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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Doubutsu no Kuni 45

Declaration of Death

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 5, 2013 04:36 | Go to Doubutsu no Kuni

-> RTS Page for Doubutsu no Kuni 45

Only for use by HWMN.

Aaand we're done. I figured I'd just head straight through to this. Now V12's translation is done. All that's left is the desperate attempt to get people to typeset the last 2 volumes and then just checking/editing for a ton of stuff.

[Doubutsu no Kuni 45 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 142c:
Side: "Doubutsu no Kuni" Winner of the Koudansha Manga Award!! [Title and "winner" in green, the rest in red.]
Raiku Makoto [Yellow]

Page 143:
Title: Word.45 Declaration of Death

Page 144:
Box: Year 4086
Dad: HUuU

Page 145:
Giller: Dad.
Dad: What do you want, Giller? You useless brat?
Giller: I'm useless?
This house and that liquor were all bought with the money I earned, wasn't it?
Dad: Suuure are. You got famous
and I got money and was happy.
But then you started whining about not wanting to do it anymore,
oh mighty Giller-sama. Wasting everything we had.
Because we had to respect your rights, money stopped coming in.
And in a few years, even this house will be sold.

Page 146:
Giller: I may be famous, but people look at me with strange looks
and say I'm not normal.
Dad: Yeah... You're not normal.
You're a "show".
You're somebody that can only survive by being a show for other people's entertainment.
And I gave you a "place to live".
Giller: You never said that in the old days, Dad.
Dad: What?
Giller: That's why I'd like to test what something Mom taught me really means
on you, Dad.
Dad: The hell are you talking a...

Page 147:
Dad: A...
Giller: Calm down, Dad.
Giller: There's no way
to help you any more, Dad.
You can hate me and hit me,
or stab me with this knife.
Giller: I want to see what you'll do next, Dad.
I want to see what you'll do in the next few minutes before you die.

Page 148:
Dad: OOOOO!!!
Hurry, call an ambulance!!!
Dad: Hurry, call!!
Shit...... I got you nice clothes and things you want, too...
An ambulance...
Giller: He's still...... clinging to life...
Dad: Am I...
really... just gonna die?
Giller: Yes.
Dad: ............

Page 149:
Giller: He's
accepted death......
Dad: It didn't...
have any meaning... huh?
Now that I'm gonna die...
This house, this money......
My body's... cold...
I did...... awful things...
to my cute little boy...
And used him to make money...
Please forgive me.

Page 150:
Dad: I love you,
And Lisa...
I need to apologize to her...
U... Uh...
I'm... sorr...
Dad: Lisa.

Page 151:
[He's so damn happy.]

Page 152:
Giller: It'll happen soon,
Thing: Completion!!
Someone: Has Tarouza still not woken up yet?
Just a little longer. He should be up in just 10 minutes.
Capri: Then let's wait.
Before we go to Gaia Spinal,
I'll have him tell me how to save the lions.

Page 153:
Riemu: I'm so sorry, Danba...
Luke: Sorry, Riemu.
Even though he was being manipulated,
Robin did that to your precious comrades...
We will be your guards until we get to Gaia Spinal.
We'll protect you.
So after the cries are united......
We'll be friends......

Page 154:
Luke: ............
SFX" KURU... (Turn)
Luke: Just a little is fine.
Please, talk to me again......

Page 155:
Kokono: Everyone! I've checked the path to Gaia Spinal!
Giller is 10 floors above us!
But I didn't see any Chimeras guarding him.
So let's go to Gaia Spinal while we have this chance......
Giller: To all of the animals in this tower......
To all of the animals on this planet.

Page 156:
Giller: I send this final message.
Capri: Giller......
Giller: My name is Giller Giller Giller.
To all of the animals on this planet,
no, to all of the lives on this planet,

Page 157:
Giller: I will give you death.
Ena: This guy... is still saying that crap...?
Giller: The angel that will carry out the duty of giving you death has just been born.
Guys: ?!
Kokono: Could it be......?

Page 158-159:
Guys: Something just broke apart somewhere below us!!
What's going on?!
Luke: That body of energy moved.
Robin: Yes, sir. Approximately 400 floors below us.
Giller: The angel's name is Globule.
His destructive power goes without saying. He is a weapon stronger than any animal on this planet.
But his biggest advantage is the perpetual motion device "Sohm" inside his heart.

