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Hito Hitori Futari 57

Kubo's Past 4

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Sep 4, 2013 03:56 | Go to Hito Hitori Futari

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NOOOOOOOW Kubo's past is done. And so we venture onwards to whatever. Attackiness.

[Hito Hitori Futari 57 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 95:
Someone: Hello, this is Hotel Canary.
Title: Life57 Kubo's Past 4
Kubo: Excuse me, I'm a relative of a someone named Kawamoto Noboru that's staying there.
I received an odd phone call with him earlier, and since then I haven't been able to get in contact with him.
Someone: Huh...? What was the call about?
Kubo: Something like... It's all over for me.
I don't want to live... he said that sort of thing.
Someone: Huh...?
Kubo: I think he's in room 302. Do you think you could go check in on him for me...?

Page 96:
Someone: Kawamoto-san!
Are you all right?
What should we do? Do we open it?
We've got no choice.
Guy: Ugh?!

Page 97:
Kubo: Once Takagi-san had died and become nothing but a soul,
this was the last thing he told me.

Page 98:
Takagi: "I was wrong for using your spiritual powers all this time."
"If that power brings you pain, Kouji, then just live a peaceful life and never use them again..." He said.
Kouji: I thought
the same thing.
It was because of these powers
that I lost my partents, my sister, and Takagi-san.
So I intended for the capturing of the culprit in this case to be the final time.

Page 99:
Kouji: But... It was like a nightmare. Just by frequencies aligning, I would inadvertently see the feelings and lives of people...
Sign: Hospital
Kubo: But
this one time was odd.

Page 100:
Kubo: You, someone who killed little girls just for your own pleasure...
As soon as you knew you had nowhere left to run, you tried to leave this world through suicide, but I couldn't let you.
I saved you...
I felt I needed to see...
that you atoned here... on Earth...
Sign: Name Unknown
Kubo: And then
I can't see what comes next.
I can't see what sort of life of atonement you'll lead...

Page 101:
Kubo: It was so dark
I couldn't see anything.
Kubo: And then I searched as hard as I could to find the reason I couldn't see.
and then I finally
reached the answer.

Page 102:
Kubo: Why I couldn't see your life...
You came to, eh?
That was a miraculous comeback...

Page 103:
Kubo: I thought about it a little,
and I figured something out.
And that is...
because it was my own life...
With this incredibly useless power
I can't see my own life.
Ain't that a riot?
So that means
the one to end your life...

Page 104:
Kubo: will be me...

Page 105:
Kubo: I'll tell you one final thing...
The detective you shoved off the seventh story...
was my
Kubo: So I'm getting revenge.

Page 106-107:
[And so that nameless bad guy dies.]

Page 108:
Paper: Suspect for serial young girl murders "killed in hospital"
Kubo: Takagi-san, I'm sorry...
But I can't go back now...

Page 109:
Kubo: Now that I've killed a person with my own hands, I can only fall into the dark work.
And... that's for the best.

Page 110:
Riyon: Incredible.
That collage of tragedies that Kubo's spiritual powers created...

Page 111:
Kasuga: So why is this man
taking out his anger on us?
Riyon: That's because you're using powers to give yourself an advantage, old man.
And to the very end
Kubo didn't tell Takagi his life span.
I told you,
so he doesn't like us, I guess.

Page 112:
Kasuga: This is Kasuga.
Guy: Prime Minister.
There's been a sudden change in Hajime-san's condition.
Riyon: It's begun.
Kubo's all-out attack...

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