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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210



+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jan 25, 2014 23:30 | Go to REAL

-> RTS Page for REAL 77

Only for use by Illuminati-Scans

Ok, just got one left.

[Real 77 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 137:
Hana: Go To Hell!
Nobu: Um, what?
Hana: That's the name of the technique!
Matsuzaka Manba's finishing move, Go To Hell!!
Nobu: Huuh?!
Get outta the way, Shiratori-san!
Hana: He can't!
Nobu: Huh?
Hana: In pro wrestling, you take the blows!!
Nobu: ?
No way, he can't!!
Title: 77th.

Page 138-139:

Page 140-141:
[I hope he doesn't get even more paralyzed.]

Page 142:
Someone: These two entered at the same time!!
And since then, they both shared joy and pain together.
As if it was fated, they formed a tag team.
And they obtained light together!!
And that was supposed to be the Rising Suns' glory!!
Yet, why-------

Page 143:
Announcer: A split!
To the person that was once his most trusted friend------
An elbow!! A storm of elbows!!
The man that fell to the dark side because the world does not need two suns
Scorpion Shiratori is now pummeling Matsuzaka with 10 consecutive heartless elbow shots----!!

Page 144:
Shira: ORAA!!
Matsu: GUHAH
People: Die, Shiratori!
You bastaaaard!
Shira: HAH

Page 145:
Shira: HEH
Noge: Aw man, he really got him.
He's not waking up! Hey!!
Ann: Matsuzaka moves to the opposing corner.
Might this be...

Page 146:
Nobu: Aw man...
Geez, c'mon.
This is way too much.
A second Go To Hell-----?!

Page 147:
Matsu: Come!!
Come get me, Shiratori!!

Page 148-149:
Shira: ORAAH
Guys: !!
Shira: HAH

Page 150:
This is it! Go, Shiratoriiiii
Nobu: ...!!
Guys: What're you doing, go!
What're you down for, Shiratori?!

Page 151:
Shira: Finally... it's over...
Shira: HAA
I let go of the rope, my lifeline.
Matsu: HAA
What're you gonna do, you moron?
Ref: ......
People: This is your chance, Shiratori! Go!
Stand up!

Page 152:
Ref: Three
Nobu: He's going to continue his rehab again starting tomorrow.
But for some reason, this guy is in a pro wrestling match.
SHira: Do ya know what strength is, Takahashi-kun>?
Nobu: What is it?

Page 153:
Nobu: What is strength?
Do I... have that, too?

Page 154:
Shira: Guh...
People: Staaaaand!
Stand up, Shiratoriiii!
Nobu: Huh?!
There's no way he can get up, right?
Shira: ......
People: Man, it looks like something's wrong with Shiratori.
Yeah, that first Go To Hell must've really got to him.
Stand uuuuup!

Page 155:
People: C'mon, stand up!!
If it ends here, you're no Scorption!!
Shira: That's right!!
My fans... are a bunch of shitty bastards, ain't they?
Did I get any fan letters?
Guy: Again, Shiratori-san?
Just one from the usual "Broom" guy...
And a bunch of insulting postcards...

Page 156:
Noge: You're really looking forward to these, aren't you, Shiratori-san?
Shira: Like hell I am, moron!
Text: Today's match was good. Especially that finishing attack even after the bloodshed!
By the way, I was confessed to by a girl for the first time today.
Though she's not really my type, so I'm honestly pretty worried... lol
Broom (74)

Page 157:
Text: I became the captain of my university tennis team. I have a problem with my second serve.
Shira: ......
Text: I've gotta make it more precise or I can't win.
No... If I have the spirit of the scorpion, I'm sure I'll win!!
Broom (82)
I started a business
It's an IT company.
It's still pretty small though.
Shira: Kukkuh.
This bastard and his crazy ideas.

Page 158:
Shira: Does he really want to avert his eyes from his regular life that much...?
Text: Broom (90)
Shira: Though I can't
laugh either.

Page 159:
Matsu: ORAH!!
People: Stand up!!
Shira: GUH
Nobu: SHit... I guess...
this means Shiratori-san lost, huh?
Hana: I'm not looking at wins and losses.
Nobu: Huh?
You're a fan, aren't you?
You don't mind if he loses?
Then, what's strength all about?
Hana: Takahashi-kun, in terms of winning and losing, I always lose.
And on top of that... I'm a liar.

Page 160:
Hana: When Scorpion wins, that's cool.
when he loses, he's just as cool.
Matsu: This is the end, Shiratori!!

Page 161:
Hana: At the 100th letter, I finally...
emigrated to Monaco.
Nobu: ?

Page 162:
Hana: Scorpioooon!!

Page 163:
Hana: Broom was meeeeeee!!
Shira: .........
Nobody'll recognize you?
People treat you know you're not there?
I know. Yell out with this huge voice 'a mine
that you humans are out there.

Page 164:
Shira; Hey, shitty bastaaaard!!

Page 165:
Shira: GUHHAH...
Matsu: It's oveeeeeer!!

Page 166:
Hana: P...
Poison Miiiiist!!

Page 167:
Shira: As long as I'm in the ring
I'm the pro wrestler, Scorpion Shiratori!!
My eyes...
Nobu: What was that?!
What the hell was that?!
Hana: Like I said, it's the poison mist.
Nobu: Poison?!

Page 168:
Shira: Momo-chan,
did you get the ticket I sent?
Yeah, right.
I should quit it with those delusions.
Maybe you came to watch in the audience?
That's crazy.
The one time I sent tickets, they got sent right back to me.
That was 10 years ago.
Though that wasn't all I sent...

Page 169:
Shira: I can't even believe it, but if I met her now...
I wouldn't recognize her face.
She's 20 years old today.
Happy birthday, Momo-chan.
I send my warmest congratulations every year.
Cake: Momo-chan
Shira: Now, move forward you shitty bastard.

Page 170:

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