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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Gintama 443

Mommy's Bentou are Always Too Cold and Somewhat Squashed

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on May 2, 2013 04:13 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 443

Only for use by HWMN.

This chapter is too much words and thigns they tsadfaya. It's looknb gaandingn I can't typasiunnymore. I dunno how long I've been workinginongthis but itfeels like it's been more time thangisdaifiasdgbnghsfdguadsf.

Actually, it wasn't that bad, it was around average. I've just had a lotta shit to do and little time to do it. This chapter's pretty neat. Some interesting characterization.

[Gintama 443 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Top Insert: ☆Gintama Volume 49 goes on sale May 2nd!!
What lies in Ikumatsu's unknown past...?!
☆Pre-sale tickets for the "Gintama" movie are a hot-hot commodity, now on sale!!
Details here ->http://www.gintama-movie.com
Middle Insert: ☆When you think of fun you have at school...
Title: 「Gintama」
Guys: Okay, we'll continue this in our afternoon lesson.
Kids: All riiiight! Lunch time!!
Hey, let's go eat outside!!
Girl: Wanna eat together, Izumi-chan?
Izumi: .........
Girl: What's wrong?
Izumi: Seita-kun...
do you think he still hasn't made any friends?
Girl: Geez. Boys don't even think about that stuff.
Izumi-chan says you can come eat with us if you want!
Handwritten: Hey!!
SFX: BIKUH (Surprise)
Seita: Heh?!
Er... Uh... I...
Aw man, I fergot my dang lunchbux!!

Page 2:
Girl: Oh... If you want, I'll share mine with you.
Seita: N... No thanks!! I'll, uh... go buy something at the convenience store!
Guys: Ah, Seita-kun!
Girl: ..........He left.
Guy: Never mind him, Izumi. That guy's always like that.
We invited him to eat with us before,
but he always goes off by himself somewhere during lunchtime.
Yeah...... But with people giving him a chance to get into their group like this,
what's he doing off on his own?
SFX: KYORO KYORO (Looking around)
Seita: .........
Insert: ☆This week's a Mom one...
Title: Lesson 443 Mommy's Bentou are Always Too Cold and Somewhat Squashed
Author: Sorachi Hideaki

Page 3:
Someone: ---Seita's been
kinda down lately.
Hinowa: Maybe it's because he's started going to temple school.
He was so enthusiastic about making friends,
but he doesn't seem to be showing sings of brining friends over at all.
And what's more, look at this.
Hinowa: That big eater
has been coming home without eating his bentou boxes.
Hinowa: They look so delicious. I wonder what's wrong with that boy.
Do you think he's not adapting well to temple school?
Tsuku: ..........
Hinowa... has there been
a sports day there, or anything like that?
Hinowa: It's a sports day every day for kids!
Tsuku: That's not what I mean...... I'm asking if you always make him extravagant bentou like this every day?
Hinowa: Well he can't concentrate on his studies on an empty stomach, now can he?
And anyhow, it's quite a lot of difficulty for a Mom to make all this every day.
Tsuku: ..........

Page 4:
Tsukuyo: Hinowa, the only difficulty here is you.
The one not adjusted to temple school isn't Seita.
The bentou,
there's a good chance that Seita is is embarrassed about other people seeing fancy lunches like this.
So he hasn't been able to make any friends.
Hinowa: What? You're saying it's the benou's fault? Why?
Tsuku: Well, it's pretty obvious that if a new kid was seen eating lunches like this, he'd feel kind of out of place.
SFX: Kyoton (dazedly)
Tsuku: A children's world is actually a lot more severe and excluding than adults think.
Hinowa: Why? I didn't put in anything that he should be embarrassed about other people seeing. And I put in plenty of love.
Tsuku: I'm tellin' ya, that ain't the problem. For kids to get into a circle of friends
they've gotta have and do all the same things they do... Yeah. Being "normal" is really the most important thing.
Seita: I knew I could count on Big Sis Tsukuyo...
She's really tha best in Yoshiwara at readin' between tha lines.
That's totally right. I wanna have a normal bentou
that I c'n eat with everyone.
Hinowa: You're right. It's all my fault that Seita...
Handwritten: What a shock!! Even though I worked so hard to make them...
But what's a normal bentou like?
Tsuyku: Huh?
Hinowa: How do normal moms make normal bentou?
Tsukuyo: ..........Huu... Well, normal's... normal.

