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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 27

Suspicious People


-> RTS Page for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8 JoJolion 27

Only for use by HWMN

Ok, got this done. Just in time, too.

[Jojolion 27 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: Morniiing!
Jousuke: ....................

Page 2-3:
Title: #027 Suspicious People
Right Insert: ★Grand Prize Winner of the 2013 Japan 17th Japan Media Arts Festival Award for Manga!!
Insert: Is this child the one that holds the key...?!

Page 4:
Jousuke: ............
Daiya: Oh!

Page 5:
Daiya: Morniiiiiing Jousukeeeee!
I love this spot! [Heart]
Right here!
I love this part of you, Jousuke!
Jou: Morning, Daiya-chan.
Is there anything on the other side of this house's garden?
Daiya: The other side?
You mean where the Wall Eyes are?

Page 6:
Jousuke: That's a staircase under the gap at the bottom of the fence in the corner of the garden right, right?
What's down there?
I just saw "Tsurugi-chan" in the garden...
Daiya: That boy wouldn't go down the~~~re. His Mama would yell at him.

Page 7:
Daiya: Ever since the Wall Eyes popped up, it's been too dangerous because off landslides and stu~~~~ff.
All that's there is a fore~~st.
Jousuke: ......
Daiya: There's still "broken off" pieces of scrap wood and stuff that hasn't been cleaned up yet.........
So you'd better not go......
Jou: ..........No...
Tsurugi-chan was carrying "food"...
Norisuke: Hey, Jousuke...
So...? What'd you think of the school?
Jousuke: ?

Page 8:
Norisuke: Yeah, the school!
Did they tell you to bring a guardian or talk about donations...? Anything like that?
Jousuke: Ah!
Oh yeah... I went to the school...
Joushuu: Oh yeah, I brought him there just like ya saaaaid!
This guy's in the basketball club already...
Everybody was teasing him and then I came to the rescue.
This guy friggin' tripped on first base and hit his head....
Jousuke: Huh?
Daiya: Jouskeee, you joined the Basketball cluuub?
Jousuke: Me?

Page 9:
Jousuke: Huuh?
Joushuu: Oh yeah, and on the way hooome...
I happened to run across Yasuho-chan at the "Sesame Honey Cafe".---
And she totally confessed how much she wants me. After that we went back to her place for some lovin'~~~
Jousuke: What?! You met her yesterday?!
And you're saying Yasuho-chan
made it back home okay?
Joushuu: Yep! She was with me the whole time.
Norisuke: What the hell are you talking about, Joushuu?
Are you okay?
You seem kinda off.
And where exactly were you where you were in the basketball club but there was a first base?
Jousuke: What, are you hallucinating?
Joushuu: Hey! You're the one with no memory!!

Page 10:
Jousuke: Call Yasuho-chan right away!
Ask her if she's okay.
Joushuu: Sheddep! Why the hell do I gotta do that for you, moron?! [First sentence big/bold]
Norisuke: What are you two talking about?
Is your head okay, Joushuu?
It's really swollen.
Joushuu: Huh?
My... head?
Jousuke: Wh-What is this?! Huh? Wh... What was it again?
I went into the public bathroom with Yasuho-chan yesterday and then... What happened after that? Uh... Er...
What the hell did I do yesterday anyhow?
How did I even get home......?
Daiya: Now there's...
two people in this house that lost their memory~~~~~!! Kya kya kya [Hearts after each "kya"]

Page 11:
Hato: There, there.
Big Sister believes you.
Jousuke: ............

Page 12:
[Look at all that stuff]

Page 13:
Jousuke: So those are the "broken off" parts......?
Right next to the lone pine...
And the "spring" where my memories begin.
And it's all speckled with "Wall Eyes".
I was actually buried "underground"...

Page 14:
Jousuke: I knew it, he's over there!
Even though he's gonna get scolded by his Mama for that......

Page 15:
Jousuke: Each of the Higashikata family move on their own accord.
I'll try questioning "Tsurugi-chan" directly!
I'm certain he did "something" to Yasuho-chan yesterday...
She didn't even contact me to say "why she couldn't meet up!"

Page 16-17:
Jousuke: ......!
These fruit...
SFX: KUN KUN (Snff Snff)
Norisuke: Whadda ya think?! These fruits are real beauties, ain't they?
This orchard is my family's pride and joy.

