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Hito Hitori Futari 62

All Out Attack Begins

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Sep 6, 2013 03:58 | Go to Hito Hitori Futari

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Thus concludes volume 6. Now on to volume 7. Volume 8's the last one. We've got 22 chapters to go. It's gonna be a fun ride-ish thing. Expect more big black spirals.

[Hito Hitori Futari 62 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 185:
Title: Life62 All Out Attack Begins
Kubo: Keep on going and going, riding on the wind.

Page 186-187:
Title: Life62 All Out Attack Begins

Page 188:
Kasuga: The personnel of the Daiichi Power Plant...
Riyon, is this Kubo's work, too...?
Riyon: Probably. Somewhere far off a crazy amount of malice started scattering.
It's gradually gathering here.
Kasuga: Dammit... This is beyond simply not caring who gets caught in the crossfire.

Page 189:
Kasuga: But we cannot stop.
Riyon: Right.
Kasuga: I'm heading home to my official residence.
Everyone, please take utmost caution.
Guy: Prime Minister,
you're not saying
that this thing with the power plant personnel is that man, too...?
Souhachi: Kasuga,
When you say be careful, just what exactly do we do?
Kasuga: Don't lose focus, concentrate on your jobs.
Only think of selfish interests. If you open any gaps in your heart, you'll be pierced by evil and break down.

Page 190:
Kasuga: It's all right.
You all have strong Guardian Spirits, I'm sure they'll protect you.
Guy: G...
Guardian Spirits?
Kasuga: Yes.
Ever since I collapsed and wandered the depths of death, I've been able to talk with my Guardian Spirit.
Choosing you was also at her suggestion.
She's a popular 18 year old girl, you see. I'd like to introduce her to you if I could.

Page 191:
Kasuga: Sorry, I'll be stepping out.
I forgot to tell you something important.
I only have 470 days left in my life span.
Guys: Prime Minister!
The Daiichi Power Plant......!!
Kasuga: Tell me the whole situation in detail.
Guy: Yes, sir!

Page 192:
Souhachi: Did you believe all that?
Guy: I dunno...
but it's just too odd to be made up.
Souhachi: Well, anyhow, a lot is going on, but we need a nuclear graveyard in Hokkaidou if we want to progress with denuclearization.
For that to happen, I need to become prefectural governor.
Guys: Wha?
Souhachi: You get that, right?
The only way is to become the governor.

Page 193:
Souhachi: Until then, I'm going to be moving forward with all I've got.
I'm hoping I can count on you two for your cooperation.
This ain't a joke.
Kasuga's the one breaking down now.
If I don't get off this boat, it could get bad... Even more so if I became governor...

Page 194:

Page 195:
Riyon: The hell is this?
If somethin' like this falls
we won't stand a chance.

Page 196:
Kubo: The target is the Prime Minister
and all of the virtuous people living in Kantou.
Now, malice of nuclear power, fall.

Page 197:

Page 198:

Page 199:
Souhachi: Bohu

Page 200:
Souhachi: BOGOH

Page 201:
Guy: !
for real?!
Guy: Prime Minister!
Are you all right?!

Page 202:
Kasuga: Don't worry.
I just tripped is all.
Bottom: Hito Hitori Futari (6) (End)

Page 203:

Page 204:
[I'm just gonna head straight to V7 now...]

Page 205:
[Seems to be filled with magic and wonder.]

Page 206:
[This manga is a compilation of what was popularly run in "Weekly Young Jump" issues 2012-53 to 2013-12.]

Page 207:
[Lookit all those copyright infos.]

Page 208:
[And there's the logo, k, bye.]

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