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Translations: Bleach 645 by cnet128



+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Apr 29, 2013 03:59 | Go to REAL

-> RTS Page for REAL 72

Only for use by Illuminati-Manga

Oookay, done. Usually like one volume of this comes out a year. So come... November, or so, I'll try to do the next one.

[Real 72 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 177:
Title: 72nd.
Togawa: I
want to change.
Kou: I...

Page 178:
Kou: I do, too.
Girl: Me, too.
Guy: Yeah.
Me, too.
So let's all...
change together.

Page 179:
Title: A-Camp Final Day

Page 180:
Title: Final tournament
Guys: A pick is coming!
Ball, ball!!
Sign: Sanuki Udon [right side]
Hercules [left side]
Guy: Nice!

Page 181:
Ryou: HAH
Kou: Pick, pick, pick!
Girl: !!

Page 182:
[He did it. Woo.]

Page 183:
Guys: Ryoooou!
Ryou: !!
Guys: Ryooooooou!!
Guys: Defense!!
50 more secoooonds!!
Keep it up, Sanuki!!

Page 184:
Girl: HAA
Togawa: Hey!
You know, the god of defeat?
He looks kinda like the god of poverty...
He's got a face like this.
Girl: Buhu.
Togawa: He loves people that face downward,
and hates people that face forward and let their voices be heard.

Page 185:
Girl: ......
Togwa: It's okay.
In these three days here------

Page 186:
I've accomplished something.

Page 187:
Kou: I get really nervous because people are watching.
Ryou: Huh?

Page 188:
Kou: I decided to talk to the first person I made eye contact with.
Since nobody knows who I am in this place...
I thought I could become a new me.
Guys: Kou!
Kou: Because having no role on the team
and looked down on
is really the pits.
I want to become a valued player.
I want a role to play.
I want to change!

Page 189:
[OOoooooh man.]

Page 190:
[Woo! He scored a thing!]

Page 191:
Paper: Goal Sheet
Name Mizujima Ryou
Nickname Ryou
Make friends.
Guys: Gawa-san!

Page 192:
Guys: 1

Page 193:
Larry: Togawa.
Togawa: Larry.
Larry: Let's meet again.
But next time, as opponents
at the paralympics------
Togwa: !!
Guy: Gawa.

Page 194:
Jack: If you come to a college in America, I'll welcome you.
Togawa: Thank you, thank you, coach.
Hug, hug!
Handwritten: Yaaay!
Azumi: I'll tell you later.
He told me some incredible things.
Guy: Okay, we're taking a commemorative photooooo!
I'll be selling the photos for 50,000 yen!
Guys: My god, that's expensive!!

Page 195:
Azumi: Eri-san!
Eri: ...
Thanks for all your hard work, Azumi-chan.

Page 196:
Eri: It's all over...
Everything went well this year, too...
Azumi: Eri-san.
Eri: Wait!
It's still A-Camp until everyone gets home safely!
Tomorrow, we need to send the coach's group all the way to Narita!
Azumi: When's recruiting for staff next year start?

Page 197:
Azumi: I'll make sure to have more fighting spirit next year!
Eri: You really have changed, Azumi-chan...
Azumi: ...!!
Eri: Thank you.
Even if you decide to study abroad, make sure to contact me.
Azumi: Okay.
I got a bunch of calls from numbers without noticing.
Handwritten: I wonder who they are...?

Page 198:
Narration: 2 months later, Utsunomiya------
Girl: Utsunomiya!!
Guy: Hey, we're here for the Ooruri Cup!!
The a game!
I still haven't recognized you, Fumika.
I'm sure you'd push our team in a weird direction...
Basically, you're conscious of it, Meguro.
You like gyaru-types, don't you?
T/N: Gyaru is a fashion subculture where a girl has brown or blond-dyed hair, gaudy clothes and accessories.
Meguro: No!
And what are you, a kid, Kanbayashi?
We haven't heard anything since then...
Handwritten: GAAN

Page 199:
Azumi: Fumika's good poitns are her guts...
and she's really loyal.
Look at this call history.
Someone: !!
Phone: Fumika [all 6 times]
Fumika: The first thing you think of when you hear the word "Utsunomiya" is gyoza, senpai.
Look at that sign!
Sign: Gyoza
Fumika: Let's have some exercise pre-game exercise!
Guy: Don't you mean a pre-game meal?!
Aaaaah, we ended up right in front of a really tasty looking place.
Azumi, isn't there anyway we can have Fumika...
Hey, Azumi?!
Togawa: Actually, that's her favorite.
The one thing that woman can't resist is gyoza-------
Guy: You're kidding me!
Someone: Welcoooome!!

Page 200:
Azumi: Ha...
Nomiya: Ho...
Togawa: Huh?
What're you doing here...?
And did you gain weight?!

Page 201:
Fumika: It's nice to meet you. I'm the new manager of the Tigers, Honjou Fumika.
Nomiya: I'm Nomiya, an advisor.
Someone: What kinda position is that supposed to be?
Nomiya: I kinda binge ate while I was waiting for a response from the Lightnings tryout.
And I gained 15 kilos.
Togawa: You're still waiting?!
Nogawa: No... but I just couldn't give up.
Togawa: ...
So you relapsed into being a useless member of society?
Nomiya: What'd you call me?!
But that ends today, too.
I came here to cheer you guys on in the Ooruri Cup, you bastards.
Guy: Oh, don't you sound high and mighty.
Nomiya: I'm just eating one more plate and then I'm heading to the arena.
Togawa: What, do you want to gain more weight?! ["more" in italics.]

Page 202:
Sign: Ooruri Cup Arena
Sign: Oorururi Cup Wheelchair Basketball Tournament
Teams: Real Men Oosaka
Guts Mihara
Tokyo T igers
Akita Avengers
Gunma Crazy Horses
Yamagata Cherry WBC
Mizonokuchi Thunders
No Returns
Utsunomiya Rocks
Satsuma Falcons
Hokuriku Spashes
Toyohashi Pistons
Yamaguchi Sunrises WBC
Hokkaidou Spartans

Page 203:
Guy: Ooh! You bought a new basketball wheelchair, Togawa?!
Togawa: No...
I inherited this from Tora-san and Yama----
We're fighting with that honor, now.
That's the Tigers.
Ryou: Woah. It's ultra flashy.
Togawa: I just redid the coloring.

Page 204:
Togawa: Tiger #2.
So I don't forget
that I'm not alone------

Page 205:
Guy: This is the first step on the road towards surpassing he Dreams.
We're gonna capture the Oorurui Cup.
Let's go!!

Page 206:
[Shit's already English.]

Page 207:
Guy: Finally, it's right after this.
The main event.
Nobu: !
Guy: ......

Page 208:
Guy: Shiiratori!
Nobu: !

Page 209:
Guys: Shiiratori!
We've been waiting for you!!
Nobu: Huh?
Why am I..
Nobu: SHiratori-san...!!
People: Shiiratori!

Page 210:
People: Shiiratori!
Bottom: Real 12 / End

Page 211:
This is a compilation of what was run in in the popular "Weekly Young Jump" 2011 issue 50, and 2011 issue 11, 18, 27, 35, and 44 with amendments and revisions.

Page 212:
[Copyright info. K, I'm done. See you whenever they get the next volume out.]

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