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+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jan 23, 2014 04:57 | Go to REAL

-> RTS Page for REAL 75

Only for use by Illuminati-Scans

Well, I managed to get one done today. This is a good one. Shiratori's an interesting character. The flashback's not all that thorough, it's like just enough details to get a gist of what his life was. It's a neat style.

[Real 75 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 71:
Title: 75th

Page 72:
Shira: Having fun, you pieces of crap...?
People: Boooo!

Page 73:
Nobu: What's gonna happen if it gets out that he deceived this big an audience?!
If they find out that his body's in no condition for pro wrestling!
He might just be able to make it now.
You've already done plenty, Shiratori-san.
I don't want to see you really embarrass yourself
on top of not being able to stand or walk.
People: Matsuzakaaaaa

Page 74:
Guy: Just how high
will the two suns rise?!!
Matsuzaka and Shiratori!!
The two hottest young warriors out there right now have formed a tag team!
----The Rising Suns!!
Tonight, they finally make their first attempt at the throne of MWP Tag Kings!!

Page 75:
Guy: One!
Will this be their first coronation?!
Will they grab hold of the heavens----?!

Page 76:
[I guess they did.]

Page 77:

Page 78:
Matsu: Name?
Guy: Make it out to Isaji-san.
Matsu: Hew!
C'mon, smile. You're so uptight.

Page 79:
Shira: Matsuzaka gets all the girls.
All I get are old men.
I was asked for an autograph by a 40-something year old man that watches MWP.
Wife: Well, that's because Matsuzaka-kun is the one with the looks.
Shira: We're even on looks!! And that's being modest!
Wife: Teehee.
Shira: Hey, Momo-chan. You think that daddy's actually got a lead on him, right?
Momo: BUA
Wife: Teheehee

Page 80:
Guy: Looks like we've got some fresh ones...
They've got outstanding reflexes.
And most of all, they're appealing.
Guy: ......
Shira: !

Page 81:
Shira: ......
Kid: !
Kid: Awesome!!
Guy: I've been watchin' MWP for 40 years...
but now I know the next 10 years will be in good hands.
This guy's good.
Guy: ......
Shiratori... eh?

Page 82:
Shira: Puerto Rico...?
Um... But we have Rising Suns battles for defending our title...
Coming up...
Guy: Two suns----------
If there are two suns, then it's never night, right?
Shira: ?
Guy: What do you think of a world where it's always bright?
We'd get all worn out. Unserious guys like me
really like nighttime. Nuhuhu.

Page 83:
Guy: One sun is enough.
Shira: But why am I the heel
and Matsuzaka's the babyface?
I'm not a sun...?

Page 84:
Guy: Hey, Jap.
Shira: Hm...?
Guy: Are you an amateur?
Shira: !!

Page 85:
Shira: Shit. He broke it.
Guys: Get 'im!!
Get that Japanese guy!
Do it!
Shira: ......

Page 86:
People: !

Page 87:
Shira: HAHAA!!

Page 88:

Page 89:
Sign: Kourakuen Hall
Paper: Drop dead

Page 90:
Paper: Shiratori's a moron
Shira: What, this guy again?
He does nothing but write complaints. Those bastards are the worst.
Paper: Today's also my
third year of high school, but he's an old man
they gave him that nickname
they [These are all fragments of sentences so it's not really good make sense. You can leave that out if you want.]
Paper: The match was really good.
I really got a kick out of watching it. ["kick" inside starburst]
Shira: ......
Paper: (12) Broom
Shira: Is that a penname...?
What's the 12 mean... The 12th letter?

Page 91:
Shira: HAHHAA!!
Guy: Scorpioooon!!
Crush hiiiim!
Let's see some more! Hahaa!
Shira: My fans are shit.
They muster up voices that don't reach anywhere.
[The bubbles are just filled with scribbles]

Page 92:
Shira: Starting tomorrow, I've got some more boring days again...
And whose fault is that-----?
Title: Weekly
Young Pro Wres
Middle: (Special Collection)
Sep Rim
Yamamoto Satan
Yan Way
The Rising Sun
Bottom: Scorpion Shiratori [Cut off]

Page 93:
[This paper is the same except it says Matsuzaka Manba on the bottom]
Shira: ......
Papers: MWP Scorpion Shiratori

Shiratori Penis [Next to that, with the corner cut off]
Evil will be vanquished [Big letters]
Die, Scroption! [Middle]
Shit bastard [Lower middle, corner cut off]
Fixed Game Fixed Game [Left, most of it cut off]
An ugly guy like you could never beat Matsuzaka-san [Left, folded]
DIE [Left, big]
Die, okay? [Heart] [That's written 4 times on the far left paper]

Page 94:
Shira: I want to get stringer------
People: Get outta hereeere!
That's dirty, you bastaaaard!
Get lost, Shiratori!
Shira: My three favorite things when I was a kid
were rhinoceros beetles, lions, and tyrannosauruses.
I sure ended up a long ways from my dream.
I was supposed to be a hero.

Page 95:
Graffiti: Shitty bastard
Shira: The president's shit.
They're just trying to make him look good.
I'm the strong one......!!

Page 96:
Wife: Let's split up.
Paper: Notification of Divorce
Someone: What's strong about you?
What exactly is the difference
between people that hate you and your fans?
Shira: ......!!
Handwritten: HAH
Shira: Momo-chan......

Page 97:
Shira: What exactly
am I still in the pro wrestling circuit for?
Guy: This man----
is the most fiendish in all of MWP history!!
The growing darkness!!
In the blue corner
the dark emperor-----

Page 98:
Guy: Scorpion
Oooh, her's got 'im!

Page 100:
Someone: Are Iron Noge's legs out?
Now, will he finish it?
Shira: Why----?
How about we get goin' here...?

Page 101:

Page 102:
[Uh, the thing is these are a headache and basically unreadable so I really don't wanna do them. They're also irrelevant to the story. It's either meaningless or it's covered elsewhere.]

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