Page 18:
Jousuke: ..................

Page 19:
Norisuke: We are fruit sellers after all.
....Where're ya going?
Jousuke: I'm following "Tsurugi"-chan.
The people of the Higashikata Family--- I'm just gonna say this flat out!
---You're suspicious. There are things I want to ask.
This could turn into an interrogation.

Page 20:
Norisuke: I see... Ask away.
I'll answer whatever you want.
Jousuke: What...?!
anything I ask?
Norisuke: I have a responsibility to protect my grandson.
I'll answer as much as I know......
But... let me just tell you this first.
You may have had a lack of explanations,
but Jousuke...
I think of you as my own son.
That's why I took you into this household.
Just consider that......
Until your memory comes back, that is...

Page 21:
Jousuke: .....................
I see you as the most suspicious one.
I don't know if you're telling the truth.
But you certainly don't have anywhere else to go.
Okay, then.
......Start your "questions".
Jousuke: "Tsurugi-chan" has "something" to do with my past! I want to ask about that!
And it's not just "Tsurugi-chan", Norisuke-san!
You also have "something" to do with Holly Joestar's illness!
I went to the hospital!! What on earth is that "illness"?!
Labels: Nijimura-san
Norisuke: Those questions are a bit complicated. Could you ask them one at a time?
Jousuke: ......

Page 22:
Jousuke: Did you kill "Kira Yoshikage"?
Norisuke: ..........
Jousuke: I'm gonna say this fully. [Apparently this use of "tappuri" is a catchphrase so I'm gonna try to use one word to translate it.]
You killed Yoshikage, didn't you?!
Norisuke: Hey... that's a pretty big accusation to make all of a sudden.
But I understand the circumstances you're in... Let me answer......
The answer is "no"!! [quote big]

Page 23:
Norisuke: No!
I did not kill "Kira"... And I've got "3" reasons.
I have "3" answers for that one question.
Listen closely.
Jousuke: I have time.
I've fully got time.
Norisuke: Answer number 1. ["1" in a circle.]
I know about the power of the "Wall Eyes".
About that mysterious power of being able to "fuse" two things.
If we say that "half" of your body is Kira Yoshikage,
if "Kira" was enough of a nuisance to me that I'd want to kill him......... then I would not take custody of you, who is "Kira Yoshikage", and look after you!

I wouldn't hesitate... I would kill you immediately if that were the case!!

Page 24:
Norisuke: Answer number 2. ["2" in a circle]
I feel regret regarding "the death of Kira Yoshikage".
Because his mother's, "Holly-san's family"... share the "same fate" as us, the "Higashikata Family"...
That "illness"......
As an "eldest child" of the Higashikata Family, I've been wanting to conquer it for a very long time.
Eventually, my grandson "Tsurugi" will have it......
It will probably strike at the age of 10.
Age 10...... that's very soon.....
Jousuke: ....................

Page 25:
Norisuke: That "illness" has been passed down from our ancestors......
No doctor can cure it.
And it still continues to this day.
Answer number 3! ["3" circled]
It's the opposite!
I needed "Kira Yoshikage"!
I think that "Kira" found some way of curing the "illness"!
He found a cure for it....
and for some reason, he died......
Leaving only half of his "thoughts"...

Page 26:
Norisuke: That...
is what I think.
That inside you the "answer" still remains.
For some reason, Kira died at the "Wall Eyes" and left "hope" in just half of you.
It is because I have the hope of that possibility in you......
that I took you into this family.
Jousuke: "Cure"?
I can't cure any "illnesses"!
Norisuke: Do you understand here......?
......Jousuke, I'll say it one more time!
I wish for the "happiness" of the Higashikata Family...... I have my hopes in the "Kira Yoshikage" inside of you......
That's all.
As for "who" the other person in you is?
I don't know..........
But at the end of the day, the only one that can find who you are......

Page 27:
Norisuke: is you.
Jousuke: The "Higashikata Family".
You said that you have an "illness" that's been passed down from your ancestors, right?......
Did you get it, Norisuke-san...? How did you cure that "disease"?

Page 28:
Norisuke: I can't tell you that...!
It's not your business. It is a private mater of the Higashikata Family. ["private" big.]
But I had the disease when I was a child, too.
I was cured in exchange for my parents dying.
I'll say that much.
I'll be the same way.
Jousuke: ..................
And regarding what happened with "Tsurugi-chan" yesterday.
It's possible that Yasuho-chan got involved with this, I want an answer on that!
Norisuke: Yasuho?
She's Joushuu's girlfriend, right?

