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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Gintama 457

Making Light of Early Plot Elements is Fatal

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 15, 2013 04:20 | Go to Gintama

-> RTS Page for Gintama 457

Only for use by HWMN

Respect the plot elements from the beginning of the story, or they'll come back to bite you in the ass.

[Gintama 457 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: ☆Really, the movie version is all thanks to you...
Kagura: It is hot, yes?
Title: "Gintama"
Gin: The hell is up with summer this year?
Every damn day, it's the hottest summer on record.
Shin: Is this part of the effect of global warming?
Just what direction is the earth heading in?
Kagura: No... Not that.
You guys are suffocating me, you bastaaards!!
Kagura: Get out of here!! This is my parasol, yes?!!
Gin: Geez, don't yell. You'll draw attention. We're in the middle of tailing somebody.
Shin: Three people stuck together like the dumpling three brothers is way more suspicious!
T/N: The Dumpling Three Brothers (Dango 3 Kyodai) is a song that was the best selling single in Japan in 1999.

Page 2:
Gin: If we step out and expose ourselves to those hot sun rays, the dumpling three brothers will become the fried chicked three brothers.
Just for a little while, okay? You're always getting to stay cool under this thing by yourself.
Kagura: What?!! I do not hang out under this parasol because I enjoy it! You see, we Yato...
Gin: Yeah, yeah, whatever. Everybody's forgotten the plot element of you guys being weak against sunlight, right? It was too much trouble, right?
Kagura: HUUH?!!
Gin: There've been plenty of times where he forgot to draw the parasol and just drew you in direct sunlight perfectly fine, right?
Okay? So it's fine. Forget about that character stuff, man, it's hot. Just throw all that stuff away.
Kagura: What kind of outrageous thing are using the heat as an excuse to say?!
Gin: When you've been serialized as long as we are, you gotta drop one or two obtrusive plot elements like that.
The readers'll understand. So even if an umbrella or a four-eyes are in one panel and are gone in the next, nobody'll complain.
Shin: Yes, they will!! You just slipped a human being in that list of plot points to get rid of!!
Kagura: What ever, just get out!! You guys are disgusting!!
Someone: Aw, man! I can't take this heat anymore!!
Shin: Ah, Gin-san. The target just entered a love hotel neighborhood.
Gin: What?!
Hurry up, hurry up! Get the camera!

Page 3:
Guys: Aw man, we lost them?! That was out chance to get proof of infidelity...!!
Shin: Uh, they're in one of the hotels, right?
Ah well. Guess we'll have to watch over the area and wait for the moment they come out.
Gin: Huh?! In this scorching hell?!
Okay, well I'll go stand guard for now, and in around 30 minutes come switch out with me.
Hey, Kagura, lend me that parasol.
Shin: Uh, you've already got the parasol.
Gin: Huh? Uh oh...
Hey, Kagura,
I'm borrowin' this parasol.
Gin: .........
Hey... are you listening?
Gin: Kagura?
Hey, does she seem a little odd to you?
Shin: Kagura-chan?
Gin: Hey, Kagu...
Gin: Kagura! Hey, Kagura!!
Shin: Kagura-channnnnnnnn!!

Page 4:
Insert: ----Below an innocent umbrella
her face is a distant memory...
☆"The Gintama Theatrical Movie - Conclusion Arc - Yorozuya Forever"
Incredible, fantastically, has had a total over over 1 million viewers!!!!
Thanks to all of you, it's really, seriously, a big hit!!!
You can now get a postcard present with a message of thanks from the bottom of his heart personally written by Sorachi-sensei!! For details, check the official movie's official home page!!!
Title: Lesson 457
Making Light of Early Plot Elements is Fatal
Author: Sorachi Hideaki

Page 5:
Guy: So, doctor, what's Kagura's condition?
Sign: Reception New Patients
Doctor: Just a little heatstroke.
...Or something that looks a lot like it. But her condition seems somewhat odd.
Gin: Huh?
Doctor: We've given her the usual treatment, but her fever hasn't gone down at all.
She's... not an earthling, correct?
And she's part of quite a rare species, at that.
Unfortunately, we don't have much data regarding the Yato at this hospital.
I've heard that they're a species that has an extremely low resistance to sunlight, however.
Does that give you any ideas?
Was she perhaps exposed to the sun for a prolonged period?
Gin: No... I wouldn't know anything about that.
Doctor: Was she perhaps coerced to over work herself and given little hydration under this blazing hot sun?
Gin: I can't recall!!
T/N: The doctor is sorta modeled after Black Jack. The character from the Tezuka manga.

