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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 22

The Legend of Johnny Joestar


-> RTS Page for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 22

Only for use by HWMN.


[Jojolion 22 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 0:
Top: Volumes 1~4 now on sale with great fanfare!!
Title: #022 The Legend of Johnny Joestar
Author: Araki Hirohiko
Side: Facts and truth frequently differ.
Bubble: 100m 11.3 sec
Bottom: ★Florence Exhibition opens June 28th!!

Page 1:
『Just once......』
『Just once......』, Johnny Joestar thought in prayer...
And that he would 『 bring it right back』...
Insert Text: Is it a mistake----?
Narration: That was for the sake of his wife......
The existence of the 「Holy Corpse」 was known to a scant few people...

Page 2:
Narration: Though his wife, Rina's, well being was a reason Johnny brought her back to her homeland of Japan...
Because he was taking the sealed "corpse" from its resting place
he also wanted to buy as much time as he could to get away from pursuers from the government.
Having made up his mind, Johnny secretly unearthed the 「corpse」 from its shelter deep underground...............
Using his special rights, he just managed to escape his pursuers and board a boat. He cross the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean----
then he took a train from a Yokohama harbor to Morioh!

Page 3:
Narrator: The pursuers followed him all the way there.
Johnny Joestar hid the 「Holy Corpse」
in a cave at the base of the 「Meditation Pine」 on Morioh's coast
and went to find Rina...
He brought her in a carriage to the location of the「corpse」.

Page 4:
Narration: Let me clarify this here. The 「Holy Corpse」 doesn't so much heal diseases as it has a 『power』 to bring about the phenomenon of 「removal」.
But with every 「light」, there is always「darkness」.
『With good fortune, there will always be some risk.』 『At some point, the plusses and minuses will balance out. 』
So 『removing』 the carried the meaning of exchanging the 「disease」 for something of equivalent value.

Page 5:
Narration: It didn't sound pretty...... And it was for that reason
that the 「Holy Corpse」, the guardian deity of the North American Continent, was 『sealed』.
Johnny: Why did it have to be the person I loved...?
Why did the disease have to choose her...?
Just one time......
Just this once....
please, forgive me.
Can't you just give it to someone I don't know in her place...?
As long as my wife is spared, I'm okay with that... Just this once...
Please, just one time......

Page 6:
Johnny: Uuh......
U... Uuuu

Page 7:
Narration: When Rina awoke, she began to speak.
She had returned to her former appearance and her memories of her husband had returned.
When she looked around...
Where is George? Did you bring him with you?
What we had wished for...
your darling song......
Johnny: !

Page 8:
[Noooo... How will he save the 37th universe now?!]

Page 9-10:
Johnny: UoAAAAUAA......... ...AAh......AAAAH
Rina: ..................
Narration: From the beginning, Johnny Joestar was...
No... perhaps when he was younger, far before he retrieved the 『corpse』 from the shelter...
he had been prepared.
He may have left on that journey
prepared for everything to end...
And that was the 『beginning of the end』.
I won't use the 「Holy Corpse」 anymore.
It will bring misfortune to someone somewhere.
George Joestar,
I'm glad I was able to meet you...
That is... enough for me...
I couldn't exchange that for anything.
I have found a happiness...... 『that cannot be replaced』.

Page 11:
Narration: He made sure his wife could not see what he did next.
While riding on the horse, he placed his son on the briefcase which held the 「Holy Corpse」.
Johnny: It will be exchanged for something of equivalent value.
But I have something here I couldn't exchange for anything.

Page 12:
Johnny: UAA AA

Page 13:

Page 14:
George: ..................

Page 15:
Rina: AH...

Page 16:
Man: And so, he saved his son......... and he saved his wife..........
Johnny Joestar took their place and died at this spot....
As for the 『Holy Corpse』, the people that had followed him from America caught up to him before long, recovered it, and brought it back with them.
That's when these『ginko leaves』 started acting like this...
The power to make things move instantaneously was left behind, it seems.

Page 17:
Guy: That's 『The Legend of the Joestar Jizou』...
Jousuke: Um......
About that 「disease」...
And that 「corpse」 or whatever...
Do they really exist?!
Guy: Hey no~~~~w...
It's a 『legend』!
That whole story I just told was 『fantasy』!
Didn't you listen to what I was saying? Quit askin' me to explain the simple things over and over again---!!
Ya keep doin' that~~

Page 18:
Guy: Even if you go try to look it up at the library, different articles have different interpretations.
Well, okay then!
That'll be 3,000 yen for the story, please.
Jousuke: Huh?!
Guy: Ah!!
You think that's a joke, don'cha?!
I'm serious!
3,000 yen! You owe me that. Make sure ya bring it
next time you come down the road!
I'm gonna hold ya to that......
Got it?!
so long.
Jousuke: Rina is part of the 『Higashikata Family』..........
[Same family tree]

Page 19-20:
Jousuke: And 『Holly Joestar』 is
her 『descendant』.
『She would lose memories......』
『and sometimes they would come back..........』
Was it really 『just fantasy』?
Why am I being sheltered by the Higashikata Family?

Page 21:
Yasuho: I did it!! [Heart]
I licked my own elbo~~~~w! [Heart]
I feel so accomplished~~~

Page 22:
Tree: Arnold [Branch]
Youichi [Right of arrow]
Nao [Left of arrow]
Mina [Top of heart]
Ken [Bottom of heart]
Shoutarou [Below arrow-tail shape]
Kishibe [Right, slightly cut off]
Yasuho: Getting a view from this angle,
they've got a real mansion on their property~~~~.

Page 23:
Yasuho: That's the place where I first met「Jousuke」...
The place with the spring.
There are two of them.

Page 24:
They say that back in the Meiji days, the 「Pine of Meditation」 was called the 「Twin Pines」.
『One』 of those trees is located on the Higashikata's property now...
Over there...
This print out...
Article: American Horseman Killed During Stay in Japan
Date: News (1901 (Meiji 34) November 13th)
Magnifying Glass: Meiji 34 November [The closed parenthesis isn't in the magnified version for some reason.]
Yasuho: On the same date...
this other small article
was in the same newspaper.

Page 25:
Newspaper: Morioh
Baby Boy Washes Up on Beach of the Twin Pines
Yasuho: The 11th.
At the base of the Twin Pines on the coast of Morioh
a boy of 1 or 2 years old was discovered, soaking wet.
And he was rescued by a local fisherman... according to the report.

Page 26:
Narration: There was evidence that baby washed up on the coast and eventually drifted to the Twin Pines.
His arms and legs had light frostbite, but he was generally in good health.
He had nothing on his person with which to identify him and his name and age are both unknown because he could not speak.
And then they went to look for the child's guardian.
Height, 74 centimeters, weight 10 kilograms.
He was naked except for a woolen gray cap and socks. And for some reason he had high-valued 「jewels」around his neck.

Page 27:
Yasuho: Meiji 34, 1901.
On the same day and in the same newspaper as the article on Johnny Joestar
an unidentified baby boy... was reported to have appeared in this spot.
What's with this article...?
What happened to the baby... after the article was written?
I couldn't find any follow up articles anywhere.
Did they find his parents......?
And the Meditation Pine used to be called the 『Twin Pines』----
There's 「one」 in the Higashikata's yard, though it's on a tilt now due to the uplifts of the 「Wall Eyes」...

Page 28:
Yasuho: There's a hole at the base of this pine tree.

Page 29-30:
Yasuho: HIIH!!

Page 31:
Yasuho: KUH

Page 32:
Yasuho: ....................
Insert Text: A shadow that enjoys cartilage... What is it?!
Bottom: <- To be continued

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