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Translations: One Piece 787 by cnet128 , Bleach 627 by cnet128 , Gintama 543 (2)

Innocent 19

Spiral of Life and Death

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Nov 9, 2013 07:33 | Go to Innocent

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Oh, sorry, one more AFTER this.
I learned the names of so many taxes...

[Innocent 19 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 187:
Title: n°19 Spiral of Life and Death

Page 188:
Title: n°19 Spiral of Life and Death

Page 189:
Damiens: You've gotta be cold, right, Doc...?
grab on closer to me!!
Charles: Th... Thank you.

Page 190-191:
[Zombiiiiieees!!! No wait, just poor people in 18th Century France. A common mistake.]

Page 192:
Damiens: Aw, shit! A pack 'a vagrants cropped up!!
If they drag us off this horse, they'll rob us for all we got!
I'm really gonna take off here, Doc!!!
Charles: M-Monsieur Damiens,
there is a girl in front of us...!!!

Page 193:
Damiens: Sorry, missy!!!
I'm really in a rush here!!!
Charles: Wh... What was that just now...?!!
Damiens: All the farmers that went broke cause 'a the famine just abandoned their land and're wandering around!!
But there was a damn lot of 'em...
God only knows what state my village is in...!!!

Page 194:
Damian: M...
My house...

Page 195:
Charles: Your taxes were overdue, weren't they?
The tax collectors must have come while you were away and taken your farm implements along with all of your other possessions here.
Damian: !?

Page 196:
[Poor guy]

Page 197:
Damian: Y... You, old bat!
That's my wife's floral dress, ain't it?!!!
You stole it from her goddamn grave, didn' ya...?!!!
Take it off! Take it off right now, you old bag!
She was wearing this floral dress when she married me! Take it off!!!
Charles: M-Monsieur Damiens,
please calm down...!!
Woman: Wha the hell're yeh doing?!!!
Wha's wrong with the living getting to wear the clothes?!!!

Page 198:
Woman: Two taille (1/20th tax), a dîme (church tax), a taillon (military tax), a gabelle (salt tax), an aides (various product tax), and an octroi (local tariff)!
they took all the money I'd earned!
I ain't got the luxury of mournin' over the dead!!!
Now getcher hands off me!!!
This's why I hate cheap material. It tears so dang easily

Page 199:
Charles: M-Monsieur Damiens...
Damiens: Don' touch me!!!
Charles: !!?

Page 200:
Damiens: This just ain't right...
The character of all the paupers is warping.
This is probably beyond what a well-to-do young man that wants of nothing like you could imagine...

Page 201:
Charles: I never knew that even people outside Paris
were suffering so much...
Up until now, I had assumed that I was the only one that was suffering...
I'm ashamed of myself...
Where is this...?

Page 202-203:
Charles: The Palace of Versailles-----!!!!

Page 204:
Charles: It's my first time seeing it...
Here is where our father, his majesty, the king, lives------...

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