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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Wolfsmund 7

Albert and Barbara (Part 1 of 2)

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Dec 6, 2013 06:04 | Go to Wolfsmund

-> RTS Page for Wolfsmund 7


Okay, so we've got volumes 3-5 to do for this series. Leeet's get going.

[Wolfsmund 7 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 4:
Top: Inhaltsverzeichnis (Contents)
Chapter 7 007 Albert and Barbara (Part 1 of 2)
Chapter 8 031 Albert and Barbara (Part 2 of 2)
Chapter 9 065 Walter and his Sworn Comrades
Chapter 10 101 Hedwig And Wilhelm
Chapter 11 135 Hilde and the Hirtenjunges

Page 5-6:
[These are blank]

Page 7:
Title: Chapter 7
Albert and Barbara (Part 1 of 2)

Page 8:
[I'm just gonna skip SFX in this because I feel like it...]

Page 9:
Albert: Your style's become a lot more brazen, hasn't it?
Walter: Thanks to you, Albert.
There's nothing left for you to teach me.
Albert: Stop trying
to talk big!

Page 10:
Albert: You're just moving in the orthodox way.
If I'm serious, you'll break down quickly.
Walter: Then
let's see it.
Be serious.
Albert: You asked for it.
Walter: Damn,
he's fast!
It's all I can do
just to block!

Page 11:
Walter: There's an opening!
Albert: Got you!
Walter: UGH

Page 12:
Walter: Oww...
Barbara: Sorry.
Does it sting?
Walter: No,
I'm totally fine.
No problem.
Albert: What's wrong, Walter?
Your face is all red.
Walter: Wha?
It's nothing, I...
Barbara: Big Brother... stay out of this.
Everybody was finally in a good mood.
Albert: Hehe.
Sorry about that,

Page 13:
Al: Anyhow,
I think now you've got all the techniques down.
You're a full-fledged spearman.
Walter: Wait, Albert!
I'm still not nearly there.
I've still never landed a single hit on you, right?
Al: I'm just too awesome.
You shouldn't be comparing yourself to me.
War is something done in a group.
There's no reason for one person to leave the pack alone.
It's fine for a normal person to just be competent enough as the next guy.
you'll be a good leader.
I feel it's safe to leave things in your hands.
Walter: ......
I'm not so sure
I like the way you said that.
You're making it sound like
this is the last time we'll see each other.

Page 14:
Narration: South Side of the Alps, the top trade city in Northern Italy.
Guy: My brother whom have been cut off from our homeland in the Alps
and forced to spend many bitter months and years in this foreign country.
After many of our comrades have sacrificed their lives,
we have finally made preparations to fight!
Fellow gentlemen of the confederation,
the time to act has finally arrived.
On the coming October the 15th
we will pick up our arms.
And stand at St. Gotthard Pass
where we will attack the "Wolf's Maw"
and take back the pass for the people of the mountains.

Page 15:
Our true goal is to deliver weapons to our allies in League of the Forest Cantons.
Attacking the barrier is nothing but preparation for the decisive battle with the Duke of Austria.
But to put it another way,
unless we are successful here,
Our hometown will be forced into eternal servitude to the tyranny of our enemy.
This is a battle that will determine our destiny.
The key to victory will be the pincer attack coming from the North and the South.
On top of being fortified with natural defenses, if we garner support from the feudal lords,
attack on them will be neigh on impossible.
We must cut off the enemy's communications to the outside
and isolate the barrier.
Top: Northern Fortress
Souther Fortress
Guy: Take it from here,
Walter: Yes, sir.
I will once again cross the mountains, infiltrate the inner-territory,
and coordinate with other members of the Eternal Alliance there.
The interior will rise to action simultaneously
and block the barrier's northern side.

