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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Wolfsmund 6

Cedar and Juwel

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Aug 21, 2013 05:04 | Go to Wolfsmund

-> RTS Page for Wolfsmund 6


I'll be doing the rest of this. It's only I think gonna be 5 volumes total. It's gonna be fun guys, right? RIGHT? NOT EVERYBODY'S GONNA DIE MISERABLY, RIGHT?

The manga serializes at irregular rates and I'll only have time to work on this irregularly.

[Wolfsmund 6 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 91:
TItle: Chapter 6
Cedar and Juwel

Page 92:
Guy: Great job making it back!
Especially making it through that "Wolf's Maw".
One of the three federated states of the montane forests, Uri.
The village of Andermatt.
The enemy is only really on the lookout for people coming out.
It should be simple to enter Italy.
It won't be long now.
We just need to hold out a little longer.
We'll make preparations over the summer
then come autumn, we'll get things underway.
Please let the alliance know that.
Guy: Right.
Dammit. I really can't wait
for that time to come.
Guy: ?!
What's that?!

Page 93:
Guys: Arrest them!
This is an order from his excellency!
Do not resist!
You are under suspicion for conspiracy to commit insurrection.
You will accompany us to the castle.
Guys: Shit!
Prepare yourself!

Page 94:
Guys: Hey now, don't be bashful!
This liquor is an offering from his excellency!
Go ahead and drink your fill!
Drink it and show your gratitude
to his excellency...
by coughing up everything you know!

Page 95:
Guy: Answer.
Upside down man: HAA
Guy: Where did you come from?
What did you come here to do?
Upside down man: HAA
Guy: What were you talking to that man about?
Ups: HAA
Guy: ......
This man's not very bright.
Let's try one more time.
Haven't had enough?
Okay, drink some more.

Page 96:
Leopold: Purposefully allowing rebels to pass through
and then tailing them was a shrewd tactic.
A job well done for you, where it could have been very costly to yourself.
I'll praise you honestly this time,
Wolf: I'm flattered.
That is rare praise,
your excellency.
But even I am merely one of the retainers that serves the Duke of Austria.
For the sake of peace in this land and further grown of your house,
I intend to make the exposing of rebels my top priority
and put in even further levels of effort.

Page 97:
Leopold: There is false hope among the people of the forest confederacy.
Someone outside the domain is devising wicked schemes, encouraging them.
Do not ease your guard on those entering from Italy.
Wolf: Yes, sire.
As you command.
Of course,
that is what I am doing.
Because by doing so
seems so much more fun.
Now then,
let us hurry back
to our mountain pass of pleasure.

Page 98:
Mistress: It's my fault, isn't it......?
If only I'd realized that those people had come..........
Guy: This was the first time messengers had come from from the South.
You cannot take all the blame, Mistress.
Mistress: I am here to shoulder a duty.
Unless I fulfill that duty,
there is no point in my being here.
This is my post. My battlefield.
I cannot forgive myself
for making errors.

Page 99:
Guy: I'll be back later.
I'm leaving it to you from here.
Mistress: Thank you.
I'll give it my all.
See ya.
Say hi to everyone for me.
Narration: The beginning of the 14th Century, the Alpine Region.
St. Gotthard Pass.

Page 100:
Narration: South of the pass was the Italian-speaking region. Across the mountain range were a number of developing trade cities that welcomed merchants.
Top: Hapsburg Austria Territory
Small Boxes: Alpine Region
Top Middle: Zⅱich
Going Clockwise: Schweiz
St. Gotthard Pass [Double box]
Bottom: Towards Milan, Italy
Narration: The city on the Italian side, South of the pass,
Woman: Gather 'round!
Come one,
come all!
I am Cedar
this is my
daughter, Juwel,
and this is our mother-daughter ball-balancing and music dance!
If we tickle your fancy, please show your appreciation with applause~~!

Page 101:
Guy: Hooh.

Page 102:
Cedar: !!
Hey, Juwel,
what are you doing?!

