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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)



+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 28, 2013 00:23 | Go to REAL

-> RTS Page for REAL 69

Only for use by Illuminati-Manga

Oookay, let's get this done...

[Real 69 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 71:
Title: 69th.

Page 72:
Togawa: Maybe A-Camp...
is just low-level...?
If that's the case...
then what'm I wasting my time here for......?!!
Sign: Gymnasium

Page 73:
Narration: Everyone in A-Camp is divided into groups of six,
Guys: "Ging Cobra"
"One-Shot Breakthrough"
"Sanuki Udon".
Togawa: Why is that our name?!
Guy: Well, because I come from Kagawa Prefecture... is that okay?
T/N: Maunten is made up of the kanji for "evil", "cloud", and "heaven". Sanuki Udon is a type of chewy udon noodle and was originally popularized in the Kagawa Prefecture.

Page 74:
Somebody: It's fine.
Handwritten: Eheeeeh.
Narration: then they pick team names,
Togawa: Eh?
Guys: You're seriously good.
And you're cute, too.
Narration: and pick a team captain.
Togawa: ......
Guy: This is my second time going to this camp, so I'll tell you everything you need to know.
Thanks, that'll be a big help.
Ryou: ......
Guy: 1, 2, 3...

Page 75:
Guys: Hercules!!
Ryou: ......
Narration: After stretching
and warming up
is practicing individual skills
and one-on-one defense.
and T-Cup, a fundamental team-defense play used during transitions----
Togawa: First, you need to hurry back.
Guys: ...Okay.
Then you come here in order to fill in the gap......

Page 76:
Kogawa: T-Cuuup!!
No, over here! Between us!
Guy: Ah!
Togawa: Hungh!
T: Ah, sorry.
Togawa: ......
I didn't come here to teach people...

Page 77:
Guys: I'm open, run!
Togawa: Come back, T-Cuuuuup!!
Guy: Ryou!
Ryou: !!
That was so embarrassing...

Page 78:
Guy: Nice hussle!!
Nice effort, Ryou!!
Good going!!
Azumi: Don't just space out, Ryou-kun. Get back on defense!
Ryou: Ah, Azuki-san.
Azumi: Keep it up.

Page 79:
Azumi: The end of the first section is...
a five-on-five game......!!
Someone: Let's hear some voices!

Page 80:
Girl: Aaaaah!
Someone: That's okay!
Girl: Riiiiight!
Azumi: ......
Someone: Azumi-san...
I thought you might call again...
Azumi: Well, I thought I'd just give it a try.

Page 81:
Girl: You can do that!
And you can do this!
There are a lot more reliable quiet types
than the sorta types that go from doing nothing to suddenly giving magnificent declarations of what they're gonna do.
Azumi: ......
Girl: Wanna go for a walk?
This is my third cup today. My stomach's gonna get flabby.
Azumi: Ah...

Page 82:
Girl: That A-Camp...
It's like a boat that's not finished.
A boat you can't get on.
The people that come together to make it work,
the players,
the coaches,
and the staff,
each one of them just swims with all their might
with their own motives.
We work together to move forward.

Page 83:
Girl: And the culmination of it all is what we call A-Camp.
You're swimming, too, right? Azumi-chan?
Azumi: ...!!
Girl: What? C'mon, I'm the only one who's saying anything.
Azumi: Ah, sorry.

Page 84:
Azumi: I'm...
swimming, too.
One more minuuuuute!
Girl: Let's hear some voices!
Guys: Ball! Ball! Ball!

Page 85:
Girl: At this stage, the 5-on-5 teams pretty much just do whatever they want.
As we continue on to the second and third sections...
I wonder how things'll change?
Right, Coach Jack?
Seeing those changes... makes all the hard work up till then worth it.

Page 86:
Togawa: Hey, come baaaack!!
In bubble: Ah! [White]
Not like that, I said T-Cup! Didn't I just teach you this?!!
Hey, hold on, you!
Guy: It's Kou.
Togawa: Kou!
Do you remember the T-Cup play?!
Kou: Y-Yes.
Togawa: Okay, let's friggin' do it, then!!
C'mon, let's go!!
Kou: ......
Guy: I'm gonna stop you, Togawa!!
Togawa: Sheddep

Page 87:
Guys: Ooh!
Ooooooh, he's so fast!!
Azumi: ...!!
Jack: !!
Togawa: HAA
This isn't the time for standing around!

Page 88:
Togawa: want to sprint at top speed
over short distances.
So I can make these things in time......!!
Kou: ......

Page 89:
Nobu: UWAAAH?!
Mom: It's spring, so I thought I'd change my image a bit.
Nobu: ......
Mom: What do you think? Is it sexy?
Nobu: Go to h...
Handwritten: No, don't say that!
You must be glad you're out of the hospital, huh?!

Page 90:
Dad: We just happened to meet up out there.
Mom: Ah, that's right.
I made this for you.
I know you haven't had any home cooking in a while, so...
Nobu: Ooh!
Dad: I know.
It's pretty hot out today, why don't we go outside?
Someone: That sounds nice. Kobayashi-san?

Page 91:
Koba: Of course!
Are you inviting me, too?
Handwritten: Eh?
Koba: Or am I misinterpreting?
Guys: No, come with us, Kobatashi-san.
Koba: No, no!
You all enjoy yourself out there.
It'll be the first time in a while...
you were alone as a family.

Page 92:
Nobu: Um... You did say, right?
That "it's not that".
Dad: No...
But, it's like...
Having her hair black...
How do I say this...

Page 93:
Dad: It makes her wrinkles stand out less, sorta?
Mom: What are you two whispering about?!!
Nobu: This is tasty.
Dad: Yeah.
Mom: Really?
The rice isn't too hard?

Page 94:
Guys: No, it's perfect.
Nobu: Oh, fried eggs...

Page 95:
Dad: Ah,
thank you.
What day of the week is it again?

Page 96:
Nobu: It kinda...
feels like how Sundays used to be.
Ah, rehab time...

Page 97:
Nobu: Right, got it. Geez.

Page 98:
Mom: What's that...?
Guy: He's practicing getting from the floor into his wheelchair.
Mom: !

Page 99:
Mom: Hisanobu...

Page 100:
Mom: feel like I've never really seen you before.

Page 101:
Guy: So these are----
the legs of the heinous warrior,
Scorpion Shiratori?

Page 102:
Guy: ...That's what you wanna say, right, Matsuzaka?
Matsu: They look like they'd break with one low kick.
Guy: It's the organization's immovable ace and President.
Matsuzaka Manba.
If the scorpion is the darkness, then Manba is the light...!!
Magazine: He'll keep on [Cut off]
Guy: We'll have to reprint this.
Shira: No, that's okay.
Matsu: What're you talking about?!

Page 103:
Shira: It's only two months from now
and the main event, Shiratori still has numbness in his legs and he's in a wheelchair.
I'm going to announce we're changing the main card right away!!
Shira: If I don't show, it'll really hurt the company, President.
That'd be pretty bad, right?
Matsu: Shut up.
Shira: Don't try to act tough, Matsuzaka.

Page 104:
Shira: I've still got another------

Page 105:
SOmebody: Okay, next is the last match.
"Micchans" VS-----
"Sanuki Udon"!!
Togawa: All right!

Page 106:
Kou: Sorry, everybody.
But I'm going home.
TOgawa: Huh?
Kou: It's Kou.
I don't want to play with that guy.

Page 107:

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