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Translations: Gintama 661 by kewl0210 , One Piece 885 by cnet128



+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 29, 2013 02:31 | Go to REAL

-> RTS Page for REAL 71

Only for use by Illuminati-Scans

Okay, just one more.

[Real 71 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 143:
Title: 71st.
Guys: Camp's only just started.
These are teams we just formed today, so of course not everything's gonna go well.
Whenever everyone's honestly putting their best effort in, there are gonna be times when people clash.
So can do it, Kou?
Kou: ......
Guy: Can you do it, Togawa...? No...
Togawa: Okay.
Azumi: Ah...
The light in his eyes
went out.
What's going on, Kyo-chan?

Page 144:
Guy: Okay, let's go!!
Let's raise our voices and do this!!
Narration: The Second Section began----- They continued with individual skills and 2-on-2.
The first day ends with the second session of 5-on-5 games... but
This man
was unable to complete the first day.

Page 145:
Girl: By the way, Azumi-chan. On you guys' Tigers team...
You haven't had a proper coach for a while, right?
Azumi: Right.
Girl: And he's been playing on a team like that for... 5 years?
Azumi: 4 years...
It'll be 4 years pretty soon.
Girl: In just 4 years...
Gawa became a player like that on pretty much just his own efforts...?
I wonder how far he'll grow once he learns the basics properly and really understand the game-----
And he's still only 19.

Page 146:
Jack: Hm...
He is the very definition of "future".
But his heart is shut tight.
I wonder why he's rushing so much.
Girl: Yeah.....
Why do you think it is, Azumi-chan?

Page 147:
Azumi: He used to be
a sprinter, and always a front-runner.
Girl: Heh?
Jack: ?
SFX: NIKO (Grin)
Azumi: He's always,
always in a hurry.
And never looking back.
Azumi: He can't stop.

Page 148:
Somebody: Hurry!!
Azumi: He's probably-----

Page 149:
Azumi: Probably-------

Page 150:
Togawa: !!
Azumi: Afraid of being too late-----

Page 151:
Togawa: HAH

Page 152:
Togawa: You don't have any reason to leave.
Because I'm going.
Kou: ...!!
Ryou: Wha...?

Page 153:
Guys: ...?!
What's going on?!
Don't ruin the game, Team Udon!
Jack: Larry.
Larry: ......
over short range... huh?

Page 154:
Larry: Now's my chance...
Girl: So he's a running-wild type, eh? A pretty bad one.
Azumi: ......
He does tend to antagonize people.
He even ended up splitting the team up.
Jack: Still, he came here... Which means
Gawa's intuition understood, it, I suppose.
Girl: What?

Page 155:
Larry: What you want is right here.
Togawa: Larry.
Sorry, but I'm going home.
Larry: ......
This time, I have something to ask.
Togawa: ?

Page 156:
[Hey. Eureka Seven is on Blu-Ray.]

Page 157:
Larry: Akihabaaaaara!!
This is even more...
crazy than I imagined!!
Togawa: It sure is...!!
Handwritten: It's my first time here.

Page 158:
TV: One of the people to watch in this competition,
Hubert of South Africa.
Togawa: ......
TV: A much talked about sprinter with artificial legs.

Page 159:
Jack: What do you want
by coming here?
Togawa: What do I
play basketball for?

Page 160:
Larry: Nuhaha! I got what I wanted!
Thank you, Togawa!
Hubert, eh...?
Girl: it makes it look like this is an individual sport.
Guy: Why don't you go do track and field or something?
You're not cut out for team sports.

Page 161:

Page 162:
Larry: You wanna do track and field?
Togawa: !
Larry: Those legs are totally unfair.
With those spring-like carbon artificial legs, they get into the Olympics,
Competing with regular healthy people.

Page 163:
Larry: I respect those guys from the bottom of my heart.
Togawa: Larry,
what do you play basketball for?
Larry: Hm? I dunno......
It's true that it's not just a contest of speed.
Togawa: .......

Page 164:
Larry: Oh,
Togawa: Would you wanna get an anime tattoo?
Larry: That'd be cool,
I decide what tatoos I get on my own.
Oh yeah, Togawa.
Where's yours?
I think the last tattoo Tora got when he was in Japan was------
Togawa: ......!!

Page 165:
Larry: ......
I have a message from my brother, Tora.

Page 166:
Larry: Congratulations.
It's worth it to keep being called a representative.
Keep pushing on and on.
Crybaby, boy.
The sky is the limit.

Page 167:
Togawa: ?
Handwritten: ?
The sky?
Larry: That means there are no limits.
Togawa: ...!!

Page 168-169:
Togwa: Tora-san...!!

Page 170:
Guy: What, Togawa? You came back?!
I wish you'd just gone home!
Togawa: What're you talking about, Aoki?
Right, Larry?
We just went out to look at the sky a bit.
Aoki: Huh?!
What're ya talking about?!
Azumi: As punishment for going off on your own like that,
we're playing tag!!
Togawa: Huh?

Page 171:
Jack: Gawa and Larry are it!
It'll keep going until they touch everybody!!
Togawa: Huuuh?!!
Guys: !!
Handwritten: Me, too?
Guys: Everybody, ruuuuun!!

Page 172:
Girl: Huh?
Somebody's still here?
Azumi: Team Sanuki Udon are having a meeting.
Girl: Oh.
Tell them not to stay here too late.
There's always tomorrow.
Azumi: Right.

Page 173:
Togawa: I've...
broken up teams a bunch of times.
Suuu... Huuuuu

Page 174:
Togawa: If I'm being honest,
I don't want anymore experiences like that.

Page 175:
Togawa: I want to change.

Page 176:

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