Page 103:
Cedar: Ah, um. A payment...
Guy: Like I'd pay to see an amateur performance like that!
You stupid wench!
Juwel: I'm sorry, Mom...
There was a rock......
Handwritten: HAH

Page 104:
Cedar: You were crying and clinging to me, saying you want to go,
so I brought you against my better judgement
and look. You've only gotten in the way.
You really are a burden.
Juwel: I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.

Page 105:
Cedar: Augh, geez, would you cut it out already?
Just how long
are you going to cry and whine like that?
Juwel: IGI
Cedar: If you don't listen to your mother,
then she would rather just leave you here!
Juwel: N-
Not that, please!
Please don't leave me behind!
Guy: Hello, miss.
Cedar: What is it?
If you want to see our act, you'll have to pay.
Guy: Of course.
I intend to. But......

Page 106:
Guy: The bishop would like to meet with you.
Cedar: The bishop? Of the city?
Guy: Ooh, you're here!
I've been waiting for you!
Don't be shy,
come closer.
Cedar: It is such an honor for you to invite us, Bishop.
I am the traveling entertainer, Cedar.
And beside me is my daughter, Juwel.
Guy: Ah, yes, I thought so.
Seeing you close up
you are even
more beautiful.

Page 107:
Bishop: I caught a glimpse of you in the city earlier.
Though it was from rather far away.
I thought it was a most charming performance.
And I was hoping
that as side entertainment for after dinner
you could show me
a particular performance of yours.
Do you understand
what it is I'm saying?
Cedar: Of course I understand, Bishop.
I will gladly bolster my best performance for you.
Bishop: Oh, then that will make things simple.
Splendid, splendid.

Page 108:
Guy: You speak German,
Why are you here in Italy?
Where are you headed next?
Juwel: German is the language of my mom's country.
Mom had come from the north before she gave birth to me, she said.
Past the mountains in a cold, faraway place.
We've been living in southern cities
with Mom's "valued clients".
She says they're nice to us
because we come from the same hometown.

Page 109:
Juwel: Those people say they want to send letters to their hometown.
So mom ends up bringing going back there,
she'll deliver those letters.
Guy: Anyhow, your mom sure is strict, isn't she?
Is she always like that?
Juwel: That's because I'm......
a "burden".

Page 110:
Guy: You're not a bad girl.
Your mother just has no room in her heart to be kind to you.
If you'd like, I could put in a word...
How about this?
Until your mother comes back from her errand,
I could see about you staying at the nunnery.
Juwel: My mom said she might
not come back.
If I stay here,
I'll definitely be abandoned.
Guy: I see.
I suppose there's nothing I can do.
perhaps you should have some soup before the bread.
I won't taste good if it gets cold.
Juwel: Thank you,
Mr. Monk.

Page 111:
Cedar: Hey, Bishop.
What about my payment?
How much might you be giving me?
Bishop: Hm?
Afterwards. Don't talk about money part-way through.
Geez, how greedy.
I'll pay more than the standard amount,
so don't worry.
You really are a tramp.
No nobility whatsoever.
Cedar: Don't be so cruel.
When I set out on my journey, they money I had
was so little.
It's really hard for one woman to travel
and raise a daughter on her own, you know?

Page 112:
Cedar: Listen closely, Juwel!
The mountain pass coming up
is a gate build by the lord of Austria.
It's an incredibly scary place called "The Wolf's Maw".
They capture people and kill them.
So we have to pass through carefully so we aren't captured.

Page 113:
Cedar: So make sure of this.
Listen closely to everything I say.
Be a good girl.
Don't sniffle or cry.
Juwel: Hey, Mom.
Why do we have to go to such a scary place!
Why would we have to do something like that?
Cedar: Because I was entrusted with an immensely important letter.
So I have to make sure it's delivered.
So whatever happens
make sure...

Page 114:
Narration: After we had climbed the perilous mountain road,
we reached the barrier in the mountain pass.
It was a barrier constructed to collect tariffs from travelers
and to lock up those that were defiant to their ruler.
Those that were fighting back against the oppression
with fear and resentment, call that gate

Page 115:
Wolf: The traveling performer Cedar
and her daughter, Juwel.
It's all right.
You may raise up your heads.

