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Hito Hitori Futari 75


+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Nov 27, 2013 04:12 | Go to Hito Hitori Futari

-> RTS Page for Hito Hitori Futari 75

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This one's got some great stuff in it. Some good emotion plus comedy. Plus more emotion.

[Hito Hitori Futari 75 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 21:
Title: Life75 Baton

Page 22:
[Sorta got some bags under your eyes there, champ.]

Page 23:
Daiki: Prime Minister,
Excuse me for the trouble I caused you on that occasion.
Kasuga: I was planning on asking you about it later.
It must've been difficult.
Daiki: No,
you're the one that's had it hard.
Kasuga: What're we doing standing around out here?
Come in.

Page 24:
Kasuga: These two are members of my underground cabinet that Jyun-san worked with.
There are no secrets between us.
Mamine: I am Mamine.
Nishida: I'm Nishida.
Nice to meet you.
Daiki: I am Izumi Daiki. Thank you for being a help to my father when he was alive.

Page 25:
Daiki: Speaking of which,
Prime Minister,
I feel that given the circumstances, I should be blunt about this.
I am... going to try to die with Kubo.
He may be a seed I originally sowed,
but he is one person I can never forgive.
He's thrown everything into disorder.
could you please tell me where he is...?

Page 26:
Kasuga: Listen, Kubo.
It was because of me that Kubo has gone as wild as he has.
I will settle it.
Daiki: In that case, please bring me with you.
Kubo is a monster.
Just how exactly are you planning to settle things with him?

Page 27:
Kasuga: I believe that in the near future, you can become the top of this country.
It is the duty of our generation to be a foundation for when that time comes.
I have to hand you a Japan with cleanly leveled ground.
leave Kubo to me.
Everything ends tonight.
Daiki: To...night?
What do you mean exactly, Prime Minister?

Page 28:
Daiki: Prime Minister... don't mean...
Kasuga: In the next governor election for Aomori Prefecture...
it would be great if you lent us your strength for that, Daiki.
If we lose there, denuclearization will never get anywhere.
Daiki: I understand.
Kasuga: And Daiki...

Page 29:
Daiki: Yes?
Kasuga: I caused my son get killed,
and you caused your father to be killed.
From now on, think of me as your father.
And I'll see you as my son.
Daiki: What?
Prime Minister...
You would say that to me even after I was so rude to you...

Page 30:

Page 31:
Kasuga: Take care
of Japan.

Page 32:
[Flag thiings]

Page 33:
Kasuga: I would like to thank everyone for going along with my selfish desire of having my son Hajime's funeral in Kooriyama.
I know how difficult it was to schedule and arrange the security.
You have my utmost gratitude.
Mamine: What're you doing?
Let's go.

Page 34:
Mamine: Hey,
what's wrong?
Nishida: I just know we're gonna die, too.
Mamine: Hey, we don't know that.
Nishida: C'mon. Everybody's getting killed.

Page 35:
Nishida: Fuuuck.
I wish I'd touched women's skin more...
Nishida: Hey, Mamine.
If we make it through this alive, would you go out with me?
Please. I think unless I have some big goal waiting for me, I'll get scared and I won't be able to do this.

Page 36:
Mamine: Okay,
I'll think about it.
Nishida: Huh? For real?
All right, power is flowing through me!
Okay, let's go to Fukushima!

Page 37:

Page 38:

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