Page 5:
Hinowa: Then Tsukuyo, tomorrow, you can make Seita's bentou.
Tsuku: !!
Hino: You know how, right? How a normal mom makes normal lunches?
Tsukuyo: H.. Hold it a sec! I ain't no great shakes at coo...
Hino: What a perfect opportunity. You need to be able to make a lunch or two or Gin-san won't like you.
Tsuku: What're ya talkin' about that asshole for?!!
Guy: All right, that concludes the morning lessons.
Guys: Ah, you forgot your bentou today, huh?
You've just got to share some of ours today, Seita-kun.
Seita: !!
O... Okay, sure.
Girl: Izumi-chan's been worried about you.
We thought you didn't like us, Seita-kun.
Seita: D... Don't think that! It's just that by bento...
Girls: Wawa! That's great! You have a bentou, Seita-kun!
Is this... a deco-bentou?
Aren't these those things ninjas use...?
Kunai!! They're kunai onigiri!
Woah! They're so well made!
Look. They have nori wrapped around them right here.
Seita: This is it!! This is the bentou I've been waiting for!!

Page 6:
Tsukuyo: ...Deco-bentou?
Are bentou like that popular nowadays?
Hino: It seems it's important to incorporate "playfulness" so the children can enjoy it.
Seita: I can't believe they're even trying to do what's trendy! With my mom any Big Sis Tsukuyo working together, there's no stopping them!!
And on top of that...
Paper: One of the the onigiri is not like hte others, so be careful. Have a good lunch! [Heart]
Seita: I even have something fun I can do with everybody......!!
If... If you want, you guys can all have some.
Guys: Huh? You sure?
Setia: Huhuh. Yeah, but one of them is not like the others~~
Guys: Really? Your mom sounds pretty fun, Seita.
I wonder what's in them.
It's kinda exciting, huh?
Seita: This is perfect!! With a lunch like this, I can have a fun time with everyone!!
Girls: Um...
I think you're bleeding.

Page 7:
Seita: .........
Girls: KYAAAAA Senseiiiiii!! Seita-kun needs heeeelp!!
Women: He... left some behind again, huh?
He didn't eat his lunch.
Did the deco-bentou still not do the trick?
Sarutobi: What deco-lunch? This is just a death-lunch, isn't it?
Hino: I thought it'd be nice to put a little game into it.
Sacchan: Why does he have to play Russian roulette in order to have a fun lunch?!!
Tsuku: Well, ya know, I've never even made a bentou before...!!
Sacchan: And seriously, how can the proud courtesans of Yoshiwara not be able to make one measly kid's lunch?
So in the end, all you women have are your bodies, huh? A bunch of loser women that everyone likes to play around with but would never marry.

Page 8:
Sacchan: Do you seriously think that normal mothers make elaborate lunches like this everyday? Things like that end in kindergarten.
Boys his age want to force off their nappys his parents make him wear and start trying to act like an adult.
And it's also the age where they'd be most embarassed about love bentous.
A normal mother's bentou would be more cut and dry.
Giving him that level of distance is the only sort of love you can give a boy that age.
Seita: Th... That Sassan actually really knows what she's talking about.
Sacchan: Please let me do it next, Hinowa-san.
I'll give you a clear example of what a normal mother is.
Girl: Um, Seita-kun?
Do you feel better after all that yesterday?
Seita: Ah... Yeah.
Girl: I'm glad to hear it. Okay, so how about we eat lunch together today, then?
Girl: Izumi-chan, maybe you should just give it up.
Guy: Yeah, Izumi.
Seita: It's my mom that's playing all the pranks.
Um, I've got way too much to eat today.
So if you want, you can have some, Seita-kun.
Seita: !!

