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Translations: One Piece 839 by cnet128 , Gintama 605 (2)

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 21

The Secret of Shakedown Road


-> RTS Page for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 21

Only for use by HWMN.

That Johnny Joestar and his crazy antics... Always wearing stars...

[Jojolion 21 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Joushuu: !! ....................
Insert: Behind Joushuu is...?!

Page 2-3:
Circle: Araki Hirohiko
Art Exhibition
in Venice
White: Details on Page 64!!
Title: #021 The Secret of Shakedown Road
Pink Insert: The long-awaited Volume 4 is now on sale with great fanfaaaare!!
Middle Insert: Everything Starts with an Awakening

Page 4:
[This is an ad for uh, the book about movies Araki loves.]

Page 5:
[This is an ad for uh... the Soushuuhens. They're doing them for part 3 now starting in July. Probably for the part 3 anime. There are five coming out one a month.]

Page 6:
Insert: The answers you've been searching for are here!
Two new publications of Ultra Jump comics titles closing in on mysteries are now on sale!!

Page 7:
Guy: H-HE~~~~~Y!
Wh... What the~~~~?!
What the he~~~~~ll?!

Page 8:
Joushuu: HAA
『Was that.......... me?』

Page 9:
Joushuu: This 『screw』.

Page 10:
Guy: WHat the fuck did you do to meeee you bastaaaard!!
Guy: ..............................

Page 11:
[Aw, that ain't good.]

Page 12:
[He could've used that, probably.]

Page 13:
Joushuu: Oh! It was me!!
I'm... the one doing this!! Uhe~~~~H!!
Guy: AAOH!

Page 14:
Guys: OAAAAaAaaaah!

Page 15:
Jousuke: ............
Th... They went back to normal!
Th... Thank God!!

Page 16:
Guy: W... Was I dreaming?!
......just now...?
M... Man that was clo~~~~se!
For a second there, it looked like I'd been stabbed with screws......
and those screw... like, detached my hands...
Was that some sorta triiiick?!
Ah, that was some serious shiiiiit!
Guy: H... Hey!
Look closely.
Guy: Goddammiiiiit! Hahahah!
Guy: Both yer hands.............
Guy: ?
Guy: N... No......
Naw, never mind...... It was nothing....
You feel fine, right? So let's just leave it there.
As long as you're okay......
The police are coming.... Let's get outta here......

Page 17:
Joushuu: All ri~~~~~ght!!
I did it!!
I even took some money!
That's 300,000 in the bank!
Maaaaan, this Shakwdown Road's a great place.

Page 18:
Joushuu: Okay, so now...... That guy
probably got arrested, I gue~~~~ss.
It was kinda creepy how he waltzed into my house without any memories.
But I was surprised... he's actually a pretty straightforward and nice guy.
It was pretty fun hanging out with him... I wouldn't of minded growing up together.........
Maybe once he pays for his crime and eventually gets freed from the detention cell or whatever...
Maybe I'll treat him to some Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki from that place in front of the train station, eh~~~~~?
I've got plenty of money to spend. Uheheh.
Joushuu: Huh?

Page 19:
Jousuke: Wha?!
How?! What?
Jousuke: Where's the money?!
Where's the money go?!
I... I know I saw it! When I took it out of the bag, I saw there was 300,000 yen in cash!
It's gone!!
Jousuke: Current time, 10:28 AM.

Page 20:
Stroheim: This 「package」 is what you were carrying, right?!
We're gonna be opening it to use as evidence!
Got that?!
H... Hey!
What the hell is this in here?!
I... Isn't this just ordinary...?!!
Jousuke: A~~~~h.
I thought so...
Heh! So there it was 『candy』 in there?
Bag: Candy
Jousuke: I expected as much.....
that package was nothing but a 「decoy」 from the beginning...
These are 「sweets」! All that was in the 「package」 was candy!

Page 21:
Guys: You! What else have you got on you?!! Show me everything you've got in your clothes!!
Stroheim: It's 『cash』...
What is this cash? What're you carrying it for?
Is... Is it yours?
There's 「300,000」 here.

Page 22:
Jousuke: It may not be my place to say this, but if you're looking for a 『transaction』 of illegal goods,
then you police should probably follow... that big breasted girl from before.
The 『transaction』 is already over.
This is 『Shakedown Road』.
And this cash doesn't belong to anyone at all......
Joushuu: WAAAAAAH! WHY~~~~?!!
Why were only leaves in there...?!!
Where'd the money go?!
How'd ginko tree leaves get inside the envelope?!
And inside my clothes?!!