Page 29:
Norisuke: What about her?
Jousuke: You're wrong about the girlfriend part, but......
I'm going to go question "Tsurugi-chan"!
That's whether you give me permission or not.
I would like you permission, though.
Norisuke: "Tsurugi"......
I really don't understand......
Ok, got it!
I'll go with you.
Jousuke: Go..........
with me?
Is it okay for me to trust him right now......?
I want to ask one more thing!
Your "Stand" ability.......
What is your "Stand"?
Norisuke: What?

Page 30:
Jousuke: I'm pretty sure everyone in the Higashikata Family has one... that's what I'm settling on.
I was attacked by "Tsurugi-chan", too.
He had an ability to "make everyone's faces look the same."
Tell me about your "Stand", as well.
Norisuke: Wait.....
Jousuke... What are you talking about......?
"Tsurugi" attacked you? ["attacked you" in italics.]
I don't understand.
But I'm surprised, your description of Tsurugi's "ability" is correct.
Jousuke: I'm going to go ask for the reason!
The way you're acting right now...
I trust you a little, but...
but if we're going together............. I need you to tell me your "ability", too!

Page 31:
Norisuke" Tsurugi"....................
The... "hatch" to the basement is open.
I'm a fruit seller.
I purchase and import them, but I also grow my own. That hut that was destroyed in the earthquake was the orchard's rest area.
It has a "basement", too.
It's not used right now, but... we used to use that "basement" for researching and store fruit trees.
Jousuke: Tsurugi-chan may be in that "basement".
......Is that what you're saying?

Page 32:
Norisuke: I told him he couldn't play down there.....
And the "hatch" was supposed to be locked...

Page 33:
Norisuke: A glimpse ...there you go. ["glimpse" is big/handwritten]
My "ability" is a long-distance "Stand".
But I'm not saying anymore...... Trust me...
This is private, too.
You wouldn't tell somebody in your own family where you hide your porno DVDs, right...?
You don't go showing other people your asshole. "Stands" are the same way......

Page 34:
Jousuke: That's kind of a weird example.
Norisuke: That's just a glimpse.
Jousuke: !?

Page 35:
[No text. Plenty of dots.]

Page 36:
Jousuke: ............
Just now
there was "someone" behind me......

Page 37:
Norisuke: If you see "origami" anywhere, don't touch it.
If it's an "origami" of a "crane" or a "frog" or something like that,
that's Tsurugi's Stand.
If you touch it, it does just what you said before.
Jousuke: "No"......
It was a "human".
Norisuke: ?
Jousuke: It wasn't an origami... And it wasn't a child, either. It was the hand of an "adult human".
There's "someone" else here.

Page 38-39:
Jousuke: A 'person" is approaching me from behind.....
But they "disappeared".
Norisuke: ......
This place is my property.
And you say they disappeared?
Jousuke: I don't see a hole in the ground or anything, but... there was definitely someone here...
Norisuke-san... "Kira Yoshikage" died at those "Wall Eyes" a few weeks ago.
This may be your property, but there's a "darkness" here.
How did "Kira Yoshikage" die in the first place?
That should still be a "mystery" to you, too, right?
And "someplace" around here has seemed fishy for a while......
There's something odd about the scenery.

Page 40:
Jousuke: "Someone" is drawing towards me......
But he "disappeared"!
Norisuke: ....................
This is my house.
"something" does seem off...

Page 41:
Someone: The flowerpots!
Jousuke: What...?! The flowerpots are slowly drawing towards us.....................

Page 42:
Norisuke: Now that you mention it...
they are... slowly moving towards us...
Jousuke: N... No!
That's not right!

Page 43:
Jousuke: They're not going slow! They're gradually "accelerating"!
I don't know what's going on, but run!

Page 44:
Norisuke: They're already coming up from behind uuuuus!!

Page 45-46:
Norisuke: Get "these broken pieces" off... Gh...
Jousuke: UoAAAAAAA
Norisuke: We'll be crushed!
Yanagi: So you came all the way here...
"to die" a second time......?
Insert: What is the reason for this bloodlust?!
Bottom: To be continued

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