Page 9:
Seita: Is she... trying to make a smart move here?!
Girl: My mom made me two side dishes, so you can have one.
Seita: She anticipated that my mom wouldn't make my lunch right...... She's such a nice girl!!
But she's got a really low estimate of my mom!! I can't let that keep going!!
Th... Then you can have half of my bentou!!
Girl: B... But..
Seita: It's okay! I've got a normal lunch today.
Because my mom is a normal mom!! Half......
Girl: But...
you don't even... have half a lunch.
Seita: ..........
Note: Yesterday's lasagna is in the refrigerator, so please heat it and it up.
P.S. If mom and dad split up, which would you go with, Seita?
Kyuu: Well, I think that even for a mom...
and even if it's the sort of thing a mom would do.......... it's a little too simple.
Sacchan: Well, this is how moms are. They're the type that think they can heat up cold love in a microwave.
Kyuu: And the P.S. has nothing to do with the bentou at all.
[The PS from above]
Saccha: Because of the lack of sides, I thought I'd put in a heavy dessert.
A lunch like this will really lie heavy in his stomach.

Page 10:
Sacchan: Okay, well how would you've done it?!
You're a sad monster who is a woman but has the heart of a man, right?! Do something!
Tsukuyo: Don't talk about people like they're monsters.
Kyuu: Speaking as someone who was raised as a boy,
you're all being worrying too much about this.
When I was his age, I was doing my samurai errantry.
but I at least filled my stomach on my own strength. That's what a man is.
Even if he's a child, he's still a man. If you just give him some pocket money, he'll figure something out on his own.
But he won't get enough nutrients from convenience store bentou.
Kyuu: I didn't say anything about convenience store bentou. If he eats things like that, he'll end up with a feeble body.
A proper meal for a man is...
Girl: Seita-kun?
Where is he?
Guy: Ah, him~~? You going to eat with him again?
If you're looking for your boyfriend, he's outside.
Izumi? Huh?

Page 11:
Description: Balala Crocodile (Barara Wani)
Estimated Capture Level 8
Notice ) Capture Level 1 is the level which requires 10 armed samurai to defeat.
P.S. Mom and Dad worked out their problems, so there's no need to worry.
T/N: This is a reference to the first chapter of Toriko.
Tae: Well, he may be manly,
but I think Capture Level 8 is a bit too much.
Kyuu: Capture Level 1 is about reasonable for Komatsu, isn't it?
Tae: That's not the problem.
Let's see...... I think the burden is a little too heavy. The burden of home was peeking in.
Someone: Uh, I don't think there's any home like that in existence.
Note: P.S. Mom and Dad worked out their problems, so there's no need to worry.
Tae: It's true that they say lions toss their cubs into valleys in order to raise them to be strong.
But with Seita-kun having all these crap-like bentou, he's already been pushed to the bottom of a valley, hasn't he?
We can't have a child that's been crawling at the bottom of such a valley take on a Balala Crocodile.
I suppose properly cooking up a lunch for him really is the proper path for a mother.

Page 12:
Girl: Seita-kun...
Note: Dad is in the refrigerator, so please make sure not to open it.
P.S. Now us two can find happiness all on our own, huh?
Someone: Uh, cooking how, exactly?
Is that what you meant by that "problem solved" sorta statement?
Tae: Do you have some problem with it?
Tsuku: No! All we've got now are problems! What the hell happened to the bentou problem?!
Tae: We were talking about bentou? Then maybe we could just do a nyotaimori?
T/N: Nyotaimori is eating sushi and such off a woman's naked body.
Someone: Yeah, why not?! Because the only value you women have is your bodies!
Someone: Sorry, but I don't have time to be concerning myself with bentou.
Now what're you spouting after all that butting in, you bunch of spectators?!
Kagura: It would be faster to supply it on your own, yes?

Page 13:
Seita: Izumi-chaaan!
I'm sure it's gonna be all right today!
I made my own sandwich this time!
Note: There is a sandwich in my stomach, so please forgive me.
P.S. I think you should put more mayonnaise on your sandwiches.
Guy: If you're looking for Izumi, she ain't here, Seita.
She's absent today.
Guy: Maybe because she doesn't want to come here any more
because she gets followed around by you so much.
Don't take advantage of Izumi's kindness anymore.
Kunai and crocodiles? I don't know if you're just trying to get everyone's attention, but you'd better not hurt her.
you're suited to eat lunch alone.
Someone: Ah, welcome ba~~~~ck!