Page 23:
Joushuu: .....................
Everyone that walks on this road......
about how it works.......
But everyone is 『deceived』.
That's the 『rule』.
Earlier, I sent some leaves from around here...
into Joushuu's clothes
with my 「soap bubbles」..........

Page 24:
Jousuke: And the money 「moved」 back......
into the envelope he stole!
Jousuke: After I put in some Ginko tree leaves
Jousuke: When Joushuu ran away......
I brought the money back from inside the envelope......

Page 25:
Jousuke: Officers......
I just need to pay this pet shop owner for a turtle from South America or someplace...
I won.
Ah... Please allow me
to say completely.

Page 26:
Jousuke: I......
Strohein: He~~~~~y! What about his charge of obstructing officers from performing their duty?
Guy: This is "Shakedown Road"...
That money won't be any proof............The 「girl」!
Follow that big-breasted girl from before!!
Shit!! She goods might be gone already...

Page 27:
Joushuu: These 『ginko tree leaves.』
They themselves had the Stands...
But the main body is nowhere to be found.
This sure is a mysterious place..........
I got a cell phone, too...... Huhu......
Thanks 「Joushuu」.
Phone: Hirose Yasuho

Page 28:
Jousuke: .................
She's not picking up......
Maybe I'll try dialing again......
Jousuke: Hu~~~~~H?!
My call got blo~~~~cked!
Hey, hey, what's going on here------?! By Yasuho-chan!
This isn't like what you said! That's really cold, man!
(I haven't been able to get in contact with her at all since then...)
I get it... This phone's no good, huh...?
I've gotta come up with something...
There's no one.

Page 29:
Jousuke: There's know one in this town that knows me.
Yasuho: ......Dooone!
A water strider.
It floats......

Page 30:
Yasuho: If I have to keep rejecting him like this...
I'll have to consider him a stalker......
......But even so... He's pushing his luck~~~~
YAN! [Heart]
Sign: GPS Map
Yasuho: But right now... 「Joushuu」 is...
around... 「Shakedown Road」.
What's he doing over there?
Map: Hasekura High School
Mutsukabe Promenade
Screen: Joestar Jizou

Page 31:
Yasuho: ..............
Box: Zoom Out
Top: Hasekura High School
Bottom: Joestar Jizou
Yasuho: 『Joestar Jizou』? ..........That's got a foreign-sounding name.
So lame.
Was there always something like that right around「Shakedown Road」...?
Board: Robert Neelly Bellah
Yasuho: That name,『Joestar』......
Where have I heard it before.............?
Man, where was it...? I know I heard it recently.

Page 32-33:
Screen: Joestar Jizou (Search)
The Joestar Jizou is...
a stone monument located in S City Morioh dedicated to the repose of the soul of the American Horseman Johnny Joestar (1872-1901).
View at Location Information
View for News articles
View Photos
Yasuho: Oh, I remember!
The 『Family Tree』...
For some reason even Holly-san said to go check that 「Family Tree」 when I went to meet her...
Check the 「family tree」, huh..........?
I didn't see any details, but I know that name was on there...... 「Johnny Joestar」......
I think he was four generations back... Holly-san's great grandfather.
ANd Jousuke was saying that he knew 「Holly-san」from the Higashikata family tree...
Phone: View Articles
Yashirokita News (1901 (Meiji 34) Nobember 13th)
American Horseman Living in Japan Killed
Police interview with his wife
Yasuho: 1901......
THis article......
What?! ......
......This really happened?

Page 34:
Narration: The evening of the 11th.
An American horseman living in Japan, Johnny Joestar-shi,
was passing through the main road nearby Kutsukabe Shrine in S City Morioh
where he as bludgeoned by someone with a boulder.
his death was confirmed in the early morning on the 12th.
The authorities ruled it as homicide
and called out to any witnesses to provide information..........

Page 35:
Narration: They heard information from Joestar-shi's wife------ Rina-san (27) as a main suspect.
A large boulder was laying on the head of Joestar-shi's corpse.
Johnny Joestar had come to Japan on a request from the Japanese government to teach horsemanship.
He was also contributing to the importation of foreign fruits to Japan.
Yasuho: ..................
His wife...
[The family tree has the Jonathan Joestar and Rina boxes.]

Page 36:

Page 37:
Box: Yashirokita News
(December 17th)
Narration: The authorities that announced American Horseman Johnny Joestar-shi's death as a homicide----
Altered the cause of death to being an accident and gave his wife---- Rina-san an apology and released her.
Furthermore, they judged the cause of the accident, the boulder, to have naturally fallen from the hill of the Mutsukabe Shrine.
Box: Yashirokita News
(March 23rd)
Narration: Half a year later----- A Jizou has been constructed in dedication to the American horseman that died in an accident,
lamenting the death of this man who died in Morioh, a land foreign to him.
T/N: Jizou (or Ksitigarbha) is a bodhisattva revered in East Asian Buddhism as the guardian of children and patron deity of deceased children. The statuses are said to guide deceased child to heaven.

