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+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 28, 2013 03:17 | Go to REAL

-> RTS Page for REAL 70

Only for use by Illuminati-Manga

Okay, just got two more.

[Real 70 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 108:
Title: 70th.

Page 109:
Guys: Well, wheelchair basketball,
it's a team sport, not an individual sport.

Page 110:
Guy: So with us all having different speeds...
Togawa: Huh?
Guys: Anyhow, you need to communicate!
Talking is important!
And also

Page 111:
Guy: Ryou,
you really should raise your voice more!
On the court, we share everything as a team!
That's why we need to talk.
Speak out.
Ryou: Okay...
Guy: Huh? You've only been playing basketball for a month, Ryou-kun?
Ryou: I still haven't practiced actually using the ball...
Guy: That's awesome! And you can still move like that?!
Guy: Yeah. I never expected you to have only been playing that long.
Please feel free to ask us anything. It'd only make sense you don't know some things.
Also, there's one thing that's more important than talking.
And that's enjoying.

Page 112:
Togawa: No, like I said...
I am teaching and being patient. Seriously, a lot! Ain't I?
Togawa: ......
Girl: But you're being so disagreeable......
When I look at you, Togawa-kun...
it makes it look like this is an individual sport.
Like a hundred meter sprint or something.
Most of the people here can't play like you.

Page 113:
Togawa: Huh?!
What do you mean I'm so good?
I came here because I don't think I'm good enough!
Guys: Woah.
Things don't seem so hot on Team Udon...
Azumi: ......

Page 114:

Page 115:
Togawa: Shit.
Kou: I don't want to play with this guy.
Togawa: ...I'm the one who should be sayin' that...

Page 116:
Guy: Togawa,
the speedster.
Togawa: ......

Page 117:
Togawa: aah, English no!
I don't understand.
Guy: Well...
I am Larry.
An A-Camp Coach.
I love Japan and anime.
So I gladly came to Japan. Akihabara is crazy.
Togawa: You can speak Japanese?
Larry: Just a little.
Let's have a speed contest.
T/N: All of Larry's words are written in katakana, indicating he's speaking in a really stilted unnatural tone.
[Also it's all left justified for some reason.]

Page 118-119:
Larry: I am an American Speedster.
Togawa: Eeh?!
He's fast...!

Page 120:
Togawa: What is that?!
One more!
One more!
Larry: No matter how many times we do it, it's useless.
Handwritten: Huhuhu
Azumi: Coach Jack is calling!
Togawa: Me?
Larry: Hey, speedster!

Page 121:
Larry: Look at my tattoo.
Togawa: ?
Larry: Where's yours?
Togawa: Huh...?
Azumi: Coach Jack's calling!
Togawa: Got it.
We'll have another match later!
Bet on it!
Larry: You don't have a chance.

Page 122:
Togawa: ...I've never seen anybody that fast.
How can he be that fast......?
Someone: What're you talking about? Larry's an American representative and won a gold medal!
Togawa: Huh? For real?!
Azumi: We said so at the opening ceremony, remember? Jack is a gold medal coach
and assistant lecturer Larry is a member from when they won it.
Togawa: ......
Handwritten: Incredible...
Azumi: You weren't listening at all, were you?
Larry: You're gonna get yelled at, for sure!
Togawa: ......
Azumi: Hurry.

Page 123:
Togawa: It makes it look like this is an individual sport.
Most of the people here can't play like you.
Togawa: How many times has it been?
Me, hitting this same wall?
Jack: Kaiyou...

Page 124:
Togawa: ?
Jack: Pronouncing Japanese names sure is hard.
How about just Gawa? As a nickname.
It'll be easier to call you that on the court.
Togawa: Gawa?
Togawa: That's all?
Jack: I'm expecting a lot from Team Sanuki Udon.
I wonder how much you'll change in three days.

