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+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jan 22, 2014 05:59 | Go to REAL

-> RTS Page for REAL 74

Only for use by Illuminati-Scans

Ok, I managed to squeeze this in today. Gonna try to do the rest of the volume this week. I read through it, it's pretty good and not too hard to translate. I think I'm getting the hang of the wrestling terminology thing even...

[Real 74 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 39:
Title: 74th.

Page 40:
Noge: ...!!
Nobu: !!

Page 41:
Nobu: No, no, no!!
People: Shiiiratori!
Nobu: Quit egging him on like that you bastards, that's irresponsible!
You guys don't get what's going on here!

Page 42:
Nobu: Shiratori-san hasn't even been released from the hospital yet.
He can't cross that rope. He shouldn't even be able to lift his legs... And
if he lets go of that rope, it's over.
He'll collapse...!!
Hana: I believe in him.
Nobu: ...!!

Page 43:
Guy: Ah!

Page 44:
Guys: !?
UWAA! What's he think he's doin'?!
Matsu: Ugh?!
Guys: Hey...

Page 45:
Matsu: !!
Guys: Huh?!
Matsu: Guh...
You bastard...
Guy: Hey, whadda you think yer doin', asshole?!!
Shira: Nnnnn? Huhhu.

Page 46:
Shira: Looks like there's been nothing but cruddy fights here while I've been gone.
Shocked by having it tough for the first time in a while?
Matsu: Ku...
You bastard..
Guy: Shiratori!
That's a violation!!
Let him go!
People: BOO
Shira: ......

Page 47:
People: !!

Page 48:
Matsu: A...ga

Page 49:
Matsu: ......
Guys: UWAA! Is he tryin' ta kill hiiiiim?!!
Hana: No!! Manba's fingers are just managing to get in the holes!
But still, he's got Shiratori-san's whole body weight, over 110 kilograms, bearing on his neck!!
Guy: Hey!
Shiratori, let 'im go!!
One... Two...

Page 50:
Shira: Dangly dangle...
People: BOOOOO
Shira: Daaangle...

Page 51:
Woman: No, don't look.
That's a bad man.

Page 52:
Matsu: KUH
Nobu: ......
People: UWAA
Aw, man!

Page 53:
Guys: UWAAA... H...
He's not dead, right?

Page 54:
People: Maaatsuzaka!
Shira: Hahhahha! Sucks to be you!
People: Maaatsuzaka!

Page 55:
Shira: Your sun just fell to earth!!
People: BOOOO!
Shiratori, you bastaaaard!
You demoooon!
Hang in there, Matsuzaka!!

Page 56:
Hana: He's a genius.
Nobu: Huh?
Noge: I'm sorry, Senpai.
Shiratori-san has got the haters
and the fans...
Nomiya: Shiiiratori!
Man, this sure is awesome.

Page 57:
Noge: all in the palm of his hand.
Who the hell else can pull a stunt like this?
Who can get the crowd this heated without even crossing the rope?
Shira: HAA

Page 58:
Girl: Boo! You bad guy, I hate you! Baldy!
Shira: Momoc-han......
Naw, course it ain't...

Page 59:
Shira: Looks like Daddy's about at his limit.
Nobu: Shiratori-san's legs are cramping.
He can't do this anymore...
Hana: ......
Nobu: What is that, Hanasaki-kun?
A letter?
Hana: No...
Matsu: HAA

Page 60:
Shit! Nogeee!
Noge: There's no one but me, Iron Noge!
With the death of the genius Shiratori, no one else can take his empty seat!
A heinous succession-------!!

Page 61:
People: Maaatsuzaka!!
Shira: Aaaaah!

Page 62:
Guy: Okay, come get me, asshole!!
People: Goooooo, Miyazaki!!

Page 63:
Matsu: GEHAH
Shira: HAA
I wanna get stronger-------

Page 64:
Shira: That's where everything started.

Page 65:

Page 66:
Shira: Someday, I'll be stronger.
By clinging onto that idea, somehow I'll make it through today.

Page 67:
Matsu: Oh... Done for the day?
Shira: You, too?
It's 2AM...
We're up early again tomorrow... better get to sleep.
Matsu: Yeah...
I guess you're...

Page 68:
Shira: On the path to getting close to the sun of being "the strongest"
we walked the same path.
Until that day----
Man, I'm nervous~~
Why do you think the president personally called a couple of young guys like us here?
Matsu: Maybe we'll get a special bonus for working so hard lately or somethin'.
Oh, that'd be good!
Sign: MWP Pro Wrestling Inc.

Page 69:
Shira: ...Huh?
Guy: Let's fix this up.
You go to train for 1 year, Shiratori,
in Puerto Rico.
Shira: Pue... Huh?
Train? For what......?

Page 70:
Guy: To be a heel.
People: OOOOOOH!
Shira: ......
Having fun, you pieces of crap...?

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