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Innocent 18

The "Have-Not's" Lamentation

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Nov 9, 2013 06:50 | Go to Innocent

-> RTS Page for Innocent 18

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I really like this guy's arc. It's decently emotional and he has a good representation of the way that era felt. Okay one more in this volume.

[Innocent 18 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 169:
Title: n°18 The "Have-Not's" Lamentation
Sign: November 1756-------
The harvest that year was seen as a poor one.
And so, along with the harsh winter came a large-scale famine attacking the people.

Page 170:
Title: n°18 The "Have-Not's" Lamentation
Charles: ...Along with the skeletal disorder, he also has petechia......

Page 171:
Charles: Taking into consideration the fever he now has as well,
I believe he has scurvy, resulting from a lack of nutrition.
Guy: N-Nutrition...?
Aren't bad smells the causes of disease?
Where I'm from, they tell us to smell nice-scented things like roses and perfume...
Charles: That is and over 100 year-old superstition.
Guy: --------!!?
Charles: According to clinical experiments recently performed in England
they proved that ciders made from limes or apples are effective against scurvy.
Guy: I... I can't believe it... So this perfume I spent all the money I had on
didn't do anything at all...?

Page 172:
Charles: Here, drink this.
It's sweet and delicious.
Jack: Thank you, monsieur...
Charles: I'm sorry to trouble you, but could you bring this child to the guest room bed?
Guy: Right away, Young Master.
Guy: H-H-H-Hey, wait a second!
We ain't got the money ta stay here overnight...!!!
Charles: Monsieur Damiens,
might you give me a moment of your time?

Page 173:
Baptist: That... child...
where are... you bringing him...?

Page 174:
Guy: The young master he said to take this patient......
to the guest room...........

Page 175:
Baptist: I will not allow a patient to be brought to the guest bedroom.
Please return him to the medical office bed...
Guy: Ah...
But, sir...
Anne: I don't mind.
Do as Charles said.
Guy: Y...
Yes M'am...
Anne: What are you doing, standing there with that blank look on your face?!!!
Hurry, get him to the guest room!!!
Guy: Yes, Madame...!!!

Page 176:
Anne: He may be a representative, but the one currently fulfilling the duties of Monsieur de Paris is Charles.
Not you, Jean-Baptist.

Page 177:
Damiens: Th... That's not true, right...?!!!
Jack can't have only another two or three days to live...!!!
Charles: It's truly a pity, but I saw swelling in his face and jaundice as well.
I believe it likely that while his healing ability was diminished due to his scurvy, his condition was worsened by an infection through the wounds in his legs...
Damiens: Th... That can't...
Charles: I'm sorry...
I have done all I can do.
Though I believe it was also God's guidance that we met in that church.
So I would at like to spend at least a few days eating good food in a warm bed...

Page 178:
Damiens: Goddammit...!!
What the hell did I come all this way to Paris for...?
After my wife died, Jack and I managed to eke out a living for the two of us doing field work,
but this year, with the famine, there's been nothing to eat...
And not only that, then the tax collector's came and they took even our seed rice for next year...
Then I finally managed to make it here, but there was no work.
We had no money so we couldn't buy any food or pay for lodging...

Page 179:
Damiens: We felt like we were going to freeze to death every night.
The two of us would fall asleep trembling under a Siene River bridge...
It's mortifying...

Page 180:
Damiens: Because us poor aren't even human...

Page 181:
[The guy's luck just wasn't good.]

Page 182:
Guy: Y... Young Master!
Our guest...!!
Damiens: Sorry,
but could ya lend me this horse till tonight, er, until when the evening bell rings!!!
Charles: M-Monsieur Damiens,
just what is the meaning of this?!!
Damiens: My town is nearby Versailles. There're some farm tools I left there!!!
If I sell those, I'll be able to make at least a bit 'a money!!

Page 183:
Damiens: You... No, Doctor!!
We ain't beggars!
I'm gonna pay yer doctor bill proper, and send him off as an admirable human being...!!!
Guy: Don't lie!
You're intending to just run off with our horse, aren't you?!
Get down this instant!!
Damiens: Kuh...
Charles: !!

Page 184:
Damiens: Listen here, I ain't gonna run 'er hide!
You come with me, Doc!!
Charles: B-But...
Damiens: C'mon...!!!

Page 185:
Damiens: Doc, hold on tight ta me!
I'm gonna really fly!!!
Guy: Aaaaaah!
L-Lord Charles!

Page 186:
[I'm starting to think 'ol Baptist just may be batshit crazy.]

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