looks like we've got some hard-hitting girls here.
Oh, Tenko-chan is really my type.
Kon: It's half way turned into a shop for people attracted to ugly people at this point though.
Even Tenko's getting lots of customers.
Ah...! A procession of courtesans!!
Someone: TH... That's...
Souko Dayuu, head of the "S-ko Club"!!

Page 7:
Someone: Business is doing well, so Souko can support herself and has partnered up with a perversion advisor.
Sarutobi: What are you doing, Souko?! Step harder!!
Someone: She's become Kabuki-Chou's top courtesan.
Even Hinowa-san was impressed she was able to earn that much without even holding someone's hand.
Tsukuyo: Just as I foresaw,
that girl can make money.
Hinowa, we may be witnessing the birth of a courtesan that surpasses even you.
Hinowa: The first step to expanding Kabuki-Chou has been a great success.
Tsukuyo: It won't just here.
Yoshiwara, Kabuki-Chou... and all of the neighborhoods in all of Edo.
The moon will rise every night.
I, the New Yaou, Tsukuo,
will light up the nights of 3,000 realms with a dazzling moonlight.
T/N: Yaou was Housen's title. The 3,000 realms thing is a core idea of Nichiren Buddhism.

Page 8:
Someone: This, too, is all thanks to Tsukuo-san for being so mindful of everything.
Tsuku: Let's go!!
Now that he's expanded the Hyakka to have a branch in Kabuki-Chou,
the day when the Yaou rules over Edo's night is may not be far off.
Jyuu: Is that so? Well, I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well ant any rate.
It was my fault all this happened in the first place... so I was worried.
Kon: What're you talking about? You're a victim, too, aren't you, Jyuubee?
I've been thinking how this whole thing was actually a very nice opportunity.
We've been living our lives without giving an ounce of thought to masculinity or femininity up to this point,
but because our genders have been reversed, we've reexamined ourselves. Is there a me deep down that I never knew about? A new possibility?
Because we were able to discover new selves like that
I can be neither a stalker nor a lover,
but a friend that can sit by Otae's side
and find happiness that way... See?
Tae: ...Goriko.
Oh, you're embarrassing me!
Shin: Ah. So in the end he's still a punching bag.

Page 9:
Kon: Anyhow, it doesn't matter if we're men or women,
we're just going to live the lives we choose that make us happy.
Kon: So don't worry about us,
go ahead and do what you want to do.
Tae: Go... Goriko, these are...
tickets to that popular movie... It must have been hard to get your hands on them.
Kon: What else can I do? Now that I'm like this
you're the only one left that can make Otae happy.
I'll say this though. If you make Otae...
If you make... my friend cry or anything,
I'm definitely gonna arrest you.
Jyuu: This is
the world I wanted.
I thought that everything had gone
exactly as I expected...

Page 10:
Jyuu: I knew the reason I was in such low spirits
was not just... because of the weather.
And I knew that the reason
Jyuu: the tickets I had received were wet
was not just because of the rain.
Tickets: Between a Men and Women
Person: Samurai-san
if you'd like,
I could tell you your fortune.
Jyuu: ...Sorry, but
I'm sick of fortune telling. Try someone else.
Person: So you've made up your mind as whether
to live as a man or a woman?

Page 11:
Person: Yet, why such a long face?
That doesn't look like the face of someone about to go on a date.
Jyuu: !!
I don't know who you are
but I am no man... and certainly no woman, either.
I sowed the seeds of calamity
got everyone else roped into it
and then I accepted that I was just pretending to give up for the sake of my own desires.
And without realizing that, everyone's been worrying about me.
They've been saying they're fine with this situation and they're supporting me.
Don't make her cry...? Is that a joke...?
The one who's been crying... is you, isn't it?
I'm...... not manly or womanly.
I'm just a cowardly low-life bastard.
That's the answer I've come to after all of this.
So I no longer need any fortune telling.

Page 12:
Person: You may not receive the same answer.
You may in fact find that you have gotten lost on an even more confusing path.
I have another ticket here.
Though unfortunately, it is not something that can be used for a date.
It is a ticket to the next planet
set to be the next target for the Dekobokko religion...
Yagyuu Jyuubee-san, I will ask you once again.
Will you choose that ticket and continue to live as a man?
Or choose this ticket and retake your female body?
Jyuu: W... Who in the world... are you?
Person: Either one you choose, you will surely continue to be lost.
But truly, there is nothing wrong with that, is there?
Isn't what you desired not something that simple?
Masculine, feminine,
some values made up by someone is what you sought...
If such things could tidy up the problem,
neither men, women, you

Page 13:
Gin: or I
would lead such painful lives.
We're all the same, Jyuubee.
You're not the only one lost in life.
Manly, womanly,
no one understands those convoluted things.
But there is one thing
we can say for certain.
To just lay down defeated
is not our way.

Page 14:
People: Wh... What was that light?!
KYAAAAA! What is this?!!
The men became women and the women became men!
What's going oooon?!
PErson: Huhhuhhhuh. It seems everything went well.
People of the planet Chris, you must learn your crime of throwing your genders out of order.
Um...... Archbishop,
both the women and the men of this planet are Chris, so in the end they're still all just Chris.
Our satellite may have been destroyed on Earth, but we will not stop.
With this new weapon, we will spread the God Dekobokko's teachings to the ends of the universe.

Page 15:
Someone: Please, hurry. Gain control of the town while it's still in confusion...
Person: What is this?!
Archbishop!! Some of the populace are resisting!!
Arch: What nonsense!
In the confusion of having their genders reversed, there could not possibly be anyone that could get such an immediate grasp of the situation as to launch a counterattack on...
Someone: Yes, there are.
Someone: And the reason for that is
whether they're men or women, it does not matter.
Whether you intend to live in a masculine or feminine way, it doesn't make a hair of difference.
Gin: Because we're
people that live in our own way.

Page 16:
People: Ah...
Kyuu: ..........Tae-chan.
Kyuu: I'm sorry.
Sign: Movie Theater
Kyuu: I...
am no Jyuubee.
I'm neither a man nor a woman.

Page 17:
Kyuu: I am...
I am...
Kyuu: 10 - 1 equals
Yagyuu Kyuubeeeeeeeee!!

Page 18:
Person: Miss.
I've noticed you keep coming here every day.
Are you perhaps waiting for someone?
Tae: .........
Tae: No.
I just came here to get out of the rain.

Page 19:
Tae: But
I'm glad.
The rain...
seems to be stopping.
Guy: ...?
Tae: I wanted to buy an advanced ticket for that movie
but this doesn't
seem like much of a date movie.
Sign: Between a Men and Women
Tae: It seems more like one
that you can have a good laugh with friends at.
Insert: ☆This is the way they live!!
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 441
/ End

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