Page 125:
Jack: Are you enjoying it?
Playing basketball?
Why're you making such a scared face,

Page 126:
Jack: Enjoy.
Togawa: I don't like that sorta thing.

Page 127:
Azumi: !
Girl: !?
Guy: Hate...
what did you hope for by coming here?
Togawa: ......

Page 128:
Somebody: It's still the first day, Kou.
It'd be such a waste to quit now.
I mean, you came all the way from Shikoku, right?
Kou: Kagawa Prefecture.
Guy: From Kagawa Prefecture.
You must've had some strong reason for coming here...!!
Ryou: Yo!
It's Kou, right?
I'm Ryou.

Page 129:
Ryou: I might not be in a position to say this, being a beginner and all.
And at first, I was crazy nervous, but...
Well, I still am...
I was really glad you talked to me before.
That's all.
C'mon. The afternoon session is starting.
Kou: ...I want to get better.
Stuff like "enjoying it"...

Page 130:
Guy: Before we start calling each other comrades and calling ourselves a team,
there's one thing you've gotta do.
The effort to think things though on your own.
Anybody who uses the word "comrade" without even doing that,
I wouldn't be inclined to trust.

Page 131:
Togawa: There's only one thing I want.
To advance my individual skill.
And to increase my speed over short distances.
That's all.

Page 132:
Sign: Rehabilitation Center
Chinese Style Cold Tofu
Guy: How many plates does this make?
Shira: This is my fourth.
I've gotta build up my strength.
Nobu: Uh, it's dripping.
You're seriously overdoing it, Shiratori-san. Doing a match in May?
You've only got two more months...
Guy: He's right.
It's reckless...
Handwritten: Huu

Page 133:
Shira: Honestly...
saying reckless things is kind of a habit of mine...
Guy: Of course it is.
You are the Scorpion, after all. But...
But now...
You're not the Scorpion.
Shira: Yeah.
I'm a person with a label stuck to him.
Label: Disabled
Nobu: ......
Guy: ......

Page 134:
Shita: And once you've got a label on ya, it's hard to get it off.
Bad guy.
Even if I say "That's not what I am."
There's nobody who's just gonna say "Oh, all right. I understand."
and just take the label off.
People don't really care about other people's problems in the first place.

Page 135:
Shira: With that label on ya,
the world won't accept you,
and you just sit there, smoldering.
The guys cheering me on are people like that.
Those guys
want me to stand in the spotlight and act all arrogant and beat good guy, Babyface-----
They shout in loud voices you don't normally hear.

Page 136:
Shira: I've gotta stand in the ring again.
I have one last thing to tell those guys.
Guy: Last----
Shira: Huu

Page 137:
Shira: No matter how many labels people put on me-------
I won't let them silence me.
Labels: Bas guy
Handle with Care
[A few aren't readable because you can only see a small section]
Shira: I'll say I don't rate my true self low.
How about you guys?------

Page 138:
Shira: Yeah!
I'm gonna need to get some new tights or they'll fall right off!!
Guy: ......

Page 139:
Nobu: ......
No matter how superhuman you are, May is impossible.
Shouldn't that be obvious? You're a pro wrestler.
Shira: Oh?
Impossible and obvious
are my two least favorite words.
Nobu: ......
Shiratori-san, can you... feel anything in your legs?
You're always rubbing them like that.

Page 140:
Shira: Not reliably... but I do.
Nobu: ...!!
Shira: I keep thinkin' that if I rub 'em like this, these half-asleep lega 'a mine might wake up.
Nobu: I guess you really are different from me.
A long time ago...
I started stabbing my legs with a piece of broken glass.
Handwritten: HII!
Nobu: But still...
...I didn't feel anything.
My legs are just dead weight now...

Page 141:
Nobu: Even if they don't do anything,
you've gotta take good care of your legs.
They're gonna be with you for your whole life, after all.
You asleep...?

Page 142:
Handwritten: Coach Jack Randal
Always reacts to everything coolly.
A coach sometimes said to be the best in the world

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