Page 38:
Yasuho: Th...
This person, Rina (27)...
She was on the family tree!
In the Higashikata family!
She was the member of the Higashikata family was bride to the American, Joestar-shi.
She was the daughter of the first-generation Higashikata Norisuke.
Holly-san is connected to the Higashikata Family...
[Same family tree everywhere. Norisuke on top, Rina on the lower box.]
Holly: Check the family tree...
The family tree......

Page 39:
Yasuho: The 『family tree』......
But I...
How'd I end up coming across these articles?
My eyes just happened to stop at the "Joestar Jizou" next to a road.
Is it a coincidence?
Could 「Jousuke」......
somehow be.....
connected to these articles?
But they're articles connected to the Meiji Era... And Joestar-shi died a long time ago.
I've got to meet with 「Jousuke」......
Where... is he right now?
Where are you?
And this feeling in my chest... Why does it feel like a storm is coming...?

Page 40:
Jousuke: There's something nostalgic about this place, but...
I have no way to move forward.
No one in this town knows me.
No one anywhere.

Page 41:
Guy: You're a newcomer to this town, eh?
That's the 「Joestar Jizou」.
This Jizou was erected for the American that died in this location.
Don't be nervous~~~

Page 42:
Guy: I didn't
leave the pet store to try to 「extort」 any more money from you...
You already paid me the other 320,000 yen for the turtle earlier, after all.
This is just chitchat...
............Chitchat from a bored old man about his home town...
Jousuke: ......
Sign: Joestar Jizou [It's backwards for some reason.]

Page 43:
Jousuke: It's got the same hat as me.
Guy: Yeah......
Sure is similar, ain't it.........? I thought so, too.
Everyone in the neighborhood looks after it together...... We leave flowers by it... and clean it...
I think the hat salesman from somewhere in town put that hat on. I think the shop is called 「SBR」.
I also heard that the American that died here wore the same sort of hat.
Johnny: That name, 『Joestar』...
Was the 「first name 「Johnny?」」,「Johnny Joestar?」
He was in this town? He died here?
Guy: Oh?!

Page 44:
Guy: Sonny, you didn't know a~~~~nything about 「Shakedown Road」, but...
you know about the legend of Johnny Joestar, eh?
Not even many people in this town know about that...
Jousuke: 『Legend』?
This is my first time hearing all of it.
What sort of legend is it?
Guy: Hm~~ Well, sonny boy......
It's a simple 『folklore』.....
Who knows if he ever really lived.
Even if you check the library...
there are all kinds of interpretations of the story...
It's a fantasy story told to me by my grandmother.
It was long, long ago.
Back then
Johnny Joestar had come to Japan to teach army horse riding techniques.

Page 45:
Guy: But that was just a front...
The real reason Johnny came to Japan
was that he had married a Japanese woman named 「Rina」.
The two of them crossed the Pacific Ocean and got to know each other on a passenger boat.

Page 46:
Guy: Rina and Johnny were very much in love.
They lived a happy life on a farm.
Rina worked for Johnny's sake, and Johnny gave her moral support.
And Johnny eventually became recognized by the nation as a horseman.
But after that happy life had gone on for several years------

Page 47:
Guy: Rina was attacked by a「disease」.
None of the noted doctors the world over could cure it... The cause of the 「disease」was unknown.
At first, she started to lose her 「memories」 one by one... Then they would come back... and disappear again...
Jousuke: !! ............
Guy: Over time, they say it became so severe that it threatened her life.
And in appearance,「origami」-like lines grew on her skin and it became hard
So Johnny decided to bring Rina back to 「Japan」.

Page 48:
Johnny: He had decided that it would be 「best」 for his wife to live out her remaining days at the town she was born in.
And after a great amount of agonizing-----
Johnny Joestar decided to do something he should never have done.
Johnny had believed in a 「certain power」 when he was young, before he got married.
That was......
that sleeping in a certain place deep below the city of New York-----
---------was a great 『power』 held by a 「holy corpse」----

Page 49:
Guy: He thought that with the 『power』 of the 「holy corpse」
he could cure Rina's 『illness』.
But it had been 『sealed』 by the guardian deity of the North American continent--------- It slept deep underground.
For the sake of the one he loved, Johnny Joestar unearthed the 「corpse」.
Insert: Johnny Joestar's 「sin」?!
Bottom: To Be Continued

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