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Translations: Bleach 675 by BadKarma , Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128

Innocent 11

Fastidious Family Business

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Nov 2, 2013 05:16 | Go to Innocent

-> RTS Page for Innocent 11

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And so, life goes on.

[Innocent 11 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 43:
People: Kill Sanson!!!
Kill Sanson!!!
Title: n°11 Fastidious Family Business

Page 44:
Guy: We have to do something! There are precedents for when an executioner performs badly and the crowd gets angry
even the assistants are killed! Hurry, we have to calm this mob!!!
Guy: Yes, sir!

Page 45:

Page 46:
[And there's that guy.]

Page 47:
Guy: The...
I-I'm getting down from here!!!

Page 48:
[The art's still really good.]

Page 49:

Page 50:
Baptist: In the name of the executioner Jean-Baptist Sanson,
the beheading of Jean De Chatrois is complete.

Page 51:
Guy: Huh...?
But the executioner is Charles-Henri Sanson...
Anne: There's no problem, is there? Today's executioner was Jean-Baptist Sanson.
Do please make sure my grandson's name isn't anywhere on the record.
Guy: Ah...
Yes, m'am.

Page 52:
Baptist: Spread the cloth.

Page 53:
Baptist: Transport the basket to the pedestal.
Be sure to wipe away all the splattered blood as to not attract stray dogs.
Guys: Yes, sir.
Charles: F...
Baptist: Bring the carriage around.
Guy: Yes, sir.

Page 54:
Charles: Kh...?!!!
Anne: For the person that is going to be the next head of the Sanson family,
what a disgrace that mess was.
Charles, when we get back to the mansion
I'm going to have to give you a nice, long, talk.

Page 55:
Someone: Hey, mutts, shoo.
Get outta here!

Page 56:
Guy: I committed 15 murders, 10 robberies
plus 17 rapes on toppa that... What about you?
Guy: Aw, geez, well, I didn't kill anyone. But I violated more women than I can count.
I guess it wasn't a good idea to rape that commodore's five-year-old in the end...
You over there, what'd you do?
Scam a bunch of women out of their money or something?
Jean: ...

Page 57:
Charles: Why are you...
sitting next to people like this...?

Page 58:
Charles: May the world have been...
all crumbled......
I couldn't even save one friend.
I don't even have any value in living anymore.

Page 59:
Anne: To think that boy wrote something like this in private and was holding onto it....
If the butler he entrusted this letter to hadn't notified me
it would have made its way into the hands of the courts and damaged the Sanson family name.
Before the truths of the world, such superficial feelings are meaningless.
Charles... I'll be tempering that weak heart of yours...

Page 60:
Jeanne: Dear...
Aah... Dear...!!!

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