Page 16:
Guy: Walter,
everyone knows your ability.
But they had a cordon strong enough to cost Wilhelm Tell his life, didn't they?
Wolfram will be lying in wait for us again, won't he?
That is where
we will enact our diversionary stratagem.
We will be sending in a suicide unit to act as a decoy
to draw away Wolfram's attention.
And while he is preoccupied
Walter will cross the mountains.
And because this is a suicide mission
the ones that have been appointed that duty are...
Walter: Please, wait!
Father sacrificed himself for me.
And now you're saying
for me to cross the mountains while someone else sacrifices themself?!
Guy: Calm down, Walter.

Page 17:
Albert: Those're mountains that that bastard
Wolfram is in control of.
There's no way we're getting over them without any dead.
You should know that better than anyone.
You're a soldier, too, so you should understand what's happening.
So keep your head down and fulfill your own duty.
Walter: You don't mean...
the suicide unit is......
Albert: That's right.
This brother and sister
Albert and Barbara accepted the job.
That's the decision.
So don't start makin' noise now.

Page 18:
Albert: Don't get the wrong idea, Walter.
Don't think that we're
going to throw our lives away for you.
We're actually
quite like you.
Our village was burned to ashes by a feudal lord's military force.
Our old man and old lady were hanged from a tree.
And the one instructing them was Wolfram.
This is from before he was stationed at the barrier.
We both lost one eye each
then we were sold into slavery and eventually ended up here.
And there are tons of people on both sides of these mountains
that are holding a grudge like that.
Once the war starts,
you can bet that every onna them is gonna swarm for that guy's head.

Page 19:
Albert: This strategy is the perfect chance
to get the jump on those other guys.
We haven't got the slightest intention of just being decoys and dying.
Us siblings are going to take that guy's head for ourselves.
Walter; ...........
Barbara: I'm going to be going with Big Brother.
With his right eye and my left eye
we make one whole person between the two of us.
I had lots of fun practicing with you.

Page 20:
Albert: It's going o happen on the last day of September.
Go being late.

Page 21:
Albert: I don't want any gloomy goodbyes.
Let's go while we're in good spirits.
Walter: Yeah.
I wish you the best of luck.
I wish it for the both of us.

Page 22:
Narration: The beginning of the 14th Century.
The location is the Alps.
In the three autonomous states where the mountainous people live
Schwyz, Obwalden, and Uri
are ruled by the occupying Duke of Austria of the Hapsburg Family which took over for trade interests
the people endured days of servitude.
At an important trade point, St. Gotthard Pass, there is a barrier in place
where strict surveillance is kept on people coming and going.
Part of its purpose is to collect tariffs
and another
is to seal off the mountain people
so they do not interact with those outside the territory and seek a means to rebel.
The people of the mountains spitefully call the barrier by this name,
Wolf: Thank you for waiting.

Page 23:
Wolf: I am the magistrate of this barrier,
Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Mr. Albet and Ms. Barbara
of Schaffhausen
thank you, please raise your heads.

Page 24:
Wolf: Oh, my.
How tragic.
For a man it may not be so bad,
but for a woman to have such a scar on her face......
Just how did such a thing come to be?
Albert: We got them when we were kids.
Our village was attacked by bandits.
The head of the bandits
muttered something about it being in exchange for letting us live.
Wlf: That is truly
a pity.
There are such atrocious human beings in this world,
aren't there?
Albert: Hu......

Page 25:
Wolf: By the way,
you said that you are on your way back from a pilgrimage to Rome,
but I have no record of the two of you leaving the territory.
What sort of route did you use to reach Rome?
If you did not go through this pass,
you must've taken quite a detour.
Albert: 'A course
there ain't no record.
Because when we passed last time
there wasn't any barrier.
Wolf: Sir?
Albert: So even after showing you our scars and talking about them
you still don't remember any kids
you destroyed the eyes of long ago?!
piece of shit magistrate...

Page 26:
[They're ready for action. Death action.]

Page 27:
Albert: Well, if you don't remember, then we've got no choice.
You'll have to die right now
and when you're dragged before God
you'll remember whether you like it or not!
Guy: Silence,

Page 28:
Guy: !
Albert: Barbara!

Page 29:

Page 30:
Albert: Wolfram!
This brother and sister......
will be taking your head!
Bottom: Chapter 7 End

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