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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Innocent 21

Conflict of Blood Relatives

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Jan 29, 2014 05:46 | Go to Innocent

-> RTS Page for Innocent 21

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OOoooOOOooOOK we're BACCCCKCKKCKCK! I'm so psyched to do this volume. Just look at this chapter. Look what happens. Look how insane yet tragic it is... It's such a weird combination I love it.

[Innocent 21 Translation by Kewl0210]
vol. 3
Sakamoto Shinichi
Bottom: Source Material: Adachi Masakatsu "Executioner Sanson"

Back Cover:
The peasant Damiens has been sentenced to "Écartèlement" for the crime of pointing a blade at King Louie the 15th. And now suddenly, the Sanson Family is in uproar over the great execution performed for the first time in 147 years. Uncle Nicolas has come running to fill the direction position. But with the strife surrounding the family "blood" and with the execution turning into a sort of national festival, mania now accelerates... With that occurring, what truths will those innocent ones seeking "ideals" see...?!

Author Flap:
An artist's paint mix together atop a palette, changing into many different colors.
And as humans lie and harm one another, they never return to their original colors.
Remaining pure is not easy.

Sakamoto Shinichi

Page 1:
vol. 3
Sakamoto Shin'ichi
Bottom: Source Material: Adachi Masakatsu "Executioner Sanson"

Page 2:
Title: The Brilliant Future
L'avenir brilliant.

Description: In the 18th century, seeking "freedom and equality", the event that became the starting point of modern French society, the French Revolution, began. There was one more little-known protagonist that lived within that darkness of that era, Henry Charles Sanson. This is the hisoire of how he faced that cruel fate with nobility-----.
Bottom: Ce volume 3 contient les episodes numero 21 a 31.
(This Volume 2 contains episodes 21 to 31.)
¡ýThis work is based on historical persons and events, with dramatization for some parts.

Page 3: [This is the same as last volume]
Top: The Genealogy of the Executioners of Paris, the Sanson Family
First Generation [Top Box]
Charles Sanson de Longval
Fell in love with the daughter of an executioner and later became an executioner.
Top Right: Marguerite Jeanne
Daughter of the Dieppe Executioner under the rule of Louis the 13th
Lower: 2nd Generation
Right: Anne-Marthe
Little sister of the first generation's second wife
The "Iron Law" of the Sanson Family
Middle: Nicolas-Charles-Gabriel
Nicolas Charles Gabriel
Executioner Directly Under the Officers of the Imperial Court
"Prevote De l'Hotel"
Executioner of Riems
Box: Third Generation
Charles Jean Baptiste
Left: Anne Renée
Married to the Executioner of Soissons, Chrétien Zelle
Far Left: Madeleine
Below: Madeleine Claude Gabrielle
Would later marry the executioner of Melun, Piere Ellison.
Far Right: Jeanne Gabrielle
The daughter of the executioner of Touraine
Box: Fourth Generation
Charles-Henri Sanson
Head of the Sanson Family.
The Fourth Generation "Monsieur De Paris".
Bottom Row:
Louis Charles Martin
Later executioner of Tours and Auxerre.
Later, the executioner of Blois.
Later, executioner of Provins.

Page 4-5:
Map: Sanson Family Residence [Top]
Church of Saint-Laurent [Top Right]
Palais-Royal [Top Center]
Place de Greve [Right Top Box]
Hotel de Ville (Paris Government Office Building) [Far Right box]
Bastille [Far Right]
Seine River [River]
Notre-Dame Cathedral
[Bottom Center]
Louvre Palace [Center below Palais-Royal]
Conciergerie [Bottom left box]
Tuileries Palace [Left above Conciergerie]
Place de la Concorde [Far left]
Champs-Eysees [Far left top]
18th Century France [Big Box]

Bottom Labels: Robert-François Damiens
Sentenced to Écartèlement for the crime of attempted assassination of King Louie the 15th.

Jack Damiens
Damiens' son.