Page 6:
Gin: They've gotta keep her a while... see how she progresses......
In the meantime, they're checking around for more thorough data and a hospital that can accept her.
At this point, they can't say for sure whether her condition will improve or deteriorate.
Gin: ............
Shin: It... It's our fault.
That happened right when we were making light of Kagura's character setup!!
Gin: C... Calm down. He said it wasn't a major illness.
Even if this is a heat wave, somebody who's been fit as a fiddle under intense sunlight wouldn't just suddenly fall ill because of that...
Shin: Maybe... it's because she's pushed herself so hard, going around with us all this time.
Maybe with long stay here on earth, Kagura-chan's body was...
slowly being eaten away by the sun.
AAAAAUGH! It's all our fault!! If only we hadn't been such idiots!!
Gin: I told you, there's nothin' ta worry about. She ain't the type to be defeated by something like sunlight.
Gin: This is a happy time, she'll be able to stay at a hotel room for a while where she can eat something besides egg over rice.
Right, Kagura?

Page 7:
Kagura: I told you... I don't want it.
I don't... have any appetite.
Nurse: But if you don't eat, your health will...
I'm... not doing so hot, even if I don't eat, right?
I'm the one...
that knows my body best... after all.
Someone: A... Are you all right?
Shin: Kah... Kagura-chan!

Page 8:
Kagura: Ah... you guys came to see me, huh?
Shin: What's wrong, Kagura-chan?!
Gin: Why's she speaking standard Japanese? And why's she coughing all of a sudden?
Shin: Y-You, not touching your food...?
H... How can that...
Kagura: I'm sorry... We ended up failing the job because of me.
I was... trying so hard not to cause trouble for you guys... that I ended up causing quite a lot of trouble, huh...?
You guys don't need to worry about me, okay?
I knew... that his would happen to me someday...
Bloody, dangerous, social outcasts like us Yato...
aren't suited... to a planet shined on by a sun.
I knew that I
had no place in this warm, sunny world.
But... even while I spent these days being singed by this scorching light...
while my life dwindled away each day in a writing pain...
the fact that I didn't leave you all... was just out of my own selfishness.
Handwritten: Did it really hurt that bad?! Did she really endure that much?!

Page 9:
Kagura: So please, don't worry about me, Gin-chan.
It's not... your fault, okay, Gin-chan?
Handwritten: My fault?! So it does kinda seem like this is something I did?!
H...H...Hey, Kagura.
Quit kiddin' around. You've just got a little sunstroke. You're fine.
Q-Quit bein' such a drama queen. They said not to worry and you'll be back to your old self in no time.
Nurse: What did you just do?!
The doctor! Quick, call the doctor!
Nurse: A... Anyhow, please leave her to us for now!!
Please don't goad her any further!!
Handwritten: Kagura-channnnn!!

Page 10:
Shin: Kagura-chan!! Kagura-chann!!
Nurse: Honestly, what are you thinking?
We told you you need to re-hydrate yourself,
but if you drink all this, you won't have any room to eat.
Kagua: Oh, sorry~~
Kagura: Kukuku. It would seem that it worked even better than I expected, yes?
Keep feeling responsibility, blame yourself more!
You had best think deeply about making light of and denying someone's serious character setup, yes?
Luckily, it looks like this hospital does not have much knowledge on the Yato.
No one will notice I only have a summer cold.
So this is a good opportunity
to learn how serious my setup, and how precious a person I am again.

Page 11:
Kagura: I suppose I will keep this up and enjoy myself, yes?
Nurse: How are you feeling today, Kagura-chan?
Kagura: My body still kinda feels round and heavy like a rock.
I feel like i need to stay in the hospital for around another week.
Nurse: Huh? Was this the maternity ward?
Woman: Kagura-chan, you have guests here to see you.
Kagura: !!
Hold on! Just one second!
Kagura: HAH!!
Uh-oh, my stomach!!
Gin: Kagura, we're coming in.

