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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128



+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jan 17, 2014 05:35 | Go to REAL

-> RTS Page for REAL 73

Only for use by Illuminati-Scans

Ok, I'm gonna try to get this done in a reasonably short amount of time. Got a lotta stuff to do...

[Real 73 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 2:
Contents: 73rd. page 4
74th. page 39
75th. page 71
76th. page 103
77th. page 137
78th. page 171

Page 3-4:
Title: 73rd.

Page 6:
People: Shiiiratori!
Bottom: ★This is a work of fiction. There is no relation to any actual, people, groups, or events.

Page 7:
People: Shiiiratori!
Guy: Shiratori-san.
Let's go.
People: Shiiratori!

Page 8:
Doc: What's this, now?
Paper: The Comback Bout of Scorpion Shiratori
MWP Pro Wrestling
Shira: ...
Doc: That man, Matsuzaka Manba, came here.
He wanted to know about your condition, Shiratori.
Shira: ...!!
Then that oughta make this quick.
Please discharge me from the hospital, Doctor.
I've got to train for my pro wrestling match.
Doc: Of course, I told him you can't even be released yet, let alone go start wrestling again.
Shira: !!
Doc: Scorpion,
you should know that better than anyone.

Page 9:
Shira: !!
When am I gonna be able to walk?!!
Do something!!
I swear I'll make it in time, so don't take my name off.
Ah? Do whatever you have do!
Got it?!!
Doc: Are you trying to cover our walls with holes?!
This can't be rushed.
Shira: But sensei...
Doc: ......

Page 10:
Doc: Get your wrestling shoes on!
Shira: !?
Man, I missed this place... I guess it's been a year since then.

Page 11:
Shira: But it feels like it's been 10 years.
Guy: We're at the dojo, Shiratori-san.
Shira: Yeah, I can tell, moron.
Guy: Ah, sorry.
Shira: Hey, you don't need to push me. I can move on my own.
Guy: Ah, sorry.
Shira: It stinks.

Page 12:
Doc: How about you try putting on your ring shoes and standing in the ring?
There're lots of things about the human mind and body we don't know.
There were some changes in Takahashi-kun from just getting one night away.
This could kick start something.
Go take a trip over there.

Page 13:
Guy: How's it feel, Shiratori-san?
Shira: Pretty good.

Page 14:
Shira: The rope feels good.
It supports my body pretty well.
It feels like I could put my weight on it.
Guy: !!
Senpai, are you okay?!
Shira: This blood... it's mine.
When I was a new disciple, I got hammered and my nose broke...

Page 15:
Shira: This spot, too.
And that one.
Noge: Yeah?!
Shira: Have you ever thought that you wanted to kill me?
Noge: N...
Shira: Be honest.
I thought that sorta thing every day when I was young.
Guy: Hey!!
Hey, are you okay, Shiratori...?

Page 16:
Guy: Senpai,
I think his nose is broken.
Guy: AH?
Of course it is. Matsuzaka.
I hit him so it would break.
What's with that look, newbie?! GORAA!!
You won't be makin' your debut unless your bodies get huge.
Shira: SHIH
Guy: GORAH! Shiratori!
Try to put up with it, Shiratori.

Page 17:
Matsu: If you there's any... If you quit, then I'll be the only young guy left.
Shira: Huhhu, Matsuzaka.
There ain't a chance in hell I'd quit.
I ain't quittin' until I knock those higher guys' lights out.
Matsu: Haha. The day that comes, you and I will be the main event.
Let's rise to stardom!
Shira: Yeah!
It's all for the sake of rising in the ring
and bathing in the spotlight.

Page 18:
SHira: Noge.
Noge: Yes?
Shira: Are my legs... thin?
Noge: Yeah, they are.
Shira: They are, aren't they?
I guess I'll wear long tights for now.
It feels like my will's accidentally gonna peek out like this.
Exciting, isn't it?
Guy: Yeah, I guess.
Shira: ......

Page 19:
Guys: The warrior of ultimate evil has returned!!
In the blue corner, Iron Noge!
Scorpion Shiratori enter the ring!!

Page 20:
Guy: ORAA!
Please be careful!
Please be careful!
Please do not approach the fighters!
Guys: !?

Page 21:
People: Shiiiratori!
Nobu: Th... The cheers are on a whole different level from the other matches!
Though they're booing for the most part.

Page 22:
People: BOO-----
Nobu: Th... That's so cool.
He's really got the aura of a bad guy!
Guy: Shiiiratori!
Nobu: Uh.
Hey, wait!
Don't get that pumped up!
That guy was in rehab till just a little while ago!

Page 23:
Nobu: Hanasaki-kun, isn't he only appearing in front of fans to give them a greeting?
I mean, there's no way he can...
Y... Yeah, he hasn't been discharged yet!
He only got permission for a day away!
They're not gonna be happy if he doesn't do anything after they're this hyped up with him entering the ring...!!
What're ya gonna do, Shiratori-san...?!!
Hana: Look in the ring, Takahashi-kun.
They're about to start some pro wrestling.
Nobu: ...!!

Page 24:
Nobu: !
People: BOOO
Why'd you come back----?!
Get outta heeeere!
Welcome back!
Welcome back, Scorpion!

Page 25:
Nobu: H... He can't let go of that rope.
No way!!
Hana: Takahashi-kun.
Scorpion Shiratori is a pro among pros.
So it Matsuzaka Manba...

Page 25:
Hana: They say that a good wrestler can even wrestle a broom as an opponent.
Taka: A broom?
Hana: I've made up my mind, Takahashi-kun.
I'm just gonna sit back and watch it.
This will be my first first and last time......
watching a live sporting event.

Page 26:
Guys: GUAH

Page 27:
People: All right! Now for Scorpion!
Matsuzaka VS Shiratori!!
Noge: ORAA
Guys: Still not yet?
Shira: Feel free to win this.
Guys: What're you talking aboooout?!
This is your comeback fight, isn't it?!
Shira: The transfer to my bank account cleared, so I'm all good!!
Guys: You moroooon!!
You suuuuck!!

Page 28:
Guys: URAA
All right, now it's time for Shiratori!
Huh? Still no?
Quit teasin'!
Shira: ......

Page 29:
Someone: Matsuzaka----

Page 30:
Shirts: Evil
Matsu: Light and shadow...

Page 31:
Matsu: The sun and the darkness.
Either one is lost without the other.
If you and I are together,
hey, look.
People: Maaatsuzaka!
Matsu: Man, packed houses sure are nice, ain't they?
But I just can't believe
this is the last time.

Page 32:
People: Maaatsuzaka!!
Noge: Shut your pie holes, morons!
Guys: Put Shiratori in!
Switch out, Noge!
Guys: Maaatsuzaka!
Nobu: Ah?!
Hana: ...!!

Page 33:
Guys: Shiiiratori!
Shira: Noge.
Noge: !
Shira: C'mere.
Bring that guy over here.

Page 34:
Matsu: Guwah!

Page 36:

Page 37:
Top: One of the core people of the pro wrestling world.
"The Sun"
Right: An ace of the MWP Pro Wrestling society
Matsuzaka Manba
Bottom Right: Known for his outstanding motor skills and splendor.
When he was young, he was in a tag team with Shiratori called the Rising Suns.
He has a scandal with a woman about once every 3 years.
Bottom Left: I try to draw him being conscious of how thick his body is.
Has the finishing move GO TO HELL.
Former running star of the track and field club.
[This is kind of an approximation based on internet searches. I really can't tell the last line on the right at all.]

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