Page 160:
Giller: Using "Sohm", Globule
has a life span of approximately 1 billion years.
A good way to think of it is that there is a small star constantly releasing energy inside his body.
Giller: How shall he destroy all of the creatures of this world, you may ask?
I've had an idea.
Humans once created weapons of mass destruction called nuclear bombs.
But these cannot be used to destroy all lives.
Long ago
over 100 million years ago, there were animals called dinosaurs that throve on this planet.
Those dinosaurs were wiped out in one day by the impact of a meteorite approximately 10 kilometers in diameter.
This impact had a force approximately 1 billion times greater than that of a nuclear bomb.

Page 161:
Giller: The energy created by that impact increased the ground temperature of this planet to several thousand degrees,
frying all of the dinosaurs living on this planet...... But
even then, below the surface of the ground, the temperature only rose a mere 30-40 degrees.
And if you dove even deeper, there were some places where the temperature didn't change at all.
The same was the case deep underwater.
So creatures that lived in the soil and in the water survived.
And after many long years, they crawled out.
And so you all, the current animals flourished.
The concept of life
is a very stubborn thing.

Page 162:
Giller: In that regard, Globule's power is optimal.
Giller: The sensors Globule has
seek out the force of life.
Whether it's in the ground or in the water,
tiny bugs, bacteria, or plant seeds,
he will find them all and exterminate them.
whether it takes thousands of years,
or take tens of thousands of years.
He is the angel of death
and will guide all lives of this world to death!

Page 163:
Riemu: Stop this, Giller!!!
Your thinking is abnormal!!! What will doing all that accomplish?!!
You have no right to take others' lives!!
Stop Globule right now!!!
Giller: Abnormal?
Just what exactly is normal and what is abnormal?
You've told me not to give others death,
but you need to kill other creatures and eat them in order to live, yes?
If you include plants, just how much life have you taken in order to live?
with those bodies that need to take lives in order to kill, how is my mass slaughter abnormal?

Page 164:
Giller: "Life" is suffering......
Especially animals with brains that think
and feel pain.
They therefore possess immeasurable suffering.
Tarouza spoke of that suffering, too, didn't he?
If you look at the history of us humans, you'll see just how much suffering occurs.
Look at the era where civilization still had few laws of equality.
The strong took everything and the weak had everything taken from them.
Left with no choice but to obey the absurdity of the world......
People all wished for their hearts to be supported with "religion".
If it weren't for the teachings of religion, they would not have been able to escape from suffering.

Page 165:
Giller: As civilization grew, some great teachings were born
but they were not able to give "all creatures equal happiness"!!
As long as there is life, there will be those that are strong and weak.
with death alone, there is equality.
Both the strong, the weak, the holy, and the tyrannical,
everyone is always equal in death.
And death purifies all.

Page 166:
Giller: No matter what wrongdoings they committed,
or how stepped in greed they were,

Page 167:
Giller: when they accept death
and riches, power, fame, everything becomes meaningless,
a life returns...
to it's noble
true nature.
With an immaculate
and beautiful face.

Page 168:
Giller: Death makes all hatred, suffering,
discrimination, inequality,
war, greed, evil, and ugliness
And all that appears after is......

Page 169:
[What even is this?]

Page 170:
Giller: equality
and tranquility.
[Just some church I guess.]

Page 171:
Giller: Beings that are afraid of death!
Be not afraid!! The suffering will pass in an instant!!
All lives end without exception!!!
Giller: There will be others that say since they are going to die anyhow, they will let their desire run rampant,
steal and rape.
Ones that will do whatever they want, even if it oppresses others!!
Giller: But rest easy! The closer death's footsteps come,
everyone will repent and look upon their neighbors with eyes filled with love!!!

Page 172-173:
Giller: Globule's light and his footsteps will make all living creatures
show their lives' most beautiful forms!!!

Page 174:
Somebody: UOoOOOOOOOO!!!
Giller: Globule!!!
"Rooster Tail"!!!

Page 175:

Page 176-177:

Page 178:
Horse: It's... all over.
We're really..... all gonna die.
Hippo: I'm gonna eat!! I'm gonna fill my stomach on everything I like while I've got the chance!!!
Tanuki: I love you, Lola!!
Lola: I'm sorry! I love Sid!
Rabbits: Kids... come here.
Get close to me......

Page 179:
Kokono: The Gaia Spinal is the least of our problems now.
Capri: Unless we stop that guy......
Luke: This looks bad, Robin.
Robin: Yes, sir!
It's a terrific power.
We're not match for it.
Giller: Now, fly, Globule!!!
Burn this tower to ashes and erase all of the life of this planet!!
Tarou: Don't... let him...... go...
Salad: !!
Tarouza!! Don't wake up yet!
The healing process isn't done!!

