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Translations: One Piece 891 by cnet128 , Gintama 667 (2)

Hito Hitori Futari 76

Eishun Academy Orphanage

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Nov 29, 2013 07:32 | Go to Hito Hitori Futari

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This chapter was a pretty neat one. The only time we really see much of Kasuga's past. I'm gonna try to finish this soon. I've got 8 chapters left. Maybe since I'm off tomorrow I can get a bunch done.

[Hito Hitori Futari 76 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 39:
Box: Fukushima Prefecture, Kooriyama City. Eishun Academy Orphanage
Title: Life76 Eishun Academy Orphanage

Page 40:
Guy: Oh,
he's here, huh?
The Prime Minister
is here!

Page 41:
Guy: Just now, Prime Minister Kasuga arrived at the orphanage where his son's funeral is being held.

Page 42:
Kasuga: I'll be going alone from here.
Mamine: Yes, sir.
Do please be careful.
Kasuga: Mm.

Page 43:
Daiki: Kubo, today it's all over for you.
If anything happens to the Prime Minister,
I'll take a knife to both of us.

Page 44:

Page 45:
Kasuga: Riyon.
Where are you?
I'm here.

Page 46:

Page 47:
Kubo: Searching for his Guardian Spirit?
He really is just, ya know, an ordinary person...
But that...
Kubo: His whole life's pretty much been that, hasn't it...?
Hey, try and remember.

Page 48:
Kubo: When Kasuga was born as the eldest son of the Kasuga Family
Sign: Boy
Kubo: They put all their hopes in him and called him Souichirou.
T/N: Souichirou means "strong/brave" and "first son".
Kubo: It was a family with no money, status or anything out of the ordinary, so they had quite an excessive amount of expectations for Souichirou when he started to get good grades.
But with his parents always pressuring Souichirou to be excellent, he wasn't very grateful to them.

Page 49:
Kubo: And that's why he gave up on his dream of being an architect and did what his parents said and entered law school and things like that.
So Souichirou ended up living in a way that was not honest to himself
as to not reveal he was living on the wrong path.
He created a cool, dry statue that gave the appearance of understanding everything.
Hey, at age 19, his younger sister died of disease.
It was the same then, as well.

Page 50:
Kubo: He put on the production of not crying a single tear.
Buy ya know, looking back on it now, that was an important time.
A real epoch.
See, the cause of death was judged to be a mistake by the medical practitioners, so Souichirou decided to pursue being a politician.
But it sure is ironic, isn't it? In that one thing Souichirou worked vigorously on, he became the top in all the country.

Page 51:
Kubo: But even so,
it was by mere luck, rather than skill...
None of the people around Souichirou gave him their blessing.
The only one that was likely to have been happy for him, his wife,
was already dead.
And so, that as the Prime Minister he didn't want to be, he was going to die the way he lived, see?
And then he got a little unneeded present from the heavens, a Guardian Spirit.

Page 52:
Kubo: He talked with his cute little Guardian Spirit and Souichirou learned his remaining life span.
And... so, he turned defiant...
Since he was gonna die anyway,
he started just doing whatever he wanted...

Page 53:
Kubo: But that was really against the rules, see?
Humans live so frantically because they don't know their remaining life span.
Even knowing they'll die someday,
they fight knowing that fear.
Kubo: And ya see, that's why people shouldn't be going on about using illegal moves in this world.
I really don't think it's a good thing to be acting like you alone are some sorta hero.
So like, the backlash is really big.

Page 54-55:
Kubo: A tragedy big enough to match that will come to attack you.
Kasuga: Riyon.

Page 56:
Kubo: I'm going to need you to think
"I curse this whole damn world."..

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