Page 12:
Kagura: Gi... Gin-chan. You came to see me so early in the morning.
Gin: Y... Yeah. That's because we've been staying here at the hospital for now, too.
Gin: You doing okay? Your breathing sounds pretty rough. Is it hard?
Kagura: Y... Yes. My chest has been hurting since yesterday and I can't sleep.
Gin: A.... And uh, why's your blanket bulging so much like that?
Kagura: B-Because of all the sunlight I was exposed to, m-my whole body is bloated.
D... Don't look, okay? I don't... want anyone to see me like this.
Gin: Kagura...
D... Don't worry. We know you. I'll just say you ate too much food again and nobody'll realize.
Kagura: I actually did just eat too much though...
Gin: A... Also, I'll be staying in this room with you, starting today.
Um... The AC here works better than the one we have at the Yorozuya, so it's pretty comfortable. And I can stare at the nurses all I want.
So, uh... Just relax and go to sleep.
This is just like the Yorozuya you know.
SFX: BORI... (Scratch)

Page 13:
Kagura: Pukukuh. He's fussing over me more than usual, yes?
Thank you... Gin-chan.
But I...
don't know how much longer... I'm going to be able to stay with everybody,
so I'm going stay awake as long as I can to spend as many moments with you all as possible, yes?
Gin: D...
Gin: Don't be stupid. You shouldn't say things like that.
I'm going to the store to buy Jump. You want anything?
Kagura: I... I would like some pudding.
Gin: Pudding, huh?
Gin: Here.
Kagura: THat was faaaAAAAST!!
Kagura: We're on the third floor and the store's on the first floor, but he got back here in an instant, yes?!
Maybe it's because I said I wanted to spend as much time with him as I could...
It looks like he is feeling quite guilty, yes? But I can use this in as many ways as Doraemon's pocket.

Page 14:
Kagura: Sorry, Gin-chan. I thought I would be able to eat something sweet,
but it is making me queasy. Could you get something thicker...
Gin: Yogurt, right?
Kagura: Jaian just got blown away before Nobita could say "Doraemo~~n", yes?! That was just way too fast!
Kagura: It has not even become yogurt yet!!
Box: Strawberry Milk
Kagura: Um, Gin-chan? This hasn't even fermented yet... it is too early, yes?
Gin: Ah, yeah. I thought I didn't know what was going on in Jump. This is next week's issue.
Kagura: What does that mean?! He went so fast he went to the store in the future?!
O... Okay, then. You like strayberry milk, right, Gin-chan? Here, I'll give it to you.
Gin: No thanks, I had some before.
Kagura: But he's more irritating than fast! He really just gave me his leftover trash, didn't he?!!
Kagura: Ah, when I ate that pudding, I got kind of sleepy.
Gin: Yeah, but before ya do, there is one thing I want to talk about. Which do you prefer, flashy ceremonies, or private funerals?
Kagura: Now you're really getting ahead of yourseeeelf!!

Page 15:
Kagura: When I said I am going to sleep, I did not mean for all eternity.
Gin: S... Sorry. I guess that was pretty indescreet, huh? I wasn't talking about you.
I meant this money.
Handwritten: If I can get it, a burial at sky would really be great.
Kagura: That's way more indiscreet!
Do you not care if I die, Gin-chan!
Gin: Of course I care!
Kagura: That is right! With my body like this, it won't be long before...
Yes... That tree I can see out the window.
Around the time when from that tree...
the pervert on it falls to the ground... My life will also...
Handwritten: What does that brat think she's doing, flirting with Gin-san?!!
Gin: N... No need to worry, look!
The pervert is still hanging from that tree with such liveliness, ain't it?!
Handwritten: Well, I would not say lively, yes?
Kagura: Not that one.
Kagura: The pervert over there
has already fallen to the ground.
Handwritten: Sister, hurry! We've got to go visit her!!

Page 16:
Gin: Don't worry, look!! There's another pervert growing from the pervert that fell to the ground!
Kagura: Not that one, that one.
Kagura: He really does
seem to be about to fall.
Gin: He'd already fallen to begin with.
Kagura: Oh, really?
Hase: You're not gonna help me?! [Circe says Hase]
Gin: Hey, everybody else is coming to visit, so cheer up!
If you keep up that gloomy look on your face, everybody's gonna laugh at you.
Kagura: He does seem to have thought about what he did a little.

Page 17:
Kagura: Oh well...
I think...... I'm feeling a little better...
Gin: Kah... Kaguraaa!!
Kagura: Aw man.
I got greedy and really did eat too much!!
Gin: Are you all...
Wait, huh? What's with that belly?
Kagura: ............
Guh... It... It hurts... My consciousness is fading...
Gin: Hey, Kaguraaa!
Doctooooor! Somebody, get here quiiiick!!
Gin: G-Get a hold of yourself! Kagura!! Kagura!!
Kagura: Th... This is not good. I did manage to deceive him, but...
in exchange, I actually did end myself up in a critical condition...!!
I did not intend for it to go this far.
What do I do?
What do I do?
Insert: ☆The dire situation begins!!
Bottom: GIntama
...Lesson 457
/ End

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