Page 180
Tarou: But...... if that thing takes off......
Giller: This is a pleasant departure.
After all life is eliminated from this world......
Let us die together,
Thing: An emergency warning has been raised.
"Level 7".
Kokono: ?!!
Thing: The presence of an organism with a high destructive ability has been confirmed.

Page 181:
Thing: Babel Toiwer Transformation
Giller: What's this......?
Deer: The final and most powerful shield system created to protect mankind!!
No matter how strong your Rooster Tail is, you will not break it easily!!
I've seen through your plan!

Page 182-183:
Deer: You will not escape this place!!!

Page 184:
I dunno who you are, but what you did was unbelievably convenient for me!
Deer: ?!
Some animals entered the guardia?
A dog...... and......
a human?
Jyu: That's right...... Great timing.
When your ambition was truly a step away from being achieved
I drag you and your face filled with joy
down to the depths of hell.
And then, with your face full of regret,
lamentation, and chagrin, I will tear it apart and kill you.

Page 185:
Jyu: It'll be the ultimate show.

Page 186-187:
Jyu: Riiight,
Bottom: Continued in Volume 13 Word.46

Page 188:
Top: Omake Pages
Raiku: "Doubutsu no Kuni" received this year's Koudansha Manga Award for the juvenile category.
I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the readers.
At first, when we were talking about whether or not to nominate "Doubutsu no Kuni" for the juvenile category for the Koudansha Manga Award,
There's no chance we can win, huh?
Is what we thought.
Because the number of copies printed of this work I was trying so hard on was lower than my goal.
Handwritten: Mu~~~
This kinda sucks...
Editor: No, manga awards aren't all about number of copies printed.
Shirt and Face: Editor
Raiku: They said.
I was really happy about the senseis in the selection committee reading it,
so I consented for them to nominate it.
Top Box: Selection Committee
Lower Box: Andou Yuuma-sensei Ueda Miwa-sensei
Fujisawa Tooru-sensei Fujishima Kousuke-sensei
Maekawa Takeshi-sensei Matsunae Akemi-sensei
Tami Norifusa-sensei
Handwritten: There are a lot of senseis in it that I've read since I was in middle school and high school.

Page 189:
Raiku: And they day the selection results were announced
Handwritten: Even though I thought I didn't have a chance to win, I was waiting pretty anxiously.
Phone: Congratulations!! You won the award!
Handwritten: Banzai!
Raiku: Because "Doubutsu no Kuni" is has the very heavy and difficult subject matter of the strong preying on the weak,
it's been a very difficult manga to write.
To be honest, even harder than "Gash".
So winning this award felt like a reward for all that hardship.
This is also thanks to my assistants, my editors,
my designers, everyone involved, and most of all, the support from you readers.
As to not dishonor the award,
I will keep drawing "Doubutsu no Kuni" with everything I've got.
Handwritten: In humbly,
truly thank you all.

Page 190-191:
[Okay, so, Volume 13 comes out November 8th.]

Page 192:
[Aaaaand copyright page.]

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#1. by Doomroar ()
Posted on Aug 5, 2013
Page 151:
i don't know man that is more like a confused face that in a confused state decides to smile just to escape the despair of not knowing what the hell just happened...

Page 163:
"You have to right to take others' lives!!" change the 1st to -> no

haha! yeah! he is a plant life activist, and an equalitarian, he spreads death to everyone equally XD, im loving this guy!

Page 169:
no idea, only master Raiku may know, and i think not even he himself knows, so i will hunch it to Giller's traumatized head.

Page 170:
is the church of extra hardcore Communism! extreme equality! fanatics i tell you... really...

Page 172-173: Globule may not have the manliest or more awe inducing name, but he definitively looks cool as hell!

Page 174: Rooster tail? but... but! bah for get it...

Page 181: well done mister Deer, protecting us all from those nasty tails...

Damn you Jyu, you are too OP, you need to be nerfed!

Man im glad this is getting recognized beyond a sales or marketing level, it really deserves it, this manga is amazing!!!! and yes i think im liking it even more than Zatch i even think this may count as a seinen sometimes... is so good, that it transcends its demographic.

Also as always thanks for the translation!
#2. by yupinaa ()
Posted on Aug 14, 2013
Thank you so much for translating!! i really wish the next volume was translated already!! its too tempting to look at the raws >.<
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