Page 116:
Wolf: Allow me to inquire about your destination
and your purpose for traveling.
Cedar: We are on our way to a place called Saint Jakob, near Basel.
I am tired from many years in the entertainment industry
so I thought we would return to our hometown to find a job in order to raise my daughter.

Page 117:
Wolf: This is a real pass issued from the Lugano municipal authorities.
I acknowledge that there are no issues.
Wolf: However...
recently, we have been troubled by a great number of rebels about as of recent.
So we are currently in the process of cracking down on them.
Therefore, we will need to do a detailed check of all luggage of anyone passing through
to be sure that there is nothing relating to any criminals anywhere in them.
Cedar: Ah, of course.
I would be happy to cooperate.
Please perform as thorough an investigation as you see fit.
Wolf: In regards to that.........
There is something that is a bit difficult for me to ask of a lady, but...
we would like to examine your clothes.
Just to have a thorough check of every nook and cranny.

Page 118:
[Yes everybody, it's that part.]

Page 119:
Guy: There is nothing of suspicion.
Wolf: Hm.
Cedar: Then please, hurry and return our clothes!
It is very cold out here!
Wolf: Now, now.
Please wait just a moment.
There are several places where a human could hide something inside their body.
Especially women, which have hiding places that men do not.
So in order to fully clear you,
we would have to insert a finger or such a thing
just to make sure, you see............

Page 120:
Juwel: Mom.........
Guy: Nothing.
Nothing at all.
Cedar: Get it now?
Okay, now please return my clothes and bags
and let me through here.
Wolf: Unfortunately
we still have
one person we much check.

Page 121:
Juwel: !!
Cedar: Juwel!
Juwel: S......
Cedar: She's still just a child!
An innocent young girl!
There wouldn't be anything in there!
Please, have mercy!
Wolf: Yes, yes.
It is my job to determine that.
When this is done, I'll let you through.
I promise.
Juwel: M... Mom?!

Page 122:
Juwel: Even if it hurts,
I need to get through it.
If I cry
Mom will scold me again.
Hold on.
Hold on.

Page 123:
Cedar: Please endure it, Juwel! I'm counting on you!
Juwel: ..........
Cedar: When this is over, we'll be able to leave the gate.
So please,
please hang in there, Juwel!

Page 124:
I told myself I had no choice because it was "master's" instructions.
But really...
I knew I shouldn't have brought you with me.
Even if it seemed unreasonable, I should have left you with someone.

Page 125:
Wolf: I sincerely apologize for the humble accommodations.
I'll have food and bedding prepared for you right away,
so please rest here for a moment.
It was terrible of me to do that to your young daughter.
Do please forgive me.
When your daughter's wounds have healed
we will get everything in order for you to depart,
so I do hope you rest easy.

Page 126:
Wolf: You have my sincerest apologies
for detaining you so long.
You are no longer under any suspicion,
Miss Juwel.
You've done well.
You have permission to pas.
Go right ahead, you may leave.
Juwel: Mom!
Cedar: Ah, you really
did great!
You're such a good girl!
Wolf: Please do not misunderstand.

Page 127:
Wolf: Miss Cedar,
I'm afraid you cannot pass through.
I must order you to leave this territory.
Please return to Italy immediately.
Do you really think that there is a mother alive that would stand by and watch her own daughter be sexually assaulted?
You want to go back to your hometown to raise your daughter?
I honestly cannot say such words are completely truthful.
For the sake of peace in this domain,
I cannot allow anyone suspicious to pass through.
If you really want,
you could undertake the now somewhat famous
fun little examination
of our barrier once again......

Page 128:
Juwel: No!
please don't leave me!
Take me with you!
Don't leave me by myself!
Let me go!
Wolf: Honestly.
What troublesome people.
If you don't want to leave her,
then you could simply go back to Italy with her.
Cedar: Good magistrate,
I have something I have to tell my daughter.
So please, allow me a bit of time.

Page 129:
Wolf: All right.
You may speak to her.
Juwel: Moooom!
Cedar: Juwel!
Listen, Juwel!
please stop crying.
Quiet down
and listen closely to what I'm about to say.
Please wait for me at the other side of the gate.
Mom will definitely
follow after you soon.
So be a good girl
and help
Mom out.