Heading: Historie jusqu'a present.
(The story leading to the present)
The beginning of summer in Paris, the Paris Government Office Building, Hotel De Ville. The 4th head of the Sanson Family, Charles-Henri Sanson, was commanded to execute his dear friend Jean De Chartrois. But due to his clumsy handling of the beheading, the audience nearly became violent. Charles was showered with jeers. While he is supposed to be the watchman of "justice", carrying out the execution as handed down by law, he was condemned as a "grim reaper". Seeing Charles beaten down before him, the third generation, Jean-Baptist, stood up. Thanks to his quick with, the execution was declared to be over, and they managed to get through that event... But Charles came to understand the cruel fate of the eldest brother of the Sanson family.
The father, Jean Baptist, became disappointed in Charles after his repeated errors in executions as well as the family's side medical practice. Seeing his father in a fanatic state where he made clear his willingness to cast away his own son if he was not strong, Charles became determined to face the curse of his family. He embraced the "contradiction of the system" he faced Jean's execution with, and by accepting to serve his role as "Monsieur de Paris" he started forward on his journey towards the far off dream of "a future world without executions"---.
As Charles silently started to gain experience performing executions, one day, Charles noticed his second sister, the talented and witted Marie-Joseph, at the Sanson house. That was November 2nd 1755. And on that day in Austria, a country ruled over by the Hapsburg family, Maria Antonia was born.
In November of 1756, Charles met the poor peasants, Damiens and his son, in a church. Damiens respected Charles' benevolence on the execution stand and visited the Sanson family to request treatment for his ill son, Jack. But as Charles had already contracted scurvy due to malnutrition and would soon die from symptoms of infectious diseases. Realizing he had no way of saving his son, Damiens headed towards his house in a rural village at the base of Versailles with the hopes of at least being able to raise the money to pay for the medical diagnosis. Damiens grabbed Charles hand and rode off with him on a horse. But when they reached their destination, what they found was terrible poverty. And to add to the misery, Damiens' house had been plundered by tax collectors... And then, before the eyes of this man in absolute despair, the Palace of Versailles where the king lived appeared. His body trembled at how fleeting his unrewarding life was, and then Damiens ran off into the darkness...
Three months later at the Sanson household, Charles and the others were alerted of a new order of execution by his grandmother, Marthe. The name of the prisoner to be executed is Robert-François Damiens. His crime was the attempted assassination of King Louis the 15th. And now suddenly, the Sanson Family is in uproar over the great execution performed for the first time in 147 years-------.

Page 6:
[And there's that stamp thing.]

Page 7:
Title: n°21 Conflict of Blood Relatives
Someone: May 14th 1610----... It is said that, ignoring an astrologist's warning not to venture outside, his excellency Henry IV left the Louvre Palace
and he was assassinated by a fanatic Catholic that suddenly boarded his carriage, François Ravaillac......
On May 27th, Ravaillac was dragged out to the Place de Greve
and after a mixture of sulpher, tar, tin, and oil were poured onto his body...

Page 8-9:
Someone: ropes were tied from his four limbs to horses
and he was executed by being torn apart, Écartèlement----!!!

Page 10:

Page 11:
Anne: And finally
the corpse was strewn apart and thrown into a fire--------...

Page 12-13:
[What, are they telling ghost stories?]

Page 14:
Ann: As a warning to prevent such a fool from ever appearing again as well as to protect his majesty from any harm in the future,
we, the Sanson Family must perform an execution that elicits even greater pain and fear.

Page 15:
Kid: La Grande (splendorous Grandmother) Marthe.....
Charles: ...This Écartèlement will be efar more cruel than any of our past executions.
It is not so much an execution anymore... as some sort of sick exhibition, is it not......?
Marte: What did you say?
Charles: Our job as executioners should be to send the convict off to the next life as painlessly as possible...
Regardless as to whether he harmed his royal highness or not, I cannot understand why we should give one person this much pain and with that amuse a crowd.

Page 16:
[So image-y.]

Page 17:
Charles: This is not a job the Sanson family should accept.
As representative Monsieur de Paris, I refuse to perform the Écartèlement!!!

Page 18:
Marte: Be silent, Charles!!!
The very idea of bjecting to the decision of his royal highness is preposterous...!!!
Someone: !!?

Page 19:
Charles: I am no longer your puppet.
I will not yield to senseless violence...!!!

Page 20:
Marte: ...Charles,
are you shaking?
Charles: ......!!!
Kid: Hmph.

Page 21:

Page 22:
Wife: D-Dear?!!
Wife: KYA!
Marte: "Here, my cute little boy..."

Page 23:
Baptist: I'm scared, Maman...
There's so much blood...
I'm scared, Maman!

Page 24:
Marte: It's all right...
Everything will be fine...

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