Page 14:
Hinowa: Seita, you didn't bring a lunch with you today, did you?
Help yourself to that, won't you? You must be hungry, right? A growing boy needs to eat properly.
Hinowa: Just you wait.
Tomorrow, Mommy's gonna make you a bentou you'll be proud of.
Seita: I don't want it.
The bentou you make me embarrass me, so I can't eat them.
I mean, you've been working as a courtesan, so you wouldn't be able to make a bentou.
You're not a normal Mom, Mom.
And you're not even really my mom,
so you can't make a mom's bentou, right?!
Tsukuyo: ----He said it.
He said the one thing... he really shouldn't have said...

Page 15:
Seita: I can't go back.
I can't go home anymore.
Izumi: Huh?
What're you doing so late at night?
Seita: I... Izumi-chan.
I thought you were staying home from school...
Izumi: Yeah. My dad was bedridden with a cold, so I've been looking after him.
My house doesn't have a mom,
so I need to make bentou for my whole family.
...So all that happened, huh?
So that's why your'e always eating lunch on your own.
But honestly, I'm jealous.
To be able to have a fight like that with your mom.
I'll bet that all kids with moms
have those fights without even realizing that kind of happiness.
Then you finally realize it when they're gone.
Like they think "Aw, geeze. I can't eat this bentou after it got squashed in there and crushed a little bit."

Page 16:
Izumi: Even though you're like me, Seita-kun, having lost your mom once,
you still haven't realized?
Or... No. You have realized it right?
I mean...
when you come back for afternoon lessons,
your stomach always looks so full it hurts.
Izumi: Even if you couldn't eat it all,
and even if you hid it from people, you always filled up on it, right?
Because... you realized, right?
That even though those bentou were as weird looking as they were, they're lunches your mom worked really hard to make for you.
So you get that the tastiest lunches
are the crushed ones
that your mom made you.
Seita: .........
Izumi-chan, I'm sorry.
Izumi: You've got somewhere to go, right?
I'll be okay. My big brother is coming to pick me up.
I'll see you
at school tomorrow.
Guy: Geez. Just one pathetic bastard after another.

Page 17:
Guy: Let's go home,
Izumi: Hey, were you listening, Big Brother?
Guy: I was not.
So, what're you making me for lunch tomorrow?
Izumi: Well,
you'll just have to wait and see.
Guy: Okay, thus concludes our morning lessons~~~
Guy: Hey, Seita went out alone.
I can't blame him. After being picked on by that scary big brother, he can't get close to his little sister.
Not only that, that guy doesn't even have any place here anymore......
Kids: !!
Eh? Huh...?
What is that?

Page 18:
Seita: Mommy,
thank you for the meal!!
Guys: Eh... Wh-What is that guy doing?!!
What's with that mountain of bentou?!!
Has he gone crazy?!
He just thanked his mom for the meal!!
Izumi: Hey, hey! C'mon, hurry!
Guy: H-Hold on a second, Izumi!
Girl: Seita-kun.
Today, you've gotta eat with us.
Seita: Oh, okay.

Page 19:
Izumi: But sorry, I just forgot to make lunch today, Big Brother.
Guy: !! Wait, Izumi...Then when you said wait and see before...
I'm not kidding around! I'm not eating this guy's bentou...
Seita: It's not "this guy's" bentou.
It's my Mom's bentou.
Tasty, isn't it?
Guy: ..........
Guys: Eh? Huh? Wha? Is it that good?
Seita-kun, could I have some?
Ah, could I have some, too?
What? I don't get it, but this looks fun. Let me in on it!!
Guy: Wah! What is this black stuff?! I've never seen anything like it before!
Which, which? I wanna have some, too.
Me, too!! Me, too!!
Insert: ☆With thanks to Mom...!!
Title: Gintama
...Lesson 442
/ End

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#1. by Goral ()
Posted on May 2, 2013
Thank you for your translation.

"So in the end, all you women have are your bodies, huh? A bunch of loser women that everyone likes to play around with but would never marry."

I fell off my chair when I read it :D.
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