Page 130:
[That's probably the skull of one of the previous protagonists.]

Page 131:
Mistress: I wonder what's wrong
with that girl..........?

Page 132:
Cedar: Even if I can't get through the barrier, I'll be able to make it over the border.
If I can just make it past the Southern fortress...
It's Summer,
why is it this cold?
But there's
no other way.

Page 133:
Cedar: HAA
So cold.
It feels like my heart's gonna stop.

Page 134:
Cedar: Ah!

Page 135:
Wolf: My, my.
You've done exactly what I thought you would, haven't you?
Cedar: !

Page 136:
Wolf: An ordinary person would've just given up and gone back to Italy, would they not?
Bringing their daughter with them, of course.
The fact that you've gone this far
means that I cannot accept the reason that you are merely a traveling performer.
Being from Basel was false, too, yes?
You are really a person of the forest confederacy, are you not?
Do you have some connection to the rebels?
Cedar: S-
So cold.........

Page 137:
Wolf: That's water that's gathered there
after melting from the snow of the alps.
I don't suspect you would last half an hour in there.
If you answer honestly to our investigation
we will help you out of the water.
What is the true goal of your journey?
Who were you intending to meet?
What deed were you planning to enact on this land?

Page 138:
[The next main character's gonna be those gophers I bet.]

Page 139:
Guy: Close the gate!

Page 140:
Cedar: If I'm not there after one night,
go on ahead and call for help.
Go to a place called Andermatt,
and look for a person that knows the password.
And then
listen to whatever that person says.
If you do that, that person
will help us.
Juwel: Hold on,
I'll go
get help soon.

Page 141:
Wolf: Just as I expected.
She's left, has she?
Now then,
just as we planned...
Knight: Yes, sir!

Page 142:
Juwel: HAA
I have to hurry...
Hold on...

Page 143:
Juwel: It hurts......
The place I hurt the other day
is bleeding again...... It won't stop......
I've got to hurry
or Mom will....
Guy: What?
Someone sleeping outdoors here?
Yeah, right.
At a place like this, she's probably so cold she can't move.
Mistress: Oh?
Then perhaps I should warm her up?
Guy: !!

Page 144:
Mistress: Shall I lay you down
to sleep with her?
Guy: The mistress of the inn?!
What are you doing at a place like this?!
Mistress: Ah,
don't be so unfriendly. [Heart]
Guy: Hey,
stop messing around!
Mistress: KYAA

Page 145:
Guy: You little...
what the hell are you tryin' ta do?
Mistress: Ah, oh no!
What in the world could have happened?!
Guy: Damn you!

Page 146:
Mistress: Noooo!!
Guy: You...
My... My eeeeyes!

Page 147:

Page 148:
Mistress: Hey,
are you all right?
Why are you all by yourself?
Weren't you with someone?
Blood... is it that time of the month for her?
she's still too young.
Is your livestock
a cow
or maybe a horse?
Juwel: A goat!
It's a goat!

Page 149:
Mistress: I knew it,
you came from Lugano, didn't you?
Juwel: Yes...
Mistress: Hey!
Get a hold of yourself!
Juwel: I have a message.....
from my Mom......
It's a letter......
from her "comrades" in Lugano......
"The goats are gathered"....
"We'll meet at the meadow"......
Mistress: The outer-lands alliance is ready to fight.
We'll see each other on the battlefield.

Page 150:
Mistress: I understand.
We'll look after this girl with the alliance.
her mother, on the other hand, will be a monumentally difficult task.
She is
beyond the "Wolf's Maw", after all.

Page 151:
Mistress: I'll go investigate that.
I want to save her, if I can.
For this little hero girl.
I'm heading back now.
I need to get to the inn by morning.
Guy: Yes.
You were really a help this time.
It's finally almost the moment of truth.
Good luck
watching over the barrier,
Mistress: It's rather unlucky
to call me by that name.
All of the people that lovingly called me that name
are dead now.
Mistress is fine.
Mistress of the mountain pass in.

Page 152:
Mistress: A thief?!
Wolf: A young woman arriving home at dawn?
That is quite improper.

Page 153:
Wolf: That was quite careless, don't you think?
Leaving your inn for an entire night?
What would you do if someone stole all of your food?
Even if not, they say recently there's
been some nasty looking "rats" crawling around here.

Page 154:
Mistress: Well, if it isn't the famed magistrate of the mountain pass, Lord Wolfram?
What are you doing in such a filthy place?
Wolf: My subordinate I sent on an errand hasn't come back.
Do you know anything about that?
Mistress: Someone as low as I
would not know a thing
about such a lofty affair.
Wolf: A young girl went north alone.
Are you not aware of that, either?
You see, her mother was a rather suspicious person
so I tried to send her away without a pass.
And just as I thought, she was swimming in the lake, trying to sneak past the barrier.
So as punishment, I had her soak in the lake for two nights.

Page 155:
[What? Dead? What else?]

Page 156:
Wolf: So you really don't know?
The location of my subordinate
or of the girl?
Perhaps it's because of the hardships of my youth.
I have
become quite skilled at reading the color of people's faces.
Then, there's the eyes of the people coming and going.
It's difficult for me to speak openly here.
there were signs of perhaps a "party" being held,
so I would like you to come with me to the barrier for a bit.
Mistress: Is arresting people who have committed no offense
the way the Duke of Austria rules?
Wolf: I punish the suspicious.
That is my creed.
Thinking you're suspicious
is more than enough reason to talk to you.

Page 157:
Wolf: Now then,
let us get going.

Page 158:
[Final battle?]

Page 159:
Mistress: Ugh.

Page 160:
Guy: Heey, Mistress!
It's been a while!
I'll need a room for the night again!

Page 161:
Guy: Hey, where's the Mistress?
I'm going to trade in Italy
so I was hoping to stay here till tomorrow morning.
Guy: I'm sorry, but
the Mistress is not here.
You are free to stay here,
but don't expect to see any hospitality.
If you'd like to see the Mistress,
then go to the barrier.
That is where she is right now.
Do you mean
that grinning magistrate, he was charmed by the Mistress
so they imprisoned her at the barrier?
Don't joke around.
Like hell he's getting her all to himself.
I'll get some money together and take back.

Page 162-163:
[Doesn't mess around.]

Page 164:
Guy: It can't be......
This can't really be true.............

Page 165:
Guy: Apparently she was part of a band of revels.
Huh? I never had any idea.
Man, ain't that somethin'?
And she had such a cute face.
I really don't get women......

Page 166:
Guy: Hey.
What're ya sittin around for?
If you dawdle around, we won't get to the outer territories today.
Guy: HAA
I am trying the best I can.
Let us rest for today.
Hey, we are in luck. There is an inn nearby.
Guy: Ah...
We can't go to that place.
It's outta business.
Turns out the mistress was part of a bunch of rebels.
She was caught and executed.
If we act dumb and get too close, even we'll fall under suspicion.
Guy: ?

Page 167:
Guy: UWAH!
Old: That's the mistress of the inn.
She used to be quite easy on the eyes.
But now look at her.
Such a pity......

Page 168:
Guy: HAA
All right,
it looks like I'll make it in time.
I should be able to get to the inner lands within the day.
Guy: You, there.
The gates are going to close soon, you know.
If you want to enter the land of the Austrian Duke,
you had best hurry.

Page 169:
Walter: It's okay.
I'm planning to temporarily return South today.
Guy: ......
Is that so?
Sorry for prying.
Walter: That's the infamous "Wolf's Maw".
Do be careful.
Guy: What?
I'm a citizen of Austria.
There's no need for me to worry.
Walter: Is that right......?
I guess so......

Page 170:
Walter: Father,
I'm back.
I'm here again.
Here at the battlefield
we should be at together.
I'm back, Mistress.
I'll be coming to see you soon.
Bottom: Chapter 6 End
[And uh... some copyright information... God how long was this chapter... 80 pages? What the fuck